Him and Me, Forever and Always

Justin and Selena have been to together forever. They started as childhood friends, to best friends, and then to love. Their love isn't like any other relationship. They see the hurt in their eyes and they see the joy in their body. But when Selena decides to take an internship in Australia for 3 years. Justin couldn't take it and went with her without telling his family. Now it is up to Selena and Justin to keep their secret staying together while on the other hand in their old town Justin is known to be missing. But also in Australia their relationship gets serious and they make the biggest decision to LIVE in Australia together. Forever and Always in Australia.


2. The news

Selena's POV

I woke up to the sound of landscapers chopping our grass. I didn't know how I got to bed or got in the house. All I remember is I fell a sleep in Justin's car. I run down my wooden stairs and I see my mom making breakfast. "Hey sweetie! Thanks for putting the blanket on me it was getting cold in the living room." My mom says, "I didn't put a blanket on you. I don't even remember walking in the house. But it was probably Justin I think he put me in bed and he probably saw you there and put the blanket on you." I say. "Oh how sweet," She says. *DING DONG* I went to my door and opened it. "Hey Justin!" I say while picked me up and spun me around. We ran up the wooden stairs and locked the bedroom door. I had news to tell him. "Justin I have something to tell you," I say. The room got quiet and darker the suspense was growing and Justin had a concern look. "What?" He says, "I am going to Australia for an internship next week alone my mom was supposed to go but she decided not to. "What?! For how long?!" He says. "Probably three years," I say. "No. I am not letting this happen. Your my best friend. You can't leave me!"  He says. "Well, Justin, I need this. If the internship goes well I can get a job there,"I say. "Then I am going with you," he says. "What? How can you get a ticket? And what about your mom," I say. "I wont tell my mom! And you said your mom is not going so I will use her ticket," he says. "Your crazy, Justin!" I say. "But we can stay together," he says. "Fine," I say. He hugged me and I could tell he was crying too. When we looked into each other's eyes. I wiped Justin's tears and he wiped mine. He was not oly my  boyfrined but my best friend.       

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