Because of him, I Soar

Goosebumps were all over my body. The hair on my skin stood motionless. My hands were shaking so much as a tremor of fear ran through my body, following the pounding sensation in my heart. My stiff hands clenched trying to suppress the throbbing pain that was starting in my chest.


I gagged for breath and at the same time, people were whispering to each other, wondering what was happening. Dropping to my knees, my hands gripped around the fret board of my guitar for support. I heard the footsteps of someone running, towards me, but before I knew it I was down on the floor.

That was when I realized I passed out.


The idea of a hidden power coming to light is pretty damn important.
A hidden power can be anything—it doesn't have to be in a literal sense.
There are hidden powers in all of us,but we have yet to find it.


3. Because of Him, I Soar ( 3 ) The Window Scene

Because of him, I Soar

Chapter 3

The Window Scene

*Parody of The Famous Balcony scene in R&J*





       It was 2am in the morning and I was half-asleep in my bed. Notice I said, 'half'? The thumps that I heard against my window woke me up from my deep slumber. I was an extremely light sleeper that even the slightest creak of the door could wake me up in an instant. Thump. Thump. There it was again. Ugh. I pushed off the thick blankets that looked like barricades around my body and sluggishly forced myself to drag out from my bed and go towards the window. Thump. I slowly peeked through the blinds and noticed few pebbles that were scattered on the window sill. Thump. I flinched as another pebble hit the glass window, almost giving me a slight heartattack.

God, what was it that was so important at two a.m in the morning?

"This better not be some annoying squirrel," I grumbled softly, pulling down on the string and the blinds rolled up to reveal the clear glass window, and Ian's face at the window across from mine. He was holding a handful of pebbles. Well, that explains the pebbles on my window sill. I slid the lower sash of the window up vertically, " What?!" I whispered really loudly, in annoyance.


"You still awake?" He asked, smiling a little, the corner of his right lip tugging slightly.


"After you woke me up, yes," I gritted my teeth in irritation on purpose so that he could sense the tension in my voice.


"I got scolded today," He slowly put down the handful of pebbles on his window sill and looked at me with more concern than usual.


"And that's worth telling me because?" I gave him a flat look and raised my eyebrows, not believing that he woke me up just because of something trivial like this.


"It's because I signed you up for counseling classes but you didn't turn up. They were about to call you out to the principal's office but I took the blame for it."


"Well, I have two responses to that. First, it 'is' your fault. You were the genius that signed me up without my permission," I retorted, snickering. "Second of all, why are so keen on telling me this when you know I don't care? A way to make me feel guilty?"


"I just thought I should tell you, you know," He smiled a little, almost giving a mix expression of sadness and something else I couldn't make out.


"Well, thanks for wasting two minutes of my sleep," I sighed heavily as I reached out for the handle on the sash to pull it down.


"Lace wait," He managed to let out whatever that was bothering him. "Is there a chance for me to earn your trust again?"


I paused, looking at him. Then, I sniggered a little, "You're kidding, right? Chances are one in a million."




"You know, you never told me the relationship between you and Ian," Claire sounded after a whole moment of silence.


" Relationship?" My head shot upwards in response but then I shrugged it off calmly. "There is no relationship," I shook my head nonchalantly.


" Then how come he's been popping out of nowhere? Especially around you," She titled her head slightly and raised her eyebrows in suspicion.


I shook my head, ignoring her gaze on me, " I don't know what you're talking about."


"Lace, I know you guys have unfinished business. It's pretty obvious. You guys fight like a married couple. I'm not an idiot," She laughed aloud with her mouth wide open, showing some of her half-chewed ham sandwich still in there.


"We do not-"


"Speaking of Ian, here he comes.." She cut me off then trailed off, focusing back on her sandwich.


"Hey guys," He sat on the seat next to mine, as if we were best buddies.


"Hey," Claire responded then turned back to the comic magazine that she was reading whilst eating.


"What part of 'stay away' do you not understand?" I groaned, turning away from him.


"The 'Stay away' part?" He joked a little, smirking.


"Ha-hah, now go away before your girlfriend turns up and bothers me with accusations of me stealing you away from her, again," I huffed.


"Ignore her, just like you always have before. You're strong Lace, you always have been all these years," He looked at me, somehow with more meaning than usual.


"Ahah! You guys do have history!" Claire pointed out in victory, slamming her magazine down on the table. I already knew that she had been listening in on our conversation while she pretended to be engrossed in her magazine. I rolled my eyes and sighed.


"What? You haven't told her?" He turned to me, giving a disbelieving look. Thanks a lot, idiot.


" It's in the past and forgotten, Claire. There is nothing to tell," I harshly glared at him before turning to her.


"You know Lace, you should smile more. I like it when you smile," He suddenly changed the subject and left Claire and I utterly speechless.


" I-I don't need you to tell me that," I scoffed, biting on my apple. "Now if you will excuse me," I got up to find some peace, of course dragging Claire with me.



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