grey eyed maid

Jezzine is a poor peasant/farmer. Every commoner (girl) in the kingdom wants to have a job at the castle. It pays extremely well and you get to live in the castle with full meals. The only problem is that the only jobs available is to be a maid. And it's hard to get the job but only a few girls try out. Jezzine gets picked and she doesn't know how! Why did they pick her… or more importantly… who. And how will she keep her grey-eyed secret from the prince himself?


2. the palace

its my first day at the palace, its been going great up until now. i grab the silver tray laden  with prince Joshua's first course of his breakfast. And did i forget to say that i have to wake him up!!!!! as i walk in i sing" prince Joshua! time to wake up!" Nothing. he didn't even stir. great, i gently shake his shoulders. but he still doesn't move. after ten minutes of this i tell the head maid. her solution; dump ice water on him. 

"UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, i thought I got a personal maid! Now Sarah is going to have to wash the sheets! i hate her can't we fire her already!" Prince complains.

"we did, she is fired and you do have a personal maid. she couldn't wake you up though. Anyways, this is Jezzine. she is your personal maid. She is the only maid who didn't put secret love cards under your pillow or lipstick kisses on your mirror."

"WHAT!" he gasps "but i like maids who like me!"

the head maid turns on her heals and walks out. i gather up his sheets in silence and walk out. hiding my eyes the whole time.


the next day i walk into the princes room. the head maid said that she will not help me wake up the prince today and that i will have to figure something out. i have a plan though, and i waste no time putting it into action. his thick muscular arm is hanging off the side of the bed and i grab it and pull, he is really heavy and i am a starved 17 year old girl. i have almost no meat on my bones. finally, with one last heave i pull him off, and land right on top of him. hhis eyes fling open and he looks right at my eyes. my grey eyes. i quickly squeeze my eyes shut and roll off  of him. looking down at the floor i say "i'm so sorry" 

come here!" he snaps "let me see your eyes!"

i whimper and shut my eyes closed. "NO!" i whisper loudly. 

"fine, i'm leaving!" and he walks out.

i slowly walk out after him and suddenly he is right in my face, looking at my eyes."oh my god"

suddenly he grabs my forearm and pulls me down the spiral steps. tears are streaming down my face by now and i can hardly keep up with the prince. suddenly he pushes open these big wooden doors and he throws me on the floor in front of him. 

"Joshua!" a woman gasps.

"Mother!" oh no the queen "this girl has something to show you." the prince says.

i just continue to sit there sobbing on the floor. "Open your eyes!"he snarls

i whimper and shake my head. squeezing my eyes shut even tighter.

"OPEN YOUR EYES!" he commands. suddenly it is deathly quiet. i take a big shaky breath and open my eyes. looking straight into the querens eyes. him and the king gasp, and then i pass out.


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