I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


4. Hanging Out Until The Tears Come

Elissia p.o.v

I woke with a little headache but also a little scared of where I was but Ashton was in the chair beside me and the others walked in I was going to go back to sleep but I think Ashton heard me move and woke up

"Hi are you okay do you need anything"Ashton asked

"Im fine Ashton just a small headache it will go away why am I here"I questioned

"Well what do you last remember"Ashton asked

"You and Luke were fighting like in the bus and Liam and Zayn came over and had to break up the fight"I said looking at the group

"well you remember a lot just after that my nose was bleeding and I didn't know you couldn't see blood and you passed out and hit your head on the head really hard as you fell and the ambulance came and got you and here we are you are fine its 12:00 am though you were passed out for 2 hours"Ashton explained

"12:00 AM I TOLD MY MOM ID CALL HER AT 10"I worried

"I got it Elissia calm down I know she would be really worried if I told her you were in the hospital so I said you were asleep and she said okay call her tomorrow on the way back"Amber said

"Good lets go back to the hotel can I go now"I asked

"About that they called me and asked why our stuff was still in the hotel room and duh we booked it for two days you and taylor hear me say two nights but they said I only said one day and some else booked it fo rthat day and we have to go get our stuff or they will go out it in the lost and found place and all the other rooms are booked and the other hotels are too"Amber explained

"WHAT nooooooooo uhg they cant do that"I said

"well I guess they can and we cant go home cause are moms aren't home they went out of town for the night so I don't know what to do now cause we cant et in our houses"Amber explained

"you guys could stay with us I guess"Ashton proposed

"No Ashton I mean that's nice but ill feel in the way and mean"Isaid

"No please Im sure the boys wont mind right"Ashton looked at them making them say its okay

"well I guess I mean I still feel bad"I said sadly

"Don't be its fine I feel I should do something nice after I kinda make you pass out"Ashton laugh

"Yeah maybe you do and are you and Luke still fighting"I questioned looking at both of them

"No when we came and seen you before you where moved to this room I realized I was jealous and Im fine now"Luke explained

"What made you change your mind so fast"I asked

"I seen hold your hand and start to cry when he seen you cause he felt guilty for you being in here"Luke said smiling and Ashton

"LUKE I told you not to mention it I feel like a baby now"Ashton blushed

"Haha awww Ashton that's so sweet and cute"I said smiling at him causing him to blush more and look down

"awhh someone blushing"Calum said hugging/climbing on his back

"CALUUUM get off"Ashton shouted

"Ashton its fine its adorable you did that"I said giving him a small peak on the cheek as I walked out the door to check out of the hospital

Ashtons p.o.v

I so badly need and want her with me everyday but I cant but as soon as her lips my cheek for a second I knew she was the one I guess is what you could say  but I kinda froze for a second as she walked away

"Ashton you coming"Taylor asked

"what oh yeah sorry"i laughed

"well what now"Elissia asked

"can we go eat"Ashton begged

"I thought you guys ate already"Luke asked

"Well we would have if someone didn't flip your table Luke"Elissia said looking at Luke with a death glare

"oh yeah sorry about that"Luke laughed

"mmmhmm"Elissia sassed

"Ashton where do you want to eat"Michael asked

"PIZZA"Calum yelled

"okay then I guess my mind is made for me"ashton said

"YAY PIZZA"Calum said

everyone looks weird at him

"I act serious about pizza"Calum said trying not to laugh

-back at gusbus- still ashtons p.o.v

"Well I guess me Michael and Calum will sleep on the couches"

"What noooo we will its your beds"elissia argued

"its fine really"Ashton said

"Why don't we just sleep in the same beds like I don't see anything wrong with it I mean we are all friends"Michael pointed out

"ofcourse you say that Michael"Calum said giving him a look

"im just saying"Michael said innocently

"I don't care I mean we are just friends Ashton but I call outside"elissia said

"ok"Ashton said under his breathe saying yeah just....friends but calum seemed to hear it cause he said sorry mate she is just saying that for now

Elissia p.o.v

I woke up to Amber and Taylor awake talking in the living room area but I seen the boys were still asleep and as I went to get up I seen Ashtons arm around me I didn't want to wake him but I wanted to go in there with Amber and Taylor so I whispered his name hoping he would relase me


that didn't work he just brought me closer uhg he is being difficult

I bent my arm down to get the bear I seen Calum had a bear oh his bed I got it and silpped down so I could slide out of his arm and replaces it with Calums bear and he didn't wake as I walked to Amber and Taylor

"oh my god I had the hardest time getting up ashton had his arm around him and I didn't want to wak him so I had to like slide out of his arm"I explained

"haha awh well are you ready to go"Amber asked

"what no I would like to say bye to the guys"I said

Luke was now awake and seen the girls and went in there with them

"Hey"luke said in a tired voice

"hey luke did we wake you"Taylor asked

"oh no the boys are suppose to be up too but they aren't yet"Luke said tiredly

"oh well what are you guys doing today"I asked

"nothing at 10 at night we are leave to go to the next show place just hanging out today I guess"Luke explained

"oh well could we hang out with you guys today until we leave"I asked

"I guess if you can get them out of the bed"Luke joked

"oh well I can try"elissia said running to ashtons bed

His curly hair was a mess and in his face so I swept it away from his face I know he likes me a lot and I like him too but probably not as much I mean he fought Luke for me but I didn't know how to wake him he doesn't seem like a morning person none of the boys did I just sat there looking at him for a bit until I just to decide to kiss him on the cheek to wake him cause I know he just froze last night when I did but I went ahead and kissed him anyways and he woke up with a huge smile on his face I think he is a morning person now

"stop smiling and getup we are all going out today before we have to go

Ashtons p.o.v

I woke up to Elissia kissng my cheek and I must admit that's a really good way to wake up she said we are all hanging out today before we all leave I guess it didn't sink in until now we both have to go our separate ways and I really don't want to but we have to

"do I have to"i asked tiredly

"yessss come on"Elissia begged

She is cute when she begs if that doesn't sound weird

"uhhhgg ok"i groaned

"oh by the way you are a very difficult person to wake up to"elissia saaed

"what do you mean"i questioned

"you're way stronger than me so you like had your arm around me and wouldn't release me I had to slide out"elissia complained

"oh sorry I was wondering why I was cuddling Calums bear when I woke up also"i apologizes

"its okay if we were dating it would be fine but we aren't so yeah"Elissia said

okay what does that mean last night she said we are just friends now she is saying if we were dating she is confusing me

elissias p.o.v

does he not get it yeah last night I said just friends cause we are around everyone but we aren't know I just want to wake up like that all the time Im giving him hints I mean I have kissed him twice what does he not get I also wasn't really thinking about it until now but at 10pm we are separated we have to and im so scared he will just forget about me

Lukes p.o.v

yeah its hard to be around all of them and they are together and well I don't really have anyone but ill have to get over it and we are leaving at 10 and I know they guys will be really upset after they leave cause they wont want to show it in front of them

Michael and Calums p.o.v

Calum:tonight is going to be really hard on all of us being away from not only Taylor but all of them also for 4 months until we get a small holiday then and I really don't want to think about it until tonight

Michael"tonight will be the hardest time of my life I feel the last hug I get to give Amber before im forced to leave her and not see her for 4 months

Taylor and Ambers p.o.v

Taylor:im not wanting the night to come ill really miss all of them I mean yeah we will talk but its not the same as having with me

amber:its going to hurt to leave all of the boys I wish I could just stay with them but I cant and that's what hurts the most but I do see everyone is a bit upset looking but are trying to hide it

-after a day of hanging out it was already 9;30 and the girls were getting there things in the car-

Lukes p.o.v

well its 9:30 and the girls are leaving soon and so are we I went ahead and told elissia bye and ill miss her along with the other igrls I know the boys would want most the time

"hey girlscan you come here for a second"i asked

"yeah luke"taylor said as they all walked over

"well I know the other boys will want to say bye so Ill just say ill miss you all and think about you and talk to you all everyday i can and im sorry i acted the way i did before"i said to the girl

"awh Luke we will miss you too and deff talk all the time and its ok i can see why you felt the way you did"Elissia said as we all went into a group hug with Luke

"well its 9:45"I said sadly

"*sigh yeah"Taylor said

no ones p.o.v

Calum and taylor just looked at each other saying they will talk and miss each other but Calum and Taylor couldn't hold it in anymore they both started to cry and ended in a hug

while they were hugging it began to ran everyone had a hood or jacket exept Elissia so Ashton gave her his hoodie to put on

"I cant Ashton"elissia sadly said

"Don't argue with me right now just put it on"ashton demanded"

And although Mchael managed to keep in his tears Amber didn't she cried the whole time and Michael just rocked her in his arms close to him

Al the guys gave the girls something of theirs so they feel close to them so Michael gave Amber his dog tag necklace

Calum gave Taylor his Teddy bear

Ashton gave Elissia his hoodie

and in that moment the rain got heavier and it was 10 and they were separated









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