My Vampire Love Life (COMPLETE)

Winter Luna Rose is a regular 17 year old girl who loves to have fun. And she is also very brave. But what if she figures out the secret lives of the band of her dreams? Will she fall for them or will she have to face the fact that she is one of them? But, little did the band and Winter know that she was a pureblood vampire. How will she react when she figures out?


28. Sequel!

I'll be making the sequel a little longer depending on how many POVs I put in a chapter. So there will be ALL the characters in the sequel and I might be thinking of making a third book. It also depends if people like the second book or not. But for those who weren't in this book, your going to be in the sequel/second book. Which means you'll be meeting the boys in the Big Apple! I <3 NYC! Lol! XD

Nah! I <3 The UK! :3

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