You Will Always Be Mine

Death could never separate us. That's what we thought until now.


1. Chapter 1

  *Sarah's POV*

  It was a peaceful day in Destin, Florida.  The sun was shining, the skys were a baby blue color, every thing was perfect.  I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend of 3 years, Niall.  We were watching 'The Big Bang Theory' on TBS and eating popcorn.  I was curled up to him and his arm draped around my bare shoulder.

  "Niall, I'm going to get washed up and dressed.", I said while starting to get up to head over to the bedroom.  I was currently still in my tank top and PJ shorts.

  "Okay, Babe.", Niall replied propping his feet up where I was sitting.  He was shirtless just wearing his gym shorts.

  I turned on the water and hopped into the shower.  When I was done bathing I dried my hair and straightened it.  I had brown hair with blonde highlights.  I then I put on waterproof mascara because I was going to head down to the beach that was basically our backyard.

  I got dressed in my pink polka-dot bikini and put a cover up over it.  I grabbed my flipflops and but them on.  I walked back out to the livingroom and saw Niall already in his trunks.

  "How did you know I wanted to go to the beach?", I asked him.

  "Because you kept staring out at the beach while I was watching TV.", He replied swinging his arm over my waist.


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