A harry styles fanfic (inspired of the secret circle).cassandra is new in town what will she do when she'll discover that she's a witch and she's a part of a circle with other young witches? will faith decide her relationship with harry who4a part of the circle as well? and will they fight for their love?will the members of the circle keep their powers in the end? this is OUR LOVE WILL LAST FOREVER


1. new in town

cassandra's POV

i woke up to the sound of my grandma's sweet voice

grandma:cassandra!! cassie wake up you have school today!! c'mon you'll be late!!

me:fine i'm! i'm up!

grate!!!i'm new in this town and this is my first day at school! i hate my day already!!i took a shower and wore my clothes!! simple but cool!!

i ate an apple and steped in my car to school.

when i arrived i saw some guys standing in a circle watching some fight i looked closer to see a curly haired guy beating the shit out of another guy with blond hair and green eyes .So i asked a girl next to me

me:who's that?

girl:oh the one with curly hair is harry and the other is james they're both popular and hate each other and nobody knows why!!!ow i'm elena by the way

me:am cassandra but you can call me cassie!i'm new here!

suddenly another guy came with chocolate eyes  dark hair and tan skin.

me:and that?

elena:that's zayn harry 's friend

zayn: wth are you doing harry it's your first day and you're already fighting

harry:this manwhore fucked my girlfriend and enjoyed it!!

zayn:you never loved her anyway!!just leave the man!!

harry:yeah but she was mine now she better escape when she'll see my face

harry stood up and joined zayn but when james stood up harry came to him and kicked him in the balls

harry:now we can leave!!

i watched as he left not caring about anything.

the bell rang so i put my books in my locker and went to my first period maths but when i was there i remembered my maths book.oh how much i hate maths.in my way in bumped into someone so looked up to meet a pair of green beautiful eyes 

harry:i'm sorry!

me:no probleme

harry: may i ask about the reason why you're not in your class

me:first of all i'm cassandra and second i need to get my maths book from my loker

harry: i'm harry so you have maths too can i walk you to your class cassandra 

me:after i get my book sure why not !

he walked me to my loker in silence and then we walked to our maths class i found everyone already in their seats.and the teacher looking at me like am a wild animal 

teacher:can i know why you're late for your first class in the first day?

harry:well cassandra wanted to get her book and because am a gentleman i proposed to walk her to class and to be honest with you  i was thinking about ditching so i won't suffer for two hours in this room (smirking)

teacher:ooh guess what mr styles and ms ..... umm

me: cassandra blakwill

i saw some people with wide eyes after hearing my last name what's wrong with them??

 teacher:well ms blakwill you have both detention after class .

harry: but we weren't late for that long ...

me: yeah it's only 5 minutes

teacher:you have detention end of conversation

me: dick!!

teacher:want to say something ms blakwill?

me:yeah....... I WANT TO SAY..

harry:that she's sorry for coming late now if you excuse us we want to sit to start this bloody day!!!

teacher:go on next time you better watch your mouths 

me:yeah yeah like we care

guys what do you think about the first chapter should i continue i'll start writing the second chapter right now so please tell what do you think about the story .and send me pictures and the name of the actor or singer that you play james in the story please am waiting

love, Abir xxxxx




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