"Hello, my name is Kimberly and I will be your waitress for today." I told the guys and brought up my pen. "Can I take your order?" I added as the curly one chuckled. "Yeah, I want a piece of your ass." He smirked pinching my butt.


25. Joseph.

Harry's P.O.V

It was 4 PM on a saturday, I sat on the couch as Kimberly walked back and forth getting ready for her 'Just friends' date. I was thinking about spying on them, because this guy she's talking about keeps reminding me of someone.

"Should I wear shorts or skirt?" Kim asked walking over to me showing me some blue shorts with decoration and a black summer skirt.

"Pants." I simply said as she groaned.

"I pick the skirt." She said giving me a 'stop-being-so-jealous' look and walked back to her bedroom.

Minutes later she came back out and walked over to the bathroom, "I hope you're this stressful when you're going out with me." I said loud as I heard her giggle.

"You wish." She chuckled as I smiled to myself.

"I'm just saying, I have a bad feeling about this guy." I said loud as she walked out of the bathroom with half of her face filled with makeup.

"Well, I had a bad feeling about you, and look where we are now." She smirked and walked back into the bathroom.


"Byee!" She shouted before she shut the door.

I quickly stood up and put on my jacket as I brought a gun and knife for safety's sake. I picked up the extra keys and rushed outside locking the door after. I saw Kim walk into a grey car, I jumped into my car and started the motor following them.

He took her to a restaurant down town. I just sat in my car a few meters away from where he parked his car waiting.

Kimberly's P.O.V

"So what's new?" Jo asked as we were sitting at the table waiting for our food.

"Nothing much really, still the same old Kim." I giggled as he let out a little laugh.

"So, who's this guy that were talking to you at the restaurant?" He asked looking all suspicious.

"Oh, it's Harry." I told him as the food arrived.

"You're dating?" He asked as I nodded in response.

"He's a lucky guy." Jo stated as I just smiled.

"How come you suddenly want to take me out as just friends?" I asked taking a sip from the vine.

"If that's the only way to go out with you, then it's fine with me." He smirked running his fingers through his blonde hair.

Harry's P.O.V

"He has blonde hair, named Joseph and is a bit smaller than me. He's going out with Kimberly now." I said through the phone talking with Oliver.

"I'm sorry man, but unless you have some DNA or more information, I can't help you." Oliver spoke as I sighed.

"But I'll continue and try until I find out who he is." He told me.

"Alright, thanks man." I said and hung up.

It was dark outside, suddenly I saw them walking out of the restaurant, she gave him a small kiss on the cheek about to walk away when suddenly he grabbed her from behind, holding over her mouth and forced her into his car before he drove off.

I quickly started my motor and followed, he drove pretty fast, but I was right behind him. Suddenly my phone started to call and I saw that it was Oliver, I picked it up.

"What's up?" I said while placing the phone between my head and shoulder.

"Joseph Denver, he was a part of our gang years ago, he's now a part of the gang again when you quit." Oliver spoke as I then remembered everything about him.

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