Because of him, I Soar

Goosebumps were all over my body. The hair on my skin stood motionless. My hands were shaking so much as a tremor of fear ran through my body, following the pounding sensation in my heart. My stiff hands clenched trying to suppress the throbbing pain that was starting in my chest.


I gagged for breath and at the same time, people were whispering to each other, wondering what was happening. Dropping to my knees, my hands gripped around the fret board of my guitar for support. I heard the footsteps of someone running, towards me, but before I knew it I was down on the floor.

That was when I realized I passed out.


The idea of a hidden power coming to light is pretty damn important.
A hidden power can be anything—it doesn't have to be in a literal sense.
There are hidden powers in all of us,but we have yet to find it.


5. Thank you Message!


Hey Guys! 


Thank you so much for taking your time to read my entry to the Movellas Competition 'Hidden Power'. The competition is based on Leigh Barugo's Shadow and Bone, the first book in the Grisha Trilogy. Not giving away too much of Shadow and Bone's plot, the book basically sums up the idea of a hidden power coming to light. I decided to take something as simple as overcoming stage fright to represent Lacey's 'hidden power'. Because I was required to write no more than 5,000 words, the story (unfortunately) had to be short so I apologize to some of you who wished the story to be longer. Nonetheless, I did my best and I hope you enjoyed my take on this :)


I just wanted to say thank to all those who supported me throughout the competition and voted for me :) I didn't win or placed but it's okay! This is the first time entering a competition and I really enjoyed writing for one! I really appreciate all the kind comments on my first writing entry and I wish you all the best in the future! Congratulations to D.B. Fairless on his entry with A Box Within! This was one of the most moving stories I've read and has a really inspirational message. I'm really glad his won! He deserved it! If you haven't read his entry yet, you should! You won't regret it :)  


Congratulations to other participants who placed! Well done to all of them:) And for those who didn't, its okay, there's so many more other competitions that you can join! Just keep improving :) Anyway, hope to see you all soon and I hope you have a great day! Keep em' competitions coming Movellas ;D  


If you enjoyed and loved the book, please do support me by adding this book and simply recommending the book to someone else! A good rating for this book would be very much appreciated :)


PS: I am currently working on two short stories- one for a competition on Movellas and the other just for fun. Please do support me by reading them once they are released and uploaded onto this site. SCROLL DOWN FOR PREVIEW >>


Much love,


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