Imagines One Direction

This is just short imagines i have done before so i will post a new one each chapter if you want me to write a short one for you i will just ask in the comments


3. Niall Horan

     You are at the local show when you get a phone call. You go to answer it. A deep voice tells you to go to the red tent on the far side of the showground. You debate for while if you should go but then decide that you will. You walk in and see there are many girls there sitting down. You see there is a spare seat down the front. You sit down and wait nervously. Suddenly it goes pitch black. You see a light in the middle of the arena. Then music starts it is your favourite song. You close your eyes and wait for the words. When you hear the words you realise they are different you open your eyes in shock to see One Direction performing. You nearly fall off your seat. You start to stand up and cheer. After the first song Niall said that the deep voice was there body guard and some people who didn’t win tickets to the concert on the radio show the week before got this chance to see them. You notice Niall looks at you a lot when he is singing and even when he isn’t. When the boys finish everyone rushes out to go tell family or friends. But not you. You are the last to leave. You see Niall come back out you stare at each other. You slowly start to walk up to him. You introduce yourself. He says it’s an honour to meet you. You nearly melt but you stay calm. He then asks if you would like to go for a walk with him. You agree with excitement. Niall buys a bag of fairy floss to share. He pulls piece of and gently places it on your tongue and you do the same to him. You then walk over to a seat and he puts his arm around you. Niall realises that you were shivering and asks if you want his jumper. You tell him no because he would get to cold. He told me to wait on the seat for a minute. When he comes back he has bought popcorn and a jumper for you. You feel warm before you put the jumper on from the kindness. You then sit there and watch the fireworks together and just don’t stop smiling.     

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