Live While Your Young

The story will be very good. When you start reading hopefully you won't want to stop.


2. The Day At School

When Louis and I sat at the table we were talking for a really long time. He said "Well now I have to go for band rehearsals but it would be nice if we could meet again soon," I  replied "Yeah that would be nice. What school you go to so we can see each other?"

He said back "I go to Norwood Senior" I replied "Me too i'll see you at school"

The next day I was getting ready for school in some of my nicest clothes (Rachel's Clothes in the dress like Louis Tomlinson section or search it in the website)

When I got to school I ran into my 4 best friends Bethany, Tayla, Sophie and Shantia. At lunch we found a table and we sat with Louis and his friends I introduced my friends and he introduced his "Rachel, Bethany, Sophie, Tayla and Shantia these are my friends Niall, Harry, Liam and Zayn"

I was falling in love with Louis when we were talking even more at lunch.

Bethany and Liam were talking at lunch.

Shantia and Zayn were getting along REALLY well.

Tayla instaly fell in love with Niall and Sophie and Harry were maybe getting along a little to well :) . When the bell for 5th period went I told the girls that I'll meet them at class. Louis and I walked to class together and sat next to each other. After school Louis came to my house so we could do homework together. Before he left he gave me a gentle kiss on the lips and then packed up his things be then I asked if he would like to stay for the night so we asked our parents and they all said yes.

Authors Note For Readers

Hey readers I love that you are enjoying the book so far.

If you want me to add more chapters I would be glad to.

Please tell me if you do or don't want me to in the comments section.

xxx Rachel xxx

P.S. If you want to be a co-author please comment below and I'll reply accepted and I can only choose 3 co-authors. xxx Rachel xxx

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