My Sister's Boyfriend's Best Friend ~A Niall Horan FAn-Fic

Layla Calder is an 18 year young british girl living with her sister and four best friends in Los Angles, California. Her 20 year young sister Eleanor is dating Louis Tomlinson of One Direction which is ironic because both Ele and her are total directioners. she loves Niall. A Lot. So what will happen considering Niall develops eyes for Layla too. Read on in My Sister's Boyfriend's Best friend ~ A Niall Horan Fanfic~


8. sorry

      Hey guys it's Lexie :) 

 I am so sorry but I won't  be continuing with this story anymore. I've been writing a lot outside of the internet and going back, it just doesn't feel like my book anymore. I will be restarting my other book on this account though, and I have a lot of plans for that one. I'm sorry again but go check out my other story: When You Said "Forever"


Lexie <3

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