I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


12. Hidden Secrets Come Out

Taylor p.o.v

I still cant get over the fact Logan wants me to break up to Calum why would he do that like does he want me to be all sad and depressed why would he try to rip us apart we cant even survive the day with out at least talking together the only thing I can think of is he is jealous but he never was really the type to want be all famous he isn't really shy but he doesn't like the center of attention either I am so confused but I try not to think about it now and its already 6:00 so I think we should go get Michael and Amber from the park so I texted Amber waited for about 5 minutes and she didnt text back so I called she didn't answer...ok this is getting a little scary she almost always texts back or answers so I called Michael and he said we need to hurry and get him Amber ran away and he has looked all over the park and I instantly knew what he said she has done this before he has just made her panic she is ok and I knew exactly where she was

"Ok Michael is alone at the park we have to go get him Amber ran away from him she is fine I know where she is but we have to hurry she has done this before"I broke down everything I knew to him

"Uhm why did she run away"Calum asked starting the car

"Ill tell you after we get Michael just hurry she did this a long time ago and it wasn't a good way to see her"I was panicking I was scared and I didn't know what to do but I called Elissia she knows her a little better then me

"Hello"Elissia answered with Ashton yelling hi in the background noise

"ELISSIA Amber ran again I don't know what to do im scared she might do the same thing this isn't good what do I do help me im scared"I was about to cry I wasn't good in times like this

"Ok listen she wont do the same thing she cares about all of us ok I know she has to be in the same place though she wouldn't do the same thing she cares to much but why did she run who said that"Elissia was choosing her words right so Ashton and Luke didn't know Amber doesn't like to talk to this to many people

"Michael said it he didn't know we weren't with them we dropped them at the park with the pond thing and yeah she probably wouldn't do that I don't think she was truly even going to do that then anyways she was just seeing how far she could go before someone stopped her or she could go herself"I calmed down a little

"Yeah I don't think she was going to do it either but we did see her first too but that was different she is very much happier now so him just saying that just scared her after...that person said that but she had more going on too so you cant blame her"I looked at Calum and he was very confused so I got off the phone with Elissia

"I am so confused what did she do where did she go who said what what did Michael when did she do this before what else has going on WHAT IS HAPPENING"Calum semi yelled

"Look I need at least someone to stay calm ok she is going to be ok she is just scared because these words Michael said scare her she can hardly say them herself she has to really really really care about someone to say that and I know she would have said it back if she didn't run STOP"I yelled jerking forward

"I see Michael honk so he'll turn around"I asked looking out Calums window

And he did as told and Michael turned around and ran to the car when he got in the car I got in the car I could see him better I seen he has been crying he was shaking ok so everyone is panicking now

"Ok listen I need to know exactly what happened ok im 98% sure she is at one place but there is another place so every detail matters Calum just park and call Amber as many times as you can and tell us if she answers and be prepared to drive"I looked back at Michael again

"Ok we were just laying on the grass at the top of the hill"Michael told me the whole story so fast i could hardly keep up and im sure where she is now she isn't far away and Calum couldn't get Amber to pick up so i told him to just drive for about 5 miles straight

"Ok listen Amber is your girlfriend so i feel you need to know this she has only told me and Elissia this she is at this bridge ok its like her safe place but when she was a like younger but it feels so long ago she went there for the first time by herself of course and this bridge is like so big and Amber has a huge fear of driving over bridges so it is really scary for her to go here but this guy she liked for a long long time like since 2nd grade until 15 finally told her he loved her and she was so happy but he would lead her on then all in one night he just put her down he said he hated her she was useless emo weird all this stuff and she already had a issue with people saying they love her because she has been lied to and hurt by people so much that it really hurts her even more now but one night everything got to her and she sat so close to the edge of the bridge for a hour at least like if she move 5 like more inches she could have feel off she said every time some one would go by she felt like no one cared and she just moved closer and closer but before she went to the bridge she told us she had to run and get away so me and Elissia looked for her that long until we found her at the bridge and she might be at the bridge no i know she is she is scared of bridges she really does care about you ok don't think she doesn't she loves you and cares for you so much and she knows you love and care for just as much and she is just thinking the past is happening in the moment but she knows you aren't going to hurt her she just doesn't understand that right now"I spoke five minutes of information into 2 minutes because i felt so bad for having to break everything i told her i wouldn't say

"Oh i didn't know she seems so strong though i know she said not many people liked her in school because she was kinda weird and still do that to this day but she acted like she didn't care"Michael looked down

"I know that's the person she wants to be so much but she cant take another step to be that person cause as soon as she does try to she gets brought down again that's why she needs strong people in her life"I got cut off by Calums swearing and swerving stopping the car fast

"CALUM what happened"I jerked back when he stopped the car

"THAT GUY ALMOST HIT ME"Calum honked the horn at person in front of us who was now going so slow making us not being able to get to Amber faster but we were almost there about a another minute

"Ok its fine Calum be ready to pull over thought we are almost there she should be at the start of the bridge

We finally after what felt like years seen her she still had Michales jacket around her with her face down and make up all down her face on her hands and her cheeks were red which you could hardly see because she had the hood up and she was on the side but not close to the edge

"Ok do not yell she will freak out she hates being yelled at just keep in mind she is on the side of a bridge just be calm as possible"I warned both the guys but knowing only Michael would talk to her

"Amber im sorry for hurting you i didn't know i hope you're not mad but Taylor told me what happened"I stood behind her

"You didn't hurt me Michael im not mad at her either i should have told you in the first place so im sorry too"Amber spoke softly not turning around to look at me

"I understand its not something you should be so open about anyways so don't be sorry"Michael wrapped his armed around Amber

This was so cute...but sad...im confused what my emotion is

Michaels p.o.v

I feel so bad now she is so scared i never meant to hurt her

"Michael"She said slowly and softly after a while of me just holding my arm around her and her holding me hands

"Yeah"I put my forehead down on her shoulder

"This is kinda late but i uhm i...lo...love you too"Amber stuttered but i let her take her time and i felt tear drops run down my hands while she put her head down to my hand

This made me smile and happier than ever i decided to say it back to her again btu she was this time and im proud to say i love her


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