dont Leave Me

Well theres these two teens and one of them is off to university so they wont see eachother again for a whole year will they be able to manage it?


1. Say Your Goodbyes

At Saint Faiths High School it was the last day of term the year 11s were ready to move on to college or university and everyone was moving a step further into there life. Technically everyone one in year 11 was fine not seeing there girl/boy friends until any holidays during the year, except one couple who's names were Louis Tomlinson and Morgan Haze.

This couple were very close and very rarely said goodbye to one another so they could struggle with this university or collage situation.

It was finally the end of the school day and usual the couple (Louis and Morgan) started walking home together ,When they got to Morgans house they both saw that her mum was very upset but they didn't know why!

So they went up to her and started asking her questions about what was wrong but she was that upset that she would even speak, so they just left her there in the living room alone with nothing but the news on the tv.

Morgan took Louis upstairs to her room when Louis said to her "I have something to t t tell you" With a silent whisper of Morgans sweet voice "what is it"

"I cant tell you" Louis cried as he ran home as fast as he could with wet tears streaming down his eyes 

"WAIT! Oh no he's gone, i wonder what he wanted to tell me"

That night Morgan sat down quietly to finish writing her application for Sparks University, as she was slowly writing she kept thinking about Louis and how wonderful he is but why would he keep secrets from her?

Anyway the next morning she got all ready for a day up the city with her mates when........... she found a note and a rose laying on the bench outside the font door.

The Note said "I know i should of told you this last night but i found it so hard i didn't want to hurt you, Ive been excepted in to a University in America, Im sorry Love Louis xx"

"what!!" as she started crying she rang her friends and cancelled and ran straight to Louis's house. When she got there she knocked extremely loudly on the door until someone awnserd, as the door flung open she walked straight in wiping her tears from her face and wrapping her arms around Louis , "when are you leaving for University" she asked "tomorrow he replied"

They stayed with each other all night hugging and kissing each other with the time which was left of them together.

When the morning came it was a hard time for 

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