My Journal.

Writing things that are on my mind at the moment


4. Fake people.


The magic topic for these last few days. Don't lie about who you are. 

Ex. My real name is Savannah, I'm 18, I'm blonde with blue eyes and I have a British accent even though i'm from Florida (LONG STORY) and people say i look like the girl version of Niall.

I'm 100% telling the truth and some of my friends know some of this information. So fake people, desperate people and liars. No one has time for your crap! So if I got smart with you today or yesterday and you're mad about it, suck it the hell up! You obviously deserved it. I've told everyone I don't lie and I don't like liars. So if you've lied to me and it's someone like Jade or Zayn, i'll forgive you in a snap. If you're like Lucy or 'Ian' you have another thing coming. So the point is: DON'T BE FAKE OR DESPERATE!  

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