Finally Found You

Ariana was 15 when something tragic happened. A year later she finally found happiness but everything changed. She wanted to get away from all of it but she never could. Then one day she got a chance. Ariana is finally getting the guts to run away. Run away from them. Little does she know she has a surprise waiting ahead of her. She's 17 and has no where to go. Until she met him that one night. Will she be alright? Who is he? What's the surprise? Who's she running from?


3. I always planned this

(A/N : sorry my computer stopped working. ima try and start updating at least 3-5 times a week. no promises)


There I was thinking about how bad my life was; wishing I was never born. My thoughts were interrupted when Barbara said she was going out. "Here he comes again. How does happen to me? Why me? I mean I am 17 years old I should just leave I Mean in about 6 months I am gonna be 18. I always planned this I mean I have a pair of clothes and some pj's ready with my money and pictures. What am I waiting for?" I keep thinking about everything until he comes in with a can of beer and a belt. He took me down stairs and headed to the living room . He kicked me in my stomach 17 times one for each year of my life. He finally stop and put duct tape over my mouth and he pushed me against wall. He kept trying to touch me. I wasn't thinking any more I was pissed. How can he touch me stupid scumbag. I don't know why I did it I grabbed the vase next to me and hit him. He fell down I was in shock, but i then got my self together and ran to my room. I got my bag and jumped out my window. I didn't dare run out the front door. i jumped and ran. I didnt want him to catch me but he was right behind me. He then tripped and fell I ran for about half a mile until i ran into a curly haired boy. I wasnt scared of him i was scared of Rob finding me i was in shock of what i just did.

" I'm sorry. I'm Harry." He said. He extended his arm.

Harry's P.O.V.

I was walking home from the store when i ran into a gorgeous girl. She had long brown hair with brown eyes. She looked terrified. I then introduced myself and extended my arm. She flinched.I then looked at her face she looked frightened and I look at her once again and noticed bruises on her face as she stepped closer to the street light.

"Love, Are you okay?"

she shook her head

"Don't worry I wont hurt you"

"I cant i have to go he's looking for me. Do you have a phone?"


" Can I use it?" 

I nodded and gave herr my phone" 

Arianas P.O.V

He handed me his phone. I quickly dialed 999 and waited for the lady to talk.

"Can i please have the police at ( some address) "


" Just help please"

"Okay may i ask who this is"

" Yea, Its Ariana Martinez"

"Okay we'll be there in five minutes"

WIth that she hung up. ( I have no idea what the operator says)

" Thanks, Henry"


" Oops sorry, thanks harry. Sorry Harry but i have to get back to that house"

" I could drive you"

" no i wouldnt want you involved and i dont want to intrude"

" No i insist"

" He could hurt you for helping me"

" Dont worry about that love"

"Fine" I rolled my eyes 

" We just have to walk a minute or two to get to my car"


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