Meet Your Match *Not Famous*

I walked into the door of my house. It was the last day of grade 8. As soon as i walked in i smelt the stench of smoke, alcohol, and weed. My mom was home. I dropped my bag and walked quietly to my room, hoping she wouldn't hear me, but i stepped on the wrong floor board, and it squeaked. "Rain! Are you home!?" I heard my mother say. "Yeah it;s me Stacey! But im really tired... just heading to bed!" I said. quickly making my way to my room, and locking the door. Stacey quickly came after me,pounding on the door. "YOU OPEN THIS DOOR YOU UNGRATEFUL, SELFISH, BITCH!" she shouted, while pounding and pounding at the door. "YOUR FATHER WAS SMART TO LEAVE WHEN HE COULD!NOW HE DOESN'T HAVE TO KNOW HOW MUCH OF A DISGRACE YOU ARE TO HIM! YOU ARE UGLY, AND USELESS!" I began thinking about those things that she had said to me, threw my door. Where they true?How come she doesn't love me like other mothers do?How could my father leave me with a woman like this... I eventually cried my self to sleep.


10. Comfort

Rain's POV

After i told Simon....that...that i killed her, he was silent. He seems to be silent alot when it comes to me. I started to cry again. My body convulsing with each sob. Suddenly the room got cold and my teeth started to chatter. All of a sudden I saw them holing Tatiana's body out of the room, and Harry wrapped his arm around me as i began sobbing into his shoulder. Simon led us out of the house and to limo waiting outside. When we got inside, i closed my eyes and rested my head on Harry's chest crying my self to sleep.


Harry's POV

Rain is so upset about Tatiana, and i dont know what to say to comfort her.... I think my presence is enough. She fell asleep in the car, and Simon began to talk to me

Simon: Is she asleep?

Harry: Yes...

Simon: Listen Harry, this really hard for her i understand, but all these traumatic things that are happening to her can help her career. I know you know what i mean....

I did know what he meant. He wanted me to coax her into writing a song. I know hes right. Her emotion that she poors into songs is wonderful for her career. 

Harry: Ill try it.. but i dont know if i can get her to do it right away.

Simon nodded. The car came to a stop and i picked Rain up carring her into our hotel room. 

I set her down on our bed and i took her dress off and her shoes and tucked her under the covers but for some reason i couldnt fall asleep so i went into the little living room/kitchen to get my mind off of the things. My phone vibrated in my pocket and i pulled it out. A text from Simon.

To: Harry,Rain

Hey, i know theres alot going on right now, but i showed a few people Rain's album and love it, so she's going public tomorrow and is going to need to stay close to the studio..... I guess what im saying is that you are gonna have to move here to L.A. There's a highschool that has all the class's online so you can finish up your last year online. 


I sighed and then looked up at the tv. 


In late breaking news, 2 people 1 male and 1 female were rescued from an abandoned shack in the county. The kidnappers 1 male and 1 female, the female being confirmed dead and the male in intensive care. The rest of the information will be shared right after this.


I shut off the t.v and looked over to see Rain standing there in one of my shirts. She walked over and sat beside me on the couch so i put my arm around her. "Everything's going to be okay.." i whispered to her. "Everything happens for a reason." She said then looked at me and i could see the hurt in her eyes, and her trying to strength. "So i have good news... and bad news.."I said whispering the last part. She looked at me hopeful. "Simon played your album for some people and they love it. It's going public tomorrow!" She jumped up and screeched. I got up and hugged her. She pulled away. "Whats the bad news?" she muttered. "Simon said that we are going to have to stay close to the studio....." I told her, looking at her face which was a mixture between excitement and sadness. "What about our class'?" she asked and i answered. "Simon said there's and online school, so we can take our class' from here." 


Rain's POV

I screeched again and hugged Harry again. I knew he was looking for me to be upset about this and i have to admit i am, but i am trying to show him that im not. I couldn't help but show my disappointment, so i hid my face in his chest. He leaned down and kissed me gently on my lips and i smile against them. I head off to our room to go and call Ell. 

Ell: *sobs*

Me: Ell what happened.


Me: Ell you're going to have to try and tell me what happened so i can help you... so i can comfort you.

I heard her take a deep breath. 

Ell: I didn't know how to tell you.... My moms got cancer and the doctor said shes got 2 days left. 


She began to cry again. I took a deep breath. "Donna was like a mother to me too. I basically call her mother. How could this of happen'd so quickly.. I have only been gone 2-3 days.. "I thought.


Me: Ell when did you find this out? 

Eleanor: A few weeks before you left, i just didnt want to tell you. She didn't want me to tell you.

Me: Im coming home.... 

Eleanor: Thank you..


I walked out into the living room area, and just gave Harry a look... a look saying im sad, im depressed, why now, i can't take anymore. The look was enough to make Harry get up and ask me. "Donna's in the hospital, she only has 2 days, and i need to be there." I went back to our bedroom to pack our stuff. I shouted for Harry to text Simon and tell him and ready a jet for us to fly back in 20. 


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