Staying With The Enemy (Sequel to SWTE)

***NOT MY STORY ALL RIGHT GOES TO BRITISHBUMS*** Jane and Harry had a past, and they let that stay in the past. Now, they're pretty much happy with themselves, they have a three year old little girl, and they're still as teasing as ever. What happens if the tables turn over to Jane this time? They promised to never make that mistake again.. But will temptation be their enemy this time?


1. Chapter 1

This is happening when they're both like 24, just so you know! So
this isn't in 2013! (:


Staying With The Enemy

Chapter 1:

-Jane's POV-


I yawned, as I was brushing my teeth. If that was even possible.

Widening my eyes slightly in the mirror, I leaned on the sink.

It was a nice and peaceful Tuesday night, about 1 in the morning now.
Darcey was asleep, and now Harry was---

Jumping slightly, I feel arms wrap around my waist slowly. The tattoos
over the arms explain to me that it's Harry.

My face stayed expressionless as I leaned my head on his chest from
behind me.

"Tired?" He murmered through my hair, his warmth immediately radiating.

"Yup." He makes me yawn again. Spitting the toothpaste out, I rinse my
mouth quickly before putting my toothbrush down.

"You're shirtless." I confirmed, my hand brushing his hard stomach.

"Why, you wanna get some?" He asks in a completely natural way as I laughed.

"No, I do not wanna get some. I wanna get some sleep." I patted his
shoulder, before twirling around.

Harry traps me, his tall figure towering me.

He leans in slowly, but seriously I was so sleepy. All I give him is a
peck on the cheek before ducking and jogging over to the huge and comfy bed.

"You're sneaky babe!" I hear him call, making me chuckle softly. I
cuddled into my pillows, my legs hugging onto the cool covers.

All I hear is the tap running on in the bathroom before I slowly started
to drift off to sleep.


The bed slowly dips, another body, (Harry), slipping in.

I stirred slightly, about to turn around the opposite way. Instead,
Harry pulls me into his arms, making me have no choice but to fall right
on top of him.

My arms mindlessly wrap around him, my fingers ravelling into his curls
playfully. I tug at them, making him lowly laugh.

"So I thought you were asleep." He whispered.

"Well you woke me up." I muttered, smiling slightly.

Our legs tangled with each other, making me completely satisfied that
the warmth had grown.

Taking in his amazing scent, I leave a trail of kisses onto his chest.

I feel him tense under me, as he groaned. "You know what, come here." He
abruptly lifts me, as I straddled his waist with my legs.

I lean in this time, as his lips meet mine hungrily. Nothing has
changed. Nothing will ever change, I don't think.

We've been married for almost a year now, and I'm 24. I'm so old! Wow,
time passes by really fast. It feels like the day when Harry broke out
the truth to me in the airport was just yesterday. It feels like being
enemies with him was just yesterday.

We both pull away breathless, me nearly panting. I fall back right next
to him, facing him. He smiles, slowly picking up my left hand.

Harry plays with the diamond ring on my ring finger, spinning it slowly.
I smiled as well, his humming just soothing me.

"You know that you were meant to wear this ring?" He tells me, brushing
the hair out of my face and putting it behind me ear.

"You were meant to sleep next to me, each and every night. He continues,
his hand brushing my cheek gently. My eyes stared right into his, not

"You were meant to be here. With me." He whispered, his breath purposely
tickling my face.

My heart fluttered once again, the smile never leaving my face.

Knowing that these words were going to cheesy town, I just leaned in,
pecking him softly on the lips.

"Night Harold.''

He just smirked. "Dream of me."

I chuckled, cuddling closer into him.


"You know that I always do.''

The sequel! yayy! I will update more tomorrow :D

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