Torn apart

One Direction exicts for almost three years now, but suddently Harry desides he needs to leave. Everyone thinks he just wanted a solo career, and that is what happened, but not what Harry wanted. He gets caught into something and tries to get out, but he can't if he doesn't want his friends to get hurt. Will things ever by the same again, or will Harry just stay like this and take no risks.

in the beginning you propably will think what is going on? but it will all become clear


1. leaving

just wanted to say One direction is not going to split up, this story is completely made up, so yeah ... just wanted to say that :)


Zayn's p.o.v.

Harry has been away for a long time, we were waiting for him at the hotel. 'Why does Harry always leave when we finally have some free time...' Niall sighed. He was right, since we left to America Harry just headed somewhere and never tells us where he goes. 'He doesn't answer his phone.' Liam said. It was the same story, over and over again. I stood up. 'That's it, I'm going to look for him.' I said. They all turned to me. 'Where are you going then?' Louis asked. 'I have no Idea, but I'm going away from here 'cuz I'm tired of this shit.' 


I jumped on the underground, thinking where to go. It wasn't busy because the most people where at their work already, and the childeren where at school. The less people, the better, not many people who where here regonised me as Zayn from One Direction, and that was a good thing. I got a text from Ed:

Why is Harry always at the studio with Sam and not with you guys? Just wanted to know, I'm a little worried....

So that's where Harry hangs out. I left the underground and took another one to the studio. The streets where quite empty. Why is Harry in the studio with Sam? Why is Harry in the studio anyway? Those questions made me stress. Before I entered the building I took a sigarette out, I knew it wasn't a good habbit but sometimes I just need it, and it's something they can't take away from me. 


some people nodded or waved at me while I walked trough the building. Some of them looked suprised to see me. 'Excuse me, Is Harry Styles here?' I asked a woman. She nodded yes. 'He's in studio four, but I think they're busy.' I turned around and walked to studio four. Busy? What could he be doing? Why is he so misterious, what's wrong with him? I opened the door and there I found Harry and Sam, writing on a paper. 'Zayn?' Harry said suprised. 'hi Zayn.' Sam said. 'W...what are you guys doing?' I asked. 'I'm helping Harry writing his so-' 'Sam's song.' Harry cut Sam of. 'Don't lie to me Harry, what are you really doing?' They were getting on my nerves. 'Listen Zayn, I'm writing a song, just for fun.' Harry tried to explain. ' 'Writing a song? What for?' 'For fun.' 'Then...why are you doing that in a studio, I mean...and you can at least tell us where you where going all the time.' 'Don't be mad at me bro, you're not my mother.' 'No, but you just leave without letting us know where you are going and then I find you writing songs, I mean...what are you trying to say Hazz...' 'Nothing, just want something els.' 'Do you want to go solo?' 'Are you out of your mind?! I love bieng in the band, just give me some space.' Harry was pissing me of, he behavior made us al suspicious, and we were all afraid for one thing: that one day, Harry would leave the band and go solo.'  'Zayn, just leave us, okay?' 'Ofcourse you want me to leave...don't forget we are your friends and I was just worried about you.' Angry I walked out of the building. writing a song? What is the next thing he is going to do? recording it and then releasing it? 


The rest of the days passed like the other ones, but now I knew where Harry was going. Maybe he needs it, like I need my sigarettes, maybe we should let him write songs, if he likes it. That was what I thought untill I heard the voice on the radio say something that completely shocked me: 'and now Harry Styles with Don't Let Me Go.'  WHAT?! I ran to the lobby of the hotel and the other boys where listening to the radio to, only Harry was in his room. 'What is this?' Niall said, panic in his voice. 'No panic, there is propably an explenation for this.' Liam tried to calm us down. I just stood up and went to the the room Harry was in. I swung the door open and Harry looked shocked at me from his bed. 'Your song is on the fucking radio!' I yelled at him. 'Zayn...let me explain.' 'Explain what?! Just tell us you want to leave us...just...why Harry?' 'It leaked, we recorded it but someone released it, you have to believe me.' 'Why did you recorded it in the first place?' 'Because I'm tired of bieng judged and i wanted to let people know I CAN do it on my own.' 'On your own? Man...what are you saying? Saying you are going to leave.?' 'No.' 'then what the hell are you doing?!' 'Let me do what I want!' 'What you want is obviously leaving the band so you can start a solo career.' 'You're talking shit.' 'I am? Just tell me Harry...are you sure about that? Just think about that.' With that I left the room and slammed the door behind me.



Days, weeks and months passed, for the media and the fans it looked like everything was back like it used to be, it wasn't like that, not at all. Me and Harry didn't get along very well since our dicussion, and he was action more distant then ever. We were all sitting in the living room of Liam's house in England, the only one who was not there was Harry. 'Is Harry going to leave us?' niall asked liam like a kid that he asked his mummy he was going to leave his dad. 'I can't tell you ni, I have to say, I don't know what is going on, I really can't say what is happening.' Liam said. Niall sighed. It was a sad situation. 


Every week Harry went out to party and came back totally wasted, he threw up on stage a couple of times. Fans were getting worried to, it happened not once, but often. And we had to pretend like nothing was going on. We red the papers and there were filled with articles that said things like: Harry Styles, another drunk night. The worse happened when Harry entered the stage...drunk. We could only hope the fans and media didn't notice. We tried talking to Harry but he didn't listen, he only got mad. 


One day I decided it was enough, I went to Harry's house to force him to talk to me. But when I came in, no one was there, only a piece of paper on the table. What was that? Where was Harry? What was goin on? I slowly walked to the table and picked up the paper and started to read it, my mouth dropped and my eyes filled with tears.

I'm sorry I have to say it this way but by the time you

found this letter I will be gone. No I'm not death. I'm 

just not good enough to be in this band, don't try to 

find me. I'm just giving you to chanche to to this without

me, maybe it's better that way. I just want to say I'm sorry

for my behavior. That's it, goodbye guys, gonna miss ya.


I was going out of my mind. I tried dialing Harry's number but he didn't pic up his phone. What now? I just can't let Harry leave the band. I jumped in my car and headed back to Liam's house and showed them the note. They alle jawdropped and the next moment Niall ran out, that was the moment I knew we were screwed. 'We have to do something.' Louis said. I shook me head. 'It's to late, Harry can be everywhere by now.' And they knew I was right. Liam stood up. 'I'm going to try to calm Niall down.' He said, and left the house.



Liam's p.o.v.

Niall was sitting on the pavement with his back against the house, his face in his hands. He was startled when I laid my hand on his back. Niall looked at me with his teared up blue eyes, his cheeks pink from crying. 'it's okay.' I sat next to him and pulled him close to me. 'Is this the end?' niall asked with a hoarse voice. 'I don't know Niall, but you have to stay strong...for the fans.' Niall nodded.


Weeks passed and I knew we had to go on tour againg, but we couldn't do that without Harry, no doubt in my mind we were going on stage with the four of us. I tried calling Harry so mane times, untill one day for the concert, he finally picked up his phone.



'Harry finally, where are you?'

'It doesn't matter.' 

'Harry Styles we have to do a performing tomorrow.'

'We? I'm not going to perform with you guys.'

'Harry don't be so ridiculous.'

'I'm not. And don't hang on to long 'cuz I'm in another country and it is going to cost you a lot.'

'IK don't care how much it costs, just come back.'

'Liam, it's over for me, and listen, that I'm judged and shit is not the only reason i'm leaving the band, there is something els, but I can't tell you.'

'What Hazz? You sound scared.'

'It doesn't matter, live your life and be happy, it will be all better that way.' 


'I can't come back, I already risced to much.'

'What do you mean?' 

'I mean it was for your own good and safety, I swear.' 


Harry dislined. What was going on? With shacking hands I put my phone back in my pocked. I told the boys what Harry said and they were al in riddles just like me. And we all knew one thing: something wierd was going on...something really wierd.


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