how do you do it

when a lonely city boy discovers he has a special ability he tries to control it, but has a real hard time doing so


3. saturday

my arm is all better, and my first lesson with vannah is today, and apparently the only live a few blocks down, but sam insists on driving me anyway, when we get there we see a big, green house, I stare at it in awe as sam pushes me out of the passenger seat, I get my cello out of the back seat and lyla is clinging to it

"take me with you" she whimpers

"im sorry I cant, I will be back later I promise, now let go" I pull her off of my cello case and shut the door, sam drives away and lyla waves to me, i wave back and walk towards the big house, when i knock the door a young girl answers after a few seconds, she has just past shoulder length hair, blue gray eyes, and a perfect complection,and skinny, and good sized boobs

"you must be alex, my mother has been talking bout you quite a bit, please come in" she steps out of the way so i could come in, i walk in and gape at the size of the room, she laughs and waves me into a hallway full of rooms and a winding staircase, i follow her up to her room, her room alone is as big as two of my rooms, and i have the biggest room in our house

"so, you guys actually live closer tan i expected" i say, realizing that i sound stupid and look away embarrassed

"yeah, you wanna get your cello out so we can play a little and i can teach you the violin" i nod and pull my cello and bow out of the case, she grabs a wooden chair for me to sit on, i sit in playing position wondering if she'll judge me

"you don't have to sit like that" she says pulling out her violin, "im not like Simon Cowel, i wont judge you for everything you do" she laughs, i relax and think of a song to play for her, i ting of laying secrets, or rolling in the deep, but a perfect song pops into my head, grenade by Bruno mars, i smile and look at her, she is beautiful, i wonder if she is single

"thanks,  get nervous around new people sometimes, based on my past" she looks at me interested

"get bullied a lot or something" she sits on the edge of her bed getting into a soppy playing position, she plays secrets by one republic, she played it perfectly through the whole song, she looks at me funny and i look at her confused

"why are you looking at me like that" she smiles a little in a confused way

"what, oh, you're just really good" I fix my cello trying to hide my embarrassment, I don't think it worked very well cause she laughs a little and searches through a big pile of sheet music

"what are you gonna play for me before I show you how to play violin" she looks at me briefly and searches through the papers again as I start to play grenade

she watches me as I play, her eyes focusing mainly on my face and hands, she dances a little to the music and sings along quietly holding her violin in her arms and bow in hand, when I finish she claps and smiles

"that was great, and its my favorite song" she goes to her closet and pulls out an extra violin

"here, go ahead and take the violin out of the case" she takes my cello and plays the theme of secrets, she can play so well

"you are really good at cello too" she laughs and sets the cello aside so she has room to play her violin

"can you put it in playing position" she asks and holds hers up in playing position, I try to do as she does, she sets her violin down and walks behind me, she puts her hand on mine to adjust it, she fixes the instrument on my shoulder and shows me how to hold the bow, she comes behind me again and puts her arms around me, her hand under mine on the instrument, and the other around mine holding the bow, she directs my bowings for a few tries and lets me do it on my own

"good, you are making progress, so wanna come back Monday" she suggests, I nod

"yeah, that's fine" I hand her the violin, but she refuses

"you can borrow it, just bring the violin back Monday" she says packing my cello

"if you want you can borrow my cello, since you don't have one" her eyes light up

"really" I nod, she hugs me tight, I hug her with the arm not holding the violin

"have fun" I tell her as she walks me outside

"you too, just work on your bow hold and how you can hold the  instrument" I nod and start walking down the street to my house, it only takes a good ten minutes to walk home, lyla jumps in my arms as I walk through the door

"al, you could've called and I would have picked you up" sam walks in surprised

"it only takes ten minutes to walk and im fifteen, not ten" I carry lyla up the stairs with the violin

"and where's your cello" he asks pointing to the violin case

"I let vannah borrow it, and she let me borrow her violin to practice" he nods and I walk completely up the stairs and into my room with lyla now on my back

"so what is vannah like" lyla looks at me when I put her down on my bed

"uh, she's really nice, and a good instructor" she looks at me harder

"I think you like her, I wanna meet her" she starts jumping up and down on my bed

"I do not like her more than a friend lyla, and maybe you can meet her sometime" she jumps in my arms like a baby

"can I be princess again, being a knight is hard" she looks helplessly at me

"sure, that's why im the knight remember" I start tickling her and she laughs trying to get away from me

"alex stop it" she laughs harder as I throe her over my shoulder and run around the room

"the mighty knight will save the day" I yell and hear a knock at my closed door, lyla flops down on my bed as I go to the door, im surprised to see vannah standing there

"hey alex, you left this over at my house" she hands me my cell phone

"thanks, I didn't even know it was gone, sorry to make you come down here" I laugh and lyla runs into my right calf and I nearly fell over on vannah but I caught myself on the door frame

"youre welcome" she laughs

"lyla" I say in pain

"sibling trouble" she says as lyla runs around me to vannah

"yeah, but she looks up to me, and everyone says I cooperate with her so well" I look down at lyla holding onto vannah's arm trying to get her to follow her to her room, or into my room

"aww, that's nice, my little brother doesn't want anything to do with me" she says looking up at me again, I pluck lyla from vannah and laugh as she climbs onto my shoulders

"alex is my mighty knight" lyla pats my head, when I look up at her she slaps my face

"oww" stop torturing the knight" vannah laughs

"but im the princess, and im supposed to get whatever I want" she slaps me again but harder

"the princess will go to time out if she doesn't behave, and princesses still have many rules to follow" she gives up and laughs as I pull her off of my shoulders and throw her onto my bed from the other side of the room

"well, I better go, my mother will be home from the store in a few minutes" I nod and walk her out, we exchange numbers and she starts her walk home, I close the door and slide down to the ground, she is beautiful


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