One Direction Imagines :)

My first Movella!!! Imagines about the 5 beautiful boys ;)


5. Thank You Mama

Delaney's POV


After a few hours of talking, Liam left with Alesia, Savannah left with Niall, and Harry and I went back to the hotel. "Want to watch a movie Delaney?" "Yeah sure." Oh God I hope he doesn't pick a scary movie. He put the movie in and I go make some popcorn. I come back and the menu screen is up. Oh great. Mama. "Is this ok love?" "Oh uh yeah that works." No it doesn't! I am going to have nightmares for weeks! We lay down on my bed and Harry holds my hand. When the "Mama" thing comes up I squeeze his hand and hide my face in his shoulder. "You're scared aren't you?" "Yeah. I don't really like scary movies." Harry lets go of my hand and pulls me closer. I feel like I am on cloud 9 when he holds me. I never want this night to end. Harry wraps his strong arms around me tighter when I turn my head. I started to whimper. "Aww Delaney! It'll be alright. I'm here" Hearing his raspy voice made me melt. He moved my face towards his and started to kiss me. He kept biting my lips making my them separate. He then stuck his tongue in my mouth. Now I really don't want this night to end! The kiss became a lot deeper. He started to unbutton his jeans. Is this really happening? I am going all the way with Harry Styles? "Harry I've...never...done this...before." I managed to get out between kisses. "If you want me to slow down I can." "Actually, I kind of like the speed we are at." He smirked. "Ok then. Where were we?" I giggled. "What's so funny?" "Your smile is sexy." "A sexy comment from a sexy girl." I blushed like crazy and tried to hide my face. Harry moved my hands and they instantly went around his neck. The intensity was rising again. I wrapped my legs around Harry's torso and he rolled on his back. I felt something grow underneath me. "This is what you do to me love." "Want to stay here tonight?" "I'd love to." A smile crept through on Harry's mouth. God he is so adorable. I was nervous as Harry started to unbutton my shorts. "H-Harry, I don't know if I can do this." "It's alright. Maybe some other time. It will be your first time. I understand. It needs to be special." As if this isn't already?! "This is what I love about you Harry. You think about other people before yourself." After that I heard Harry start to snore. I whisper as quietly as I could "Best. Night. Ever." Harry is still slightly awake and hears me. "Thank you Mama." All I could do giggle and snuggle up with Harry. Before I knew it, we were both asleep.

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