Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning *sequel to Love Is In My DNA**Completed*

*Sequel to Love Is In My DNA* Ally and Louis has just gotten married and is trying to raise a family as Louis plans to go to collage. Louis and Ally face the hardships of having a family and the hardships of other attractions.


4. All By My Self

All By My Self

I called Anna's babysitter and was out the door. I called up one of my high school friends, Beth.

Beth walks up to me and gives me hug.

"Please tell me you aren't having another baby." I chuckle then shake my head.

"No Louis wants another one but I told him no." I say.

"Well," She looks at my outfit. I was wearing a long drown dress. That's all. Nothing on the dress nothing.

"Well, I am not taking you to a club looking like that." Beth says pulling out her credit card.

"What?" She grabs my arm and pulls me into her car.

"Let's go shopping!" She turned on her car and started driving.

"So how's being single?" She looks at me and smiles.

"You know if it hadn't been so long since the last time I had seen you I might've said, How's it like being pinned down into a marriage. But I won't so it sucks. It sucks trying to find girls these days."

"Tell me about it!" I say.

"It was so much easier in high school." Beth says turning on the radio. The song Just Give Me A Reason comes on and gets me thinking.

Why am I with Louis. Louis has done nothing but what I say I don't want him to do.

I told him I wanted to be the parent to go out of their way to help the kid. He is now. I told him when we do good cop bad cop I want to be the good cop. He is the good cop. I told him that I don't want him to go to collage... He is going to collage right now.

"We're here!" We arrive at the most pricey store in town. She get's out of her car and looks inside.

"Oh look hot girl alert! Code red!"

"Oh the hot girl has a hot boy with her. And a hot wedding ring on her left hand." She looks in and sighs.

"I'm so sick of people getting married!" She groans walking in.

Then she see's the dresses. She runs to one and picks it up.

It was very short and was red with ruffles at the bottom.

"This is the one! Ally you have to get this, you'll look sexy in it!" I put it in the changing room. I walk out.

"Perfect. Now let's go!" When we get to the club I notice something.

Everytime a boy tries to get in they're told no but every girl is aloud.

"Is this a lesbian club."

"Yeah! Let's go!" She grabs my arm and pulls me in.

Wow girls. I haven't been so tempted to cheat all my marriage.

"I need a drink." I go the the bar in there and they just give me a beer.

"The girl over there got it for you." The bar tender said. I turn around to see a very pretty girl waving. I wave back.

"Remember Lindsey? She looks like Lindsey." I shake my head.

"No Lindsey had back hair hers is blonde." I say. Beth nods. The girl walks over.

"Hey sexy." She says.

"Hey stranger." I say. She laughs.

"You are too funny." She holds my left hand and isn't fazed by the ring. Then I notice... My ring isn't on.

Dang it now I have to sleep with her.

No I can just say no.

She leans in, "I'm not wearing any underwear." She whispers into my ear.

"Okay well I am." Then the song Here's To Never Growing Up plays.

"This is my song! Let's dance!" She pulls me out to the dance floor and starts grinding against me.

"Okay stop." She stops then looks at me.


"I'm married and I have a kid." She get closer. Then she kisses me... Hard. Like how Louis kissed me the night I got pregnant.

I break the kiss.

"I've always wanted kids." I look at her confused,

"I'm not going to cheat on Louis."

"Louis Tomlinson?" I nod.

"Yeah, My name is Ally Tomlinson." She wipes her lips.

"I'm Charlotte Tomlinson! Louis' sister! Why the hell are you in a lesbian club married to Louis!

"Louis went off to collage so I wanted to have fun with one of my high school friends and she's lesbian. We dated once. Wait you're lesbian."

"No I just wanted to try. Wait you're lesbian."

"Not exactly I'm bisexual. And yes Louis knows."

"Does he know you're at a club." I shake my head.

"This was me day."

"Oh..." I walk over to Beth who is making out with some girl.

"I'm leaving." Then I leave the building and call Louis.

"Louis please leave collage I need you. Anna needs you." Then I start crying, "We miss you and you've almost been gone for a year. We need you. I love you please come home. Ple-" A guy comes behind me and grabs my purse.

"Hey don't!" I pull on it making him fall.

"You're going to pay for that!" He punches me and starts kicking me.

He pulls out a knife and stabs me in the leg.

"Ouch! Stop! Someone help! Hel-" He covers my mouth.

"Shut up!" He smacks me. I lay there. running out of blood. I look at my phone the voicemail is still going.

"I love you Louis. Please com-" Then I passed out. Then the guy picks up the phone.

"Oh cool phone, but I have a better one." He presses end then throws it on the ground.

"So then I lay there, running more and more out of blood,

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