One Direction Imagines :)

My first Movella!!! Imagines about the 5 beautiful boys ;)


8. I knew that would come in handy someday.

As I was laying on the bed with Harry on top of me, he started to hum Ed Sheeran's Kiss Me as he kissed my neck. I immediately felt pure joy as he did this. "Delaney have you seen one before?" "Uhh yeah. My ex always sexted me. I never sent one back because I wasn't comfortable with my body." "Well how do you feel right now? If you're to exposed I can stop." "Sense I joined cheerleading and lost all of this weight I am fine now." "Good" He started to go lower and kissed down my newly found abs. "Wanna help me with something?" I looked at Harry who was motioning to his boxers. I had never seen one in person. This is exciting. I wanted to do something different. I grabbed the waistband with my teeth and pulled them down. "No girl has ever done that before. I mean I have only had a few girls but never like you." I didn't know whether to take that as a compliment or not. I shrugged it off and continued. "Want to see a trick Harry?" "Sure. Will this?" I noticed he was looking at his dick that was as hard as could be." "It might might make it worse actually." I pushed Harry down on his back and stood over him and landed in the splits. "Oh my God. That really made it worse." I saw that he was craving me. I had been told to start slow and gradually speed up. I went down on him and started to suck. This was weird. I never imagined loosing my virginity to Harry Styles. He started to moan and groan. I guess loud enough for Alesia and Liam to hear. I heard my phone buzz and Harry looked at it. "It's from Alesia. She said 'are you actually doing it? We can hear him moaning over here!' What do you want me to say?" Nothing just leave it. I stopped sucking and sat on top of him. "Delaney are you sure you want to do this?" "Might as well do it now than wait." "Ok. Let me know when you want me to stop. I know it will hurt at first." I felt him enter me and man oh man did it hurt. Harry saw me kringe and pulled out. "Are you sure you're ok?" "Yeah just keep going." He went slow this time letting me adjust. The pain was still there but it was masked by pleasure. I was about to reach my climax. "Harry I-I'm gonna..." "Hold it baby. Let's hit it together!" I held on as long as I could. Harry hit his when I hit mine. I didn't want to stop so I got off and cleaned him up. His breathing started to level out so I got the idea of the drop split. "Hey Harry, guess what?" "Wha.." I didn't even give him the time to respond. I knew that would come in handy someday. I started to lift my body up and down on his dick. Surprisingly it was more comfortable then laying on top of him. I eventually had to stop because my hip started to cramp up. We layed there for a few minutes before I wrapped the towel back around me, grabbed my razor and got back in the shower. I heard Harry came in yet again and he got in the shower with me and he started to give me a massage. I was exhausted and finished my shower.

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