I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


11. I Love You

Calum p.o.v

I don't want to tell Taylor still I would feel bad to tell her but I accidentally did here Logan tell Taylor that I wanted Lila like does he hate me that much but that's why im glad I left the door open and it makes me want to tell Taylor more but I don't know if I should I don't want to fight with anyone but I don't know why but I said her name to tell her with out even thinking

"Taylor"I said looking over at her in the passenger seat

"Yeah"She looked up from her phone

"oh nevermind"I looked back at the road

"Tell me I hate when people do that"She slightly slapped my arm

"Well I didn't mean to I swear but I heard Logan saying I liked Lila and stuff but I don't and im glad you didn't believe it cause it isn't true none of it"I shook me head left and right

"Woah what happened at your house Taylor"Amber looked at her through the middle where the consoul is

"Well I don't think Logan likes Calum at all so I don't know but did he say something to you is that what you were going to tell me"Taylor lend forward to look at my whole face

"Well when he said he and I were going to talk he said something like I need to stay away from you I was going to hurt you because my fans will hate you and that's what I want and I need to not talk to or be around Lila and I said no I love you and ill protect you from that and I don't understand why you think I like Lila cause I don't or something like that and he just said stay away or he will hurt me so I just kept quiet he said not to tell you so I didn't im sorry"I explained the conversation

"No no don't apologize its ok but I cant believe he would do that he has never done that before but then again none of my other boyfriends were famous and none of his girlfriends were a fan of my boyfriends  maybe that's why maybe he is jealous but just ignore it ok babe he wont do anything"Taylor put her hand on my shoulder

Im not going to lie I am a little scared of her brother he is much taller than me and built up but I tried not to think about it also not going to lie about this I know we have dated for a while now but every time she touched me I get this feeling like it is my job and mission in life to always stay by her side and always protect her so it hurts even more that he thinks I would hurt her ever but I answered with a simplier answer

"Im not going to let it get to me"I answered with a half smile

"Good so we are going to the outlet mall then to the park then home if we don't time if we do I don't know what we'll do"Taylor changed the subject

Michaels p.o.v

I was hoping to maybe get away from them for a bit I love them don't get me wrong but Michael and I went to the park alone and I really liked that we just sat and laid there and talked and play fought and it was perfect so maybe we will go ahead to the park while they go to the outlet shops we go past the park actually so I asked them to drop them off and they did perfect

"Why did you ask them to do that"I smiled as we sat down on the grass

"I liked the way it was before we got in the car"Amber laid down beside me making me laid down too

"I did too I want that more often"I smiled standing up grabbing her hand to pull he up too

"What are we doing"Amber asked dusting the grass of her

"Can you trust me"I asked

"Uhm...yeah I guess why"Amber squinted her eyes shaking her eyes

"Would you trust me enough to hold you over the lake"I got close to her face but I had to look down because she is shorter

"Michael you'll let go plus it isn't a lake its really a pond so its nastier"Amber said walking farther away from the lake

"Ok one its from a lake its lake water and two people are swimming in it pleeease its a trusting thing and ill be holding you so it isn't like your going to fall in all by your self"I said the last part quietly from the rest of the words because I think she would pull me in too

"Uhggg fine put take off your jacket so there is a better grip"Amber said walking close to me

"Alright then" I gave her a "im evil"I threw my jacket on the ground

"Ok if I go in the water by myself and look stupid ill hate you"Amber warned me

"Ok ok I get it"I said like I was made but ended up smiling

"Ok how are we going to do this"Amber stopped walking at the water line

"Ok just grab my neck ill have your back just let your feet dangle and hold on tight"I said putting my head down so she could grab my neck

We walked a step and she was freaking out already

"Am I over the water yet"She said putting her face in my chest

We took one more step

"Now you are see you can trust me babe but you should hold your breath now and hold on to me"I said the last part fast and brought her legs up and turned around so she was ready incase she didn't get what I said and fell back

I felt she let go of my body but she did still have my hand

"Michael I hate you"Amber said coming up from the water closer to me

"Well you cant actually you said you would hate me it you fell in alone and you were with me so ha"I reminded her

"Uhg im the writer how did I not catch the words"Amber said setting on the grass very cold making me feel bad

"You're cold im sorry"I ran to get my jacket

"Thanks but aren't you cold too"Amber asked when I came back walking up behind her

"You're coldness is more important than mine ok"I said wrapping the oversized jacket on her bending down on one knee pulling it tighter on her then we just laid there on the grass cuddling because we were so cold

This is the best person I could ask to come in my life right now and yes I asked her out about a month after talking to her and knowing her and helping her but we did take a slow relationship she said she has been hurt by many people so I didn't want to rush and pressure her but this felt like a good as time as ever I leaned up on her forearm and she just looked at me and smiled so I put my hand on her face and well kissed her rushes of what felt like lighting stormed through my body but in a good way and we just finally clicked together completely but I wasn't to plan of this is just happened out of me and it was true and I broke the kiss just to say this

"Amber I love you"I smiled waiting for a response

I looked down blushing a little too but then out of no where she ran like she was being chased killer what have I done


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