one love

Maggie Ann is 16 years old dreaming on a wishing star that one wish changed everything and her life forever !!!!! this might be long


2. the wish

that afternoon I walked home with my best friend Sarah when we got home my mom was cleaing we did our homework then it got dark my mom walked in then she said Sarah time to go she said just a few more munites isaid no !! she yelled at me I stared to cry cause she never has yelled at me before . as they left I walked to my balcony and wachted the stars there was a shooting one I wished that my mom would die then I got up and went to bed .  the next day I woke up late so I got up and got dressed it was werid my mom usally wakes me up I went down staries no sighn of my parents so I ran to school . I walked in first hour late Mrs.Hoarn yes mam I said I walked to my desk and thought about my mom while my teacher taught about our history test next year in third hour was lunch I played on my phone at lunch and saw pics of my mom then the bell to 4th our 1 more hour of school ring ring ring time to go home on Fridays I ride the bus I got on the bus I am the last person to get off I have to put up all the windows when I did I saw a car crash into another car it looked like my moms car when my bus driver dropped me off he said have a great summer I said you to you to I walked into my house my I dropped my bag on the ground and yelled mom then I went to the garage her car was gone then I rembered the car on the street I grabed my phone and ran as fast as I could knowing my mom was dead I saw the car and yelled mom there was smoke everywhere then I looked in her car it was smashed I saw her not breathing I pulled up the smash car the grabed my ohne and called 911 they said 911 whats your emergency yes yes my mom was in a car accendint I need help now she said it will be ok ambulance are on the way the hung up I called my dad he said he was on hes way then the ambulance took my mom in a carrier I went to  I stared to cry my dad was behind us when we got ot the hostpital they took her strate to the emergency room i stared to ball my eyes out my dad hugged me nad stared to cry to i hugged him as tight as i can i know my dad is a pop star but a fan was there and hugged me i felt so special but my mom could be dead .

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