why my life

when Danielle discovers he supernatural power, life and friends, she has no choice but to accept it for she is royalty, and many unearthly creatures want her powerful soul


2. boyfriend

I stare at the boy with black eyes only for a few seconds, then turn back around so fast I almost fall out of my chair, robby looks at me worried then turns around

"what's wrong" he asks, putting his hand on mine

"his eyes are  black, like pitch black" he turns around and looks at me again

"his eyes are not black, you really need to calm down about this guy, I will be with you, that's what friends are for" his eyes captivate me, they make me calm down as I stare into them

"ok, i'll try" he smiles and nods

when class is over the boy follows us to our next class, how many classes does this weirdo have with me

"excuse me" someone taps my shoulder as we walk into class, I turn to see an attractive boy standing there, his big brown eyes stare at me, his shaggy blonde hair hanging down in his face, and strongly built, not as much as robby, but he has pretty big biceps if you ask me

"yeah" I say as calm as possible

"im sorry for bothering you but you are so beautiful I cant stop looking at you, you captivated me all of science class" I blush a little, I have never had anyone say that to me before, especially the way he did, straight forward, his fingers brush a strand of my hair out of my face and behind my ear, I look up at him

"thanks, you don't look too bad yourself" yes, for once I said something that didn't embarrass me to death

"hey, wanna meet me on the court at lunch" he moves casually closer to me, the boy who followed me from science walks in and looks at the guy flirting with me hard, as if trying to figure out what he's doing

"yeah, sure" I smile and walk away to robby looking at me like he's impressed

"what" I say sitting next to him at the table he picked out

"you just got the most popular guy in school to ask you to hang out with him that's what" he smiles and looks a little jealous at the way I blushed

"what, you jealous" I ask him, but as he opens his mouth to protest I interrupt him, "and don't lie to me, I can tell if you are lying" he blushes slightly

"yeah, a little" he looks down, I elbow him playfully, he laughs

"hey, I bet tons of girls are wanting you right now, you have a perfect personality, you are funny, and handsome, you'll have no problem finding a girl" he blushes even harder and laughs, he gets out a pencil and paper and starts to write something, he blocks me when I try to read it so im guessing its for me or about me

"hey can I sit with you guys, there's no room at my table anymore" the boy who asked me to hang out stands on the other side of me

"of course, sit" I scoot over a little so he can get his chair in, so I have him on one side of me, and robby on the other side, both boys I like, and a choice, I could go out with one of them and just be friends with the other, or just be friends with both of them, im leaning towards the second option

"thanks, hey, I didn't get your name yet" the boy says

"Danielle" I say looking at him

"that's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" he smiles at me in a way my stomach overflows with butterflies, "im drake" he says after I turn away flattered

"thanks, im sorry, I don't know what else to say, I've never had someone tell me that before" he laughs and I put my hands over my face so I couldn't see anybody and they couldn't see me

"attention class, we need to go over the basic rules for this year, so listen very carefully" I just pull out my notebook and doodle on my lap for almost ten minutes when the teacher sees me

"miss, you in the back, put that phone on my desk right now" I realize he is talking to me and look at him confused

"what, my phone is in my backpack" I snap, the class laughs, I feel the urgency to say something else, "just for that, why on you put your phone on my desk" I protest, his face turns a red that I didn't even know was possible

"I said put your phone on my desk, now" he yells

"but its just my notebook" I hold up my notebook and shake it

"see, nothing inside, now continue, I have some serious doodling to do" everyone laughs, especially drake, I smile and draw the fat teacher lying on the ground dead in my notebook, I rip it out and walk up to the front of the class

"my masterpiece" I hang a picture of me in stick figure form, holding a gun and the teacher lying on the ground dead, the class laughs so hard I start to laugh

"to he office now" he yells so loudly I have to cover my ears in pain

"fine, but i'll be back, I have a feeling" I sing the last part, the whole class finishes it when I grab my beg

"ooohooooh, that tonight's going to be a good night" and everyone laughs as they sing it

"out" the teacher yells, I slowly dramatically walk out of the class and down to the office, I hear something thrown and drake comes running out of the classroom with a baseball chasing him

"he threw a ball at you, for what" he runs to my side

"I threw a pencil and it hit his head, he threw a marker at me and I ran out of the room as he threw the ball" he laughs hard, "and what you did was genius, we could use someone like you around to get horrible teachers fired" I laugh and he casually puts his arm around me and hugs me like robby did

"so what's the catch, there is always a catch" I look at him, his face kinda drops

"you have to.." he stops walking, I stop too and turn to look up at him, "you have to go out with me" he smiles and dramatically hugs me, and that involves picking me up and spinning

"ok, i'll go out with you, now put me down, im getting dizzy" he puts me down and kisses me on the cheek, "and don't hug me and kiss me every time you see me, ok" he smiles at me like he cant believe what I just said, we start walking again, "what, just because you are my boyfriend doesn't mean you can do whatever you want whenever you want, I have some rules" he laughs

"like what" h puts his arm around my shoulder and continues walking

"like no bragging how awesome I am, no calling me beautiful every day, every once in a while is fine, um" he rubs my shoulder with his thumb as we walk down to the office

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