how do you do it

when a lonely city boy discovers he has a special ability he tries to control it, but has a real hard time doing so


2. little lyla

sam's POV


after al was taken back I sat next to lyla in one of the chairs in the waiting room

"uncle sam, what's going to happen to alex, I need my knight" I look down at her small face

"he's going to be fine, the doctors will fix your knight right up" she smiles and starts jumping up and down in her chair

"my knight is going to be saved my knight is going to be saved" she runs around the room to all the kids her age, they run around with her so I take a nap


alexs POV


my eyelids slowly start to open to get used to the light, I see three doctors huddling over me, when I try to sit up I feel a major pain in my shoulder, the doctors help me lean against the head of the bed as they put it up

"how do you feel" one of them asks me as she looks at my bandages

"fine except for my shoulder, and my head" she looks at me with a smile

"good, we think you will be ready to leave later this afternoon, and the reason your head hurts is because of all the blood you lost" she lightly pats my injured shoulder

"ok, can I see my uncle and sister now" the doctors all look at each other and nod

"very well" one of the male doctors says as the one who was talking to me walks out of the room

"so, how bad is my arm" I ask

"you will be lucky if you can move it in a few minutes" I nod and try to move it, I succeed and lyla comes running in the room and on the bed

"alex" she screams in excitement, she hugs me tight

"what have you been doing, you look so tired" her face is red and she is slightly sweating

"I was running around with the other kids, we were pretending to slay a dragon" she smiles really big

"like a knight" I ask, she nods, "you mean, you stole my job" she laughs at my funny expression when I asked her

"yeah, and that means you are the new princess" she laughs hard and pretend to hold a sword

"haha, I've always wanted to be a princess" I say trying not to laugh, uncle sam walks in and hugs me

"no, stay away from my princess" she sits on my stomach and pushes sam away, he laughs and looks at me

"we switched jobs, now she is the knight" I say seriously as I can

"so my fifteen year old nephew is a princess" he laughs a little, "son, you have got issues" he slaps his hand on his forehead and lyla laughs and hugs me, I hug her back

"so when can you leave" lyla asks me as sam picks her up and puts her on his shoulders

"later this afternoon" I say as sam runs her out of the room pretending to be her dragon slave

"you've got quite a knight there" I just realized the three doctors were still in here and jumped as the girl talked to me

"oh, yeah, thanks" I laugh, "it was the other way around this morning before I got hurt" she laughs a little

"oh really, and now she is your protector, and she is..." she waits for my answer

"she's four" I laugh at the memory of it

"she has quite a heart for that age" the tall male doctor comments

"yeah she does, I have a feeling she will be a great leader someday, or a powerful woman" I say, thinking about what she will grow up to be, and I will just be a stupid cellist

"do you have any special qualities of your own" the girl asks

"um, kinda, I play cello a bit" she smiles in delight

"my daughter plays violin, she is thirteen, and really good at all the instruments" she says

"wow, I have always wanted to learn violin, but we cant afford lessons" I get a little depressed

"maybe my daughter can teach you when your arm heals" I look up a little excited

"really, that would be awesome" she smiles and texts her daughter, im guessing her name is savannah, but everyone calls her vannah

"vannah said she would love to, when do you wanna set up an appointment or date rather" the woman says

"maybe next Saturday" I guess, she asks vannah if its ok

"she said its perfect, and she also said to bring your cello over too, she knows how to play it well but we don't have enough money to buy one for her"

"ok, that's fine" I say, the rest of the day in the hospital went by fast, mostly wondering what vannah will be like, mainly what her personality is like and how hot she is

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