Imagines One Direction

This is just short imagines i have done before so i will post a new one each chapter if you want me to write a short one for you i will just ask in the comments


2. Liam Payne


You and your friends had just been shopping up town and decided to go to the park. You are having so much fun running around and just being silly. You had to be careful because there was a group behind you playing footy. They didn’t look friendly because they all had glasses and hats on like they didn’t want you to see their face. Suddenly the football hits you in the back and you fall to the ground. All the men come running over as you go to turn onto your back you see you are surrounded by them. One asks if you are OK. You haven’t opened your eyes yet because of the pain and you recognised the voice. You slowly open your eyes. At the same time the guy removes his sunnies you then realise that you knew the voice because it was Liam who you adored from One Direction. Liam and Louis help you to your feet you friends are just so shocked and speechless. Liam invites you to go back to their motel with him. When you are back at the motel you go into the bathroom to look at your back you lift your shirt to find a large purple bruise. While you look Liam suddenly walks in and you rush to put your shirt down. He walks over to you and lifts your shirt up. He presses his cold hands on you to see if your ribs are broken. You almost scream, but you don’t want to seem weak so you hold it back and only let out a few tears. He puts your top down and wipes away your tears. He puts an arm around you and walks you to the lounge and he lies you down. He constantly changed ice packs on the bruise and make sure you had blankets on the rest of you so you don’t get to cold. All the boys were about to go out to the pub. You were half asleep but you still heard the conversation. He said that he wanted to stay with you till you were ok. You happily fall back asleep thinking how lucky you are.



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