Totally Unexpected

Caroline Gilbert has never been a big fan of Justin Bieber but when her friend Bella Forbes convinces her to go with her to a meet and greet with Justin. Justin starts to fall for her because shes not like most girls that always tell him what he wants to hear instead she tells him what he needs to hear. And shes not afraid to tell him which makes it all the more interesting for Justin. But soon she finds that somethings are just TOTALLY UNEXPECTED...


2. The Mall

The next day I got up early just like Bella told because she wanted to buy some new clothes for today. I really didn't see the point in her buying new clothes it's not like he's even gonna notice. I changed my clothes brushed my hair put on my extensions and walked downstairs. I didn't need to shower since I did that last night since I couldn't sleep. I poured myself a bowl of cap'n crunch's crunch berries my favorite cereal of course. After I finished I texted Bella and asked her if she was ready. She told me she was. So I grabbed the keys to my black and pink range rover. Bella was always telling me how much she loved my car. She'd always be like, "Oh My Gosh I just love your car its so nice!" I always rolled my eyes at her because I knew why she liked it. I drove over to her house which was in the next street. I honked and she walked out. "Hey," she said getting in the passenger seat. "Hey." "I gotta be honest I was expecting you not to come." she told me. "Really? Why would you think that?" I asked. "Just because of what you told me." she said. "But its true I just don't get why you need a new outfit. He isn't gonna know its new and besides your only gonna see him for like five seconds I'm sure you could go naked and he wouldn't notice." I told her. She laughed," Your so weird and dumb." "Yeah but you love me anyway." I said smiling at her. I parked the car and we got out. "So what store do you want to go to first?" I asked her. "Well we could go to Forever 21." Bella said. "Alright lets go there first." We walked into the mall and made our way to Forever 21. "There seems to ba a lot of people in the mall today." Bella said. "Yeah there's never this many people at the mall." I said. I noticed that a lot of the girls were wearing Justin Bieber stuff and they seemed to be freaking out about something. We walked into Forever 21 and I crashed into someone. "Hey can you watch where your going?" I said. I looked up and saw.....

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