Together or Apart (Sequel to Forever, Completed)

"Come on! You can't seriously love him over me can you?" He shouted, spitting on my face. "No! I NEVER loved you!" "TAKE THAT BACK!" He screamed as he got closer to me, I was backed up against a wall with no space to move. "Never! Because news flash! I LOVE HIM NOT YOU!!" "All right missy you just got yourself a one way to ticket to hell!" He raised his gun at me, I squeezed my eyes shut. What's going on? Will she die? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright © 2013


8. Chapter 8


We got to the hotel around three in morning and there were already fans outside waiting for us, unbelievable! Because I was so exhausted I just smiled and waved, hopefully they'd understand. I headed up to my room after we checked in and threw my stuff down on the sofa before climbing into bed and falling asleep.

- Nightmare -

I woke up in a dark room I assumed was a basement or some kind of cave and looked around, "Hello? Anyone here?". A single light came on seconds later and he appeared, "Hello Niall." "What are you doing here?" I asked getting up. He gave me a smug smile and looked away, "Oh I just wanted to show you something you know before I kill you." "You think you're going to kill me? I wouldn't do that if I were you, you'll ruin Carter's life." "Oh you won't have to worry about that." "Why not?" I asked, slightly nervous. "This why" He stepped out of the way to reveal Carter laying on the floor, a pool of blood surrounding her. "NO!" I heard myself scream. "Why?!" "I figured if I can't have her, neither can you.. oh and one last thing..  you're daughter is dead too." He stepped completely out the of way and there was poor little Tally laying on the floor in the same condition as Carter. "NO!" More tears falling from my eyes, "They were my family! Everything to me! How could you?" "You took away what was mine. I've just simply returned the favor. And now for  you.." He held up a dagger, "I would it was nice to know you but it wasn't so I'll just kill you."

- End of dream -

I woke up in a cold sweat, my hair sticking to my forehead. I looked at my clock, it read 4:30 AM. 'It was just a dream Niall, just a dream. Carter's fine, she's just fine. And so is Tally, they're not dead, they're not dead. But just to make sure..' I picked up my phone and speed-dialed Carter. "Hello?" She answered sleepily, "Niall? It's four thirty in the morning, what's going on?" "I just.." "You just what?" "I had a terrible dream. You and Tally were um dead." "Oh Niall I'm so sorry, but everything's ok. I'm perfectly alive and so is Tally. There's nothing to worry about. I wish I were there with you." "I wish you were here too. That dream just scared me." "I know, you going to be ok?" I sighed, "Yeah I'll be fine, I just needed to hear your voice." "Well I'm glad you called me, whether it be four thirty in the morning or not." I chuckled, "All right I'll let you get back to sleep, I'll call you again tomorrow." "All right, good night Niall." "Good night princess." I tapped 'end' on my screen and set my phone down on the night table. I repositioned myself back on my pillow and closed my eyes, which burst open seconds later. I needed to get back home to Carter, I didn't know why I just did. I threw off the sheets and grabbed my suitcase and shoes. I booked myself on the next flight back to London and headed for the airport.


After I hung up with Niall, I set my phone down on the night table. I really missed him, I kept thinking about the dream he had. He was probably scared of his wits, thinking Tally and I were dead. Poor thing, I wish he were here with me right now. As gross as it may seem I was sleeping on one of his pillows, it smelled like his cologne that loved so much. Being all alone sucked, yes I had Tally down the hall but it was lonely without Niall here. Like something was missing, well duh but still. I turned over onto my back and sighed, looking at the ceiling. I threw off my sheets and walked into Tally's room where she was sleeping soundly in her crib, her small thumb in her mouth. It was an adorable sight I wish Niall were here to see. I sighed once more as I sat down in the rocking chair, hugging my knees to my chest. Niall needed to come home, I missed him so much. All the boys needed to come home, especially with Annabell's baby coming. Harry needed to be there for her. I ended up falling asleep on the floor in Tally's room from thinking too much. I opened my eyes as the sunlight flooded the room, I looked up at a still sleeping Tally. 'Wow she slept through the night for the first time. Seven months later. Took her long enough.' Taken from my thoughts I heard the front door shut, 'Weird.. maybe it's El or Annabell.' I walked into the hallway and peered down at the living room, no one was there. 'What if it was Christian? Niall wasn't here to help me.. or anyone else for that matter.' I dashed back to Tally's room and shut the door quietly before running into my room and grabbing the baseball bat Niall and I hid in the closet. I gripped it tightly as I walked down the stairs, I heard noises in the kitchen so I went in there. I was about to turn the corner when I ran into something or someone knocking me to the floor, "Ow!" I said rubbing my head and looking up at the person I ran into. "Niall!" I cried forgetting the pain and engulfing him in my arms, "What are you doing here?" "Oh so you're not happy to see me?" He asked chuckling. "Of course I am! I just didn't expect you to be here. Wow! Warn me next time ok?" "Sorry I wanted to surprise you and clearly I did because not only do you have an adorable bruise on your forehead but you've got a baseball bat." "I thought you were Christian or something! Forgive me for trying to be safe." He rolled his eyes before pulling me back into him, tucking his head into my crook my neck, "I missed you so much." Before I could reply he was crushing his lips to mine, something else I missed so much. The kiss instantly deepened, so I wrapped my legs around his waist our lips not separating. We pulled away several seconds later and just looked at each other. "I missed you lips." He said cheekily. "As I missed yours." I yawned, "Sorry I slept on the floor of Tally's room last night so I'm a bit tired." "You want to go to bed?" "Would you mind?" "Nope not at all, I'm pretty tired myself." "All right well let's go." "You want me to carry you?" I couldn't help but smile, "Sure why not?" He picked me up bridal style and brought me to our room. He set me down the bed, "I'll be right back, I'm going to go say hi to Tally." "Oh yeah she's missed you too." He walked next door and brought Tally back and sat down next to me. "How's she been?" "She's been good, it's so funny she slept through the night last night! Can you believe that? First time in seven months!" "I guess we should expect that from now on?" He asked mostly to Tally who just blinked. We both chuckled and he laid her down in the middle of bed so we were on both sides of her. We got under the warm covers and snuggled close to each other before falling asleep.

*A/H Aw! Happy chapter! Niall's home, for now.. they'll most likely yell at him for leaving but hey a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do! Sorry for the late update, I've been out of ideas for a while. I will try to update again tomorrow but no promises because... I'm going on vacation for a week! So I won't be able to update for a while. But be patient with me and don't leave the story because I will be back to write for you lovely people :) Thank you to AddiPayne829 for your lovely comments, they're very sweet and quite entertaing to read so thank you! And thank you to the rest of you lovely readers! Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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