Caged (The info, Characters, and other things)

Hey, so ....erm... This is just a book of pictures and explanations for my other movella: Caged. It'll contain pictures of the characters, information about teh characters, "visual aids" (i guess), and author's notes. The author's notes can be about anything from the chapter lengths to learning about the mutant animals.


3. Parades, Rykira, Locke, Keila, and Roman

  Okay, so in the next few chapters, Vivi, Cody, and Byrd make an allience. But, because of Vivi, they decided to invite Rykira, and Locke. They also make enemies with Roman, and Keila. 

  At the parade (Like in the hunger games) They need to wear costumes that correlate with their country. For example, Aquamarianetta is like District 4, and 2 combined. So they might be wearing sea foam green stuff. But they won't they'll wear something a different color.

  And in this chapter, we meet the man who started Caged. So here we go.....

  Parade outfits (They all wear ball gowns, and tuxedos)- 








Sapphiria~ Vivi's Dress:


Ruler K.~

Okay, so that was that. Now it's time to meet the others!



Name: Rykira Coral Merrick

Age: 16

Country Represented- Moonlite

Weapon of Choice- Switch-blade, Scythe, or possibly her hands

Area of Skill- Combat, Healing.



Name- Locke Jeremy Henaghan

Age- 14

Country Represented- Aquamarianetta

Weapon of Choice- Pistol, Knives.

Area of Skill- Technology, Combat



Name- Keila Evaline Lifoloczk

Age- 20

Country Represented- Aquamarianetta

Weapon of Choice- Blow darts, Knives

Area of Skill- Hunt, Combat



Name- Roman Trip Serok


Country Represented- Diamond City

Weapon of Choice- Sword, Hands

Area of Skill- Combat


  So yeah.... There will be more coming soon! Btw, no new chapter until I get 75 views on Caged, okay? So your going to have to wait, but here is your little preview and explanations.


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