Just For Us (Here we Go again sequel)

The girls and boys have grown up and here's what life holds for, Amanda, Harmony, Dawn and Mackenzie, read and find out.

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Just our luck
here we go again


1. Hannah Malik

WOO! the last book is out! i want to thank user loulou116 for the name ;) thanks babe <3 enjoy!

-Hannah's P.O.V-

15 years Later

"Hannah!" i hear my mom yell as i walk as i sneak upstairs after curfew, I roll my eyes and walk downstairs.
"I see you've been waiting up" i say and lean on the door's borders.
"What the hell have you done to your hair?!" she yells at me and walks over to hold it right in my face, i roll my eyes again and pull it from her hand.
"I dyed it, so what?" i say and walk into the kitchen.
"You have to watch your attitude young lady" she says pointing at me, i opened the fridge and grabbed the milk bottle, right from the bottle.
"What's all this yelling?" walked in my twin brother, Javvad.
"Nothing Jav" i say and wipe my mouth with my hand.
"Hannah is way past curfew" she says to him while sitting on the big leather couch.
"Oh my God! when are you gonna stop treating me like a kid! augh!" i cry and put the milk on the counter.
"Han, it's freaking 3AM, you expect mum not to be worried about you?" says Jav putting the milk carton back in the fridge.
"Oh like Mum and Aunt Harmony, Dawn, and Max didn't do that when they were our age" i laugh and sit on the counter.
"What is that on your shoulder?" my mum asks standing up.
i look at my shoulder and smirk "it's a tattoo" i say pulling the straps of my shirt off of my shoulder, revealing my new Zeus tattoo.
"I thought we said no more tattoos!" My mum yelled and put a hand on her forehead.
"Mom! I'm nineteen, legally an adult i can do anything i want OK? good night" i say getting off of the counter and walking upstairs.
"We'll talk about this tomorrow, with your father" i heard her yell after me, I roll my eyes and walked up ti my room.
It wasn't the tidiest room in the house, i had posters of my favorite bands all over the wall, my bed, which i was supposed to make was messy, i took my combat boots off and army pants off, i picked up the first shorts that were in my reach. I kept my white and Neon shirt on and wrapped my white and Pink hair in a messy bun.I didn't notice how tired i was until my head hit the pillow, i instantly fell asleep.
I woke up and yawned and took my phone out of last night's pant's pocket. Fuck! i forgot to charge it! I put it on the charger and walked downstairs lazily, i was greeted by my family's smiling faces. Of course after i walked in they stopped Laughing.
"Good morning" said my Dad.
"whatever" i said and sat in my place on the table, i grabbed a piece of bacon and took a bite of it.
"You know i miss the days you used to wake up and kiss me good morning" he said putting my four year old sister, on the floor she ran to mum.
"I don't" i roll my eyes and grab a piece of toast and buttered it. Yum, i think as i take a bite out of it.
"Javvad, take Harms upstairs and stay with her, your mother and i need to talk to your sister" Says dad. Great, i put my toast on my plate and prepare myself for a long and boring lecture.
"How many times did we have this talk?"
"More times than we should" says mom.
"your right Amanda" he says holding her hand from across the table.
"Babe, that's it I'm fed up from her behavior"
"I know you are, I am as well"
"That's right Hannah, enough is enough!"
"Oh God" I say and put my head on the table.
"Honey, camera's follow you everywhere, you can't be irresponsible! not in the public eye you can't, and for your irresponsibility, you are grounded for two weeks" he says. I sigh in annoyment.
"You heard me"
"I'm not a child!"
"then stop acting like one!"
"whatever" i say getting up and putting my dish in the sink.
"You haven't had breakfast yet" said my mom.
"I'm not hungry" i say walking out of the kitchen.
"hold up" i hear my dad say and groan.
"what?" i asked annoyed.
"next week we're going on holiday with your uncles"
"Will Harry be there?" i ask, i miss him, he's my favorite uncle.
"yeah, he will and his girlfriend is gonna be there too" Says mum.
"awesome" i say and walk upstairs.
I see Jav in Harmony's room and walk in, for twins, we seriously look nothing alike.
"did you know about the family holiday?" i ask.
"Yeah, mum told me yesterday" He says carrying Harmony.
"Dillon's gonna be there" i tease. Dillon is Harmony's seventeen year old daughter and let's just say that Jav has a huge crush on her, and of course she has no clue, because i have a pussy for a brother.
"Oh shut up" he chuckles.
"So where are we going on holiday?" i ask laughing.
"The Payne's Vacation house" He says.
"That's rad" i say and walk into my room.
I jump on my bed and grab my phone.

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