Secret Of Secrets

People have always thought about secrets. About how frustrating they are to keep. How horrible they can be or how daunting. But has anyone thought about the secret which holds all secrets together? Has anyone ever realized that a secret might be a lie?


2. The Dream

It was only eleven o'clock and Lucy was already feeling down and lonely. She wanted a friend she could tell everything and reveal all her secrets. These, she had none of. No one she could explain everything to, no one who would understand her fears and goals. Instead, she told them to her feelings, who reacted badly on them and made her feel terrible. She didn't understand.

She stood up in her garden and sniffed the fresh aroma from the newly cut grass and beautiful flowers. She flattened her dress and walked inside, hoping her Mother would approve of her dirty frock.

Fortunately, she was fine and nobody really minded. Her Mother took one short glance at her dress before shaking her head, laughing and ushering Lucy upstairs to get changed.

"Just slip on some denim shorts and a vest top you dirty scum bag." She winked happily and closed Lucy's bedroom door behind her. Lucy smiled and sat down on her bed, surprised nobody had realized how neat it still was, the cover's not have been pulled back for a good week. She pressed her head against the pillow and slowly closed her eyes. She fell asleep instantly. Then the dream came...

Lucy slid open the envelope with her finger and took out the folded letter. She expected to see a long message, written with a thick fountain pen, but no. In fact, it was no letter at all, just a blank sheet of paper. She tilted her head in confusion and turned it over, still nothing. Lucy shrugged and placed it upon her bed before skipping downstairs to see if there were anymore letters waiting for her by the door, an apology for the blank paper perhaps. Yes, there was; a letter with her name and address scribbled across the front of the envelope. Lucy ripped it open and unfolded the piece of paper. It was blank, another one? She was confused and worried, not sure whether this was a trick.

Suddenly, a mass of letters came shooting through the letter box. Lucy opened many in a rush, realizing that all of them had blank sheets of paper inside. As she got up to run, a black envelope came through, different from the rest. She opened it and slid out the page. Writing all over it. She began to read and noticed it was a threat, written in blood. Her hand began to shake and the paper slipped out her hands. She felt her legs giving way and she collapsed to the floor. More envelope's were coming through the letter box and Lucy could feel her eyes shutting.

"No!" She screamed in horror, trying to stand up.

After many failed attempts, she saw a big swirl in the tiles, bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger. She tried to run but couldn't. She began to fall, down and down and down...

Lucy awoke, screaming for help.

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