Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning *sequel to Love Is In My DNA**Completed*

*Sequel to Love Is In My DNA* Ally and Louis has just gotten married and is trying to raise a family as Louis plans to go to collage. Louis and Ally face the hardships of having a family and the hardships of other attractions.


9. What's The Gender?

What's The Gender?

Louis' POV

I lay beside Ally. I look over at her and roll on top of her. She giggles.

"Yes Boo Bear?" I kiss her.

"Sugar Plumb. You know what today is?" She bites her lip and shakes her head.

"No. How about you tell me."

"Today is the day we can find out the gender of our baby boys."  She bites her lip in a flirty kinda way and lifts her head up and kisses me.

"I really wanna know what they are going to be. I'm not 100% happy about giving birth but, you're my Boo Bear so I think I can do it again, or I guess three more times." I smile.

"You know you haven't been as moody with this pregnancy. You were all over with Anna."

"Yeah but I didn't have as much morning sickness with Anna." I nod.

"That is 200% true. You are puking every two minutes."

"Yeah. I'm actually excited about this. Not really happy but excited. I am getting happier." We start kissing. She starts to unbutton my shirt.

"Okay baby as much as I want to do that, we can't at the moment. We have to go to the doctors to see the gender of our babies." She smiles and kisses me.

"I just want you right now. I want you more then ever." She starts kissing me I break the kiss.

"Babe we really have to go before we're late." She stands up and fixes her hair.

Good I know every time she was in these kinda moods when she was having Anna she would start crying every time I said no. So I started to stop saying no. I mean that wasn't all that bad for my personal life, but it got to the point where I was late to work.

We got up and I drove to the hospital and we got an ultra sound.

"You guys will be happy to know they are perfectly healthy and you want to know the sex of the baby?" The doctor asks.

"Yes." Ally and I say at the same time. The doctor chuckles.

"Um, a boy." I smile and give Ally a hug and a kiss, "A girl." Ally and I look at each other in excitement, "And another boy." I look up at the ultra sound and start to cry. I try my hardest to hold all my tears back.

"I love you Louis."

"I'm going to have two sons and two daughters." I look Ally and I kiss her.

"It's just one thing, I think one of the heartbeats are off. It's most likely nothing. You can go" We nod. Then Ally and I stand up and walk into our car.

"Boo Bear one of the heartbeats are off."

"He said it's nothing Sugar Plumb." I turn and she has worry fill her eyes. She bites her lip in fear. I've just realized something. Her way of dealing with things when she was pregnant with Anna was eating. When we were about to sleep together she'd eat real fast, when we heard bad news she'd eat. When we got done with the ultra sounds... She'd eat. Now she's biting her lip in worry for our baby.

"Let's talk baby names." She says.

"I always wanted a son named William." She smiled.

"I have always loved that name. Also the name Lewis but it's too close to Louis." We sit there thinking.

"How about, Jamie for our girl."

"The baby doll I threw up on and we killed, no thank you."

"I got an idea on how to make a baby name. We look at the first letter of every license plate until we have four letters." I say.

"Good idea."

"Ready set go!" We look around.

"L!" I yell.

"Oh, I!" Ally yells.

"L!" Ally yells.

"I already used that one. You can't do that that's breaking the rules."

"Sucks!" We chuckle.

"A." I say.

"That's four." She says smiling.

"L-I-L-A... Lila. For our son." I say joking around.

"No Lila for our daughter." She said laughing along with me.

"Um, for our son's name." I say.

"We can't do the same thing."

"Um, how about we flip to a random radio station. If it's a reasonable name then we'll name our child that name." I flip to a random station, then Justin Bieber's song As Long As You Love Me came on.

"Justin. Justin Tomlinson." Ally says.

"Not the best ring to it, but I could get use to it." I give her a quick kiss then I kept driving.

"Who knew at twenty-one I would have four kids. I mean I knew you would Louis but me? I thought I was going to be married to Lindsey." Ally says.

"You wanted it more then I did I just did what you asked for." She laughed.

"You enjoyed it very much."

"Yeah but I didn't suggest it." Then we got to our house. We got inside and we started kissing. We found our way into the bed room. I threw off my shirt and pinned her down and kissed her.

"Daddy what are you doing?" I heard Anna say I rolled off of Ally fast.

"We were just kissing sweetie." Ally says fixing her hair.

"Why did daddy take his shirt off then."

"Because I got hot sweetie." I lay there beside Ally. Anna shrugs and walks out.

"Your mom drops her off now?" Ally says tossing me my shirt. I walk outside to see my mom and I heard Anna running up to my mom.

"Grandma I saw mommy and daddy kissing in mommy and daddy's bed." My moms eyes flew open.

"Yeah daddy was on top of mommy and daddy took his shirt off because he got hot." I could see my mom bite her lip trying to keep herself from trying to smile. My mom walks in. I give her a hug, I go to kiss her cheek.

"Don't kiss me after you had your tongue down her throat." Ally giggles. Ally walks in.

"Wow you are so much bigger then you were with Anna."

"Mom I told you we're having triplets."

"Three! Then why do you try to-" She looks down and see's Anna standing there beside me, "Then why do you guys kiss. We all know what kissing does."

"Yeah that's how we got Anna and Justin and Lila and William."

"Justin, Lila, and William. Beautiful names."

Ally sits down and bites her lip. She starts to turn red. Oh god these hormones are going to be the death of me.

"Baby, can I talk to you in the bedroom alone." Ally whispers.

"What baby I couldn't quite hear you."

"I want to sleep with you are I very well can't do that right here in front of your mother and Anna! So can you go into the bedroom so I can sleep with you!" My mom's eyes grew.

"Um, Anna. We're going to go back to grandma's house for about half an hour."

"Give us two hours."

"Okay then two hours."

"Wait babe two hours?" My mom closes the door, "I can't for tw-" She jumps on me.

"The floor is kinda hard can we at least move to the couch." She started kissing my neck.

"Sweetie I have a really bad back so can we move to the couch." She threw off her shirt.

"Alison!" She stops kissing me.

"Yeah babe?"

"Can we move to the couch or the bed or something?" She nods.

"Okay. Sorry these hormones are kinda crazy."

"Yeah you told my mom you wanted to sleep with me. And our daughter."

"You know if I didn't want to sleep with you so bad, I might've been mad about that." She pushes me onto the bed. I roll on top of her. She started unbuttoning my shirt slowly.

"Babe I want to be able to talk to you." I say.

"Uh-huh." She says working on a caught button.

"I don't want to have to send away our daughter to grandma's house every time you feel the urge to sleep with me! I don't get to do that why should you?"

"Yeah I understand. Can you stand up." I look confused.

"Okay?" She walks over to me and undoes my belt.

"Baby! I don't want to sleep with you right now!" She looks up at me. Then she slaps me.

"You never want to! Ever!" She picks up a lamp and throws it at the wall.

"Baby calm down."

"I just want to sleep with you is that so bad!"

"No not at all! I just don't want to right now."

"It's because I'm fat isn't it! I'm just a big blob of fat to you aren't I!" Bites her lip really hard, "I'm ugly to aren't I!"

"No you aren't any of those things! You're skinny and you're as sexy as sexy can be." She runs over to me.

"Then why don't you want to sleep with me?"

"Because I don't want to be your hormone toy! And I don't find it fair to our daughter, who had nothing to do with your pregnancy, have to be told she can't see you because you are too busy sleeping with me!" She sits down and bites her lip.

"I know." She bites her lip a bit harder.

"She hasn't seen us all week because you keep telling my mother to watch her longer!"

"You're the one who wanted kids! I pretended I lost my birth control then I put a hole in your condom so it seemed like it was all an accident. I just wanted you to have another kid like you wanted." I kiss her.

"That's so sweet."

"I'll just call up your mom and tell her to bring Anna back." She starts to dial my mom's phone number but I take her phone out of her hands and lay it on our bedside table and I pulled her down onto the bed.

And she got what she wanted. I mean I wanted it to.. but that girl was about to kill me because I said no! I hate those darn hormones.

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