Stand Up |Andy Biersack|

Elizabeth ( Lizzie for short) never had just the average life. Constantly fighting with her mother, trying as hard as she could not to fall in her footsteps like her older sister Alexis did. But each day that dream seemed to become more and more impossible. Then, she discovered a band, not just any band though, Black Veil Brides. They were the ones who made everything she wished for happen. She only wished that one day she could meet them...


7. I Told You It Wasn't Goodbye

Lizzie's PoV   The next 2 days went by quicker than everyone wanted them to. Soon enough we were all standing in front of the Black Veil Brides tour bus saying our goodbyes.    "I'm going to miss you two so much." Sammi said through tears, hugging Leah and I. "Now I have to deal with these five by myself." We laughed.    "We can call and text." Leah told her pulling away.    "Just because we aren't going to see each other for a while doesn't mean we won't still be best friends." I said fighting tears. Sammi nodded and went off towards Jinxx. Jake walked up to us.    "I'm going to miss that pizza your sisters friend makes." He joked.    "Now you have a reason to come back." I said hugging him.    "And bring Ella. We need to meet her." Leah said to him. He laughed and hugged her.    "I'll be sure to do that." He walked away and climbed onto the bus. CC and Jinxx came over to us.    "You know Sammi is a mess right now. I blame you two." Jinxx said.    "Wow, feeling the love Jinxx." Leah said sarcastically before pulling him into a hug.    "Definitely going to miss you both." CC said as he pulled me into a hug.    "I'm going to miss you too. You have no idea." I said to him.   "We'll have to meet up again. Maybe fly you guys out to California." Jinxx said. "Especially since I don't know how Sammi, Ash, and Andy will survive."    "They'll live." I said smiling. We all hugged and they walked away getting on the bus.    We hadn't said goodbye to Ashley or Andy yet and I was already in tears. I wiped them away as Ashley came up.    "You know outlaws aren't supposed to cry." He said to us. Leah laughed.    "Maybe you should rethink that tattoo on your stomach then." She joked hugging him.    "She has a point. Maybe you aren't as badass as you make everyone think." I told him.    "This is why you and Leah are my favorite Purdy girls." He smiled. "Before I forget," he started pulling something out of his pocket and holding them out to us.  They were bracelets with guitar picks on them that said 'Outlaw', but they were both different. Leah's had rhinestones on the bracelet chain part while mind had skulls.    "I love it. Thanks Ash." I said hugging him. I pulled away and put it on.    Leah was just staring at it. I coughed awkwardly.    "Yeah... I'll just leave you two alone." I said and walked over to Andy. "Hey." I said when I reached him. He was smoking which wasn't much of a surprise.    "Weren't you saying goodbye to Ashley?" He asked. I nodded.    "Yeah, but I think he and Leah needed some time alone." I said. "I wasn't going to be in the middle of that sexual tension." He laughed.    "I'm going to miss you." Andy said after a few moments of silence. I held my hand out for the cigarette.  He looked at me confused. "You smoke?"    "Nope." I said bringing it to my lips and handing it back to him. I was surprised I didn't start coughing.    "You're so strange I hope you know that." He said smiling.    "Obviously." We were quiet again. "I'll miss you too just so you know." I said suddenly. He pulled me into a hug.    "You'll come see more shows right?" He asked, I hesitated, "I'll make sure you'll be able to get in don't worry. Plus you're coming to the last show on warped no matter what. You have to meet Juliet." He said leaning against the bus.   "I'll be there. Even though I'll have to go out of my way to book a plane ticket. The things I do for you guys." I complained. He laughed.    "Andy come on. We have to leave soon." Jake called from the door of the bus.    "Give me a minute." Andy yelled turning back to me. "This isn't goodbye. This is see you soon." He told me.    "You know it." I said trying not to sound disappointed.    "What's wrong?" Andy asked. I sighed. Of course he noticed.    "It's just that everything was finally working itself out. I finally escaped my mothers mental abuse, and am starting to move on with my life. It's all thanks to you, Sammi and the rest of the band. Now it's coming to an end, and I don't want it to." I explained.    "Lizzie. This isn't the end. I promise." He said to me. I sighed again. He was a rock star, he'd probably forget about everything that happened these last three days.    "I know. It just sucks." I told him. He pulled me into a hug.    "I know." He said as Jake yelled his name again. "I gotta go. Don't forget that I still want to read something you wrote. Text something to me." He said pulling away. "Tell Leah I said bye." I nodded and he walked onto the bus.  I walked back over to where Leah was and we watched the bus drive off.    "So that's it." I said when we couldn't see the bus anymore.    "That's it." She confirmed. She sounded as sad as I did.    "Let's go home. You have to drive though." I said holding up my wrist. She laughed and grabbed my hand.    "Come on you cripple." She laughed dragging me to the car. "We're stopping at the store to get something to eat. Then I have to sleep because I have classes in the morning." She told me and we drove to the store.    My phone vibrated in my pocket as we were checking out.    From Andy   I almost forgot. We all left stuff for you and Leah. Check behind the couch for yours and ash said he put Leah's in her bedroom.    I smiled. And replied that we would open them when we got home.    Leah drove a little over the speed limit on the way home. We were both pretty excited to see what they had left for us. We practically ran inside when we arrived.    Sure enough there was a shoebox with my name on it behind the couch. I opened it and wanted to scream at the contents.    Sammi had given me a bunch of pictures that we had taken the past three days.    Jinxx and Jake had left me some guitar picks and a bunch of numbers on where I could get a guitar for free.    CC had put the first season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on DVD in the box with a note saying that we'd watch it together since it was one of my favorite shows and he had never seen it.    Ashley had left a note saying to check in my wardrobe for some stuff from him. Which included a leather jacket and a purdy girl shirt.    Andy only left me a note, but it led me on a treasure hunt around the apartment.    The first not had simply said to check the refrigerator. I got up off the floor and went into the kitchen and sure enough there was a note under a college magnet.    'Now look under the couch' I groaned and did what it said.    'Okay you're probably getting annoyed now so this is the last one. Go to our favorite spot.' I sighed and put on the jacket Ashley had given me and walked outside to the big tree, I climbed up a few branches and found a bag hanging off of a branch. I grabbed it and climbed down.    I opened it as I sat on the ground, taking the stapled note off the outside of the bag and reading it.    Lizzie, I know what you were probably thinking when we said goodbye. But let me tell you that your 100% wrong.  1.) we will see each other again.  2.) I'm not just going to forget about you.  3.) you probably think that I'm saying those things just to comfort you, so I have you some stuff to prove it to you.    Call me and tell me if you believe me now.    -Andy   I opened the bag and smiled at what I saw. Andy had left me his batman shirt. He always said how much he love it. I smiled and laughed taking it out. There was one thing underneath it. Two tickets and a note.    We all pitched in. You and Leah are coming to spend the last few shows with us next month   I could have screamed. I took out my phone and called Andy.    "Hello?" He answered.    "No fucking way." I said to him.   "Ah, you found the bag. I hope you know in expecting that shirt back." He told me seriously.    "Don't worry. You'll get it. Especially since I'm seeing you in a little less than a month." I said smiling.    "So you liked it?" He asked.    "No I hated it." I said sarcastically. He was quiet for a minute. "No you idiot. I loved it. You have no idea how happy I am right now." I exclaimed. He chuckled.    "I can only imagine. You tell Leah yet?"    "No I'm sitting under the tree since I called you immediately. Plus she is probably asleep since she has classes tomorrow." I explained.    "Ashley wants me to tell you to tell her to call him when she can. And that you better wear the short he gave you to bed." He said. I laughed.    "Will do. And tell everyone I say thanks for everything."    "I will. So what do you plan on doing now? Since you aren't living with your mom. And Leah has school." He asked me.    "I don't know. I'll probably just hang around. I'll figure something out. But until then I'm just going to sit on my ass and do nothing." I sighed. "Wow, my life is pathetic."   "You could get a job you know. Like waitressing. Maybe, you might be able to get a job with one of those music stores that Jinxx and Jake have you numbers to." He told me and I scrunched my nose.    "It'd be a lot easier if I didn't live in this town. You've been here. There's nothing around. You have to drive an hour to get anywhere." I said.    "Then leave. You're an adult, basically you can do anything you want." He told me.    "I can't drink. Legally at least." I said and he laughed.    "You know that's not what I meant."    "I know." I sighed. "If only it were as easy as leaving."    "You'll figure something out. I'll be here to help you out along the way. But now I have to go. I'll text you in the morning. Night Lizzie."   "Night Andy." I said and hung up. I put the tickets in the bag and grabbed Andy's shirt out of my lap and walked back inside. I checked Leah's room. She was asleep.    I sighed and laid down on the couch. I texted everyone thanks then shut my phone off. It was going to be a long month.   
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