Stand Up |Andy Biersack|

Elizabeth ( Lizzie for short) never had just the average life. Constantly fighting with her mother, trying as hard as she could not to fall in her footsteps like her older sister Alexis did. But each day that dream seemed to become more and more impossible. Then, she discovered a band, not just any band though, Black Veil Brides. They were the ones who made everything she wished for happen. She only wished that one day she could meet them...


9. Authors Note

I put the important stuff in BOLD fyi.

So I promised myself I wasn't going to do any authors notes cause ya know, they're annoying. Sorry if you thought this was an update.
But I felt the need to keep you updated with whats going on, We're 44 pages into the story, and I have caught a case of  Writers Block.
I know whats going to happen when Lizzie and Leah go on Warped, but I don't know whether to write what happens in the two weeks before or just to do a time skip which would make the story shorter.
But then again, if I do the stuff that happens during the two weeks I have no idea what to write...

If you have any ideas tell me in the comments. It'd really help. 

So yeah, we'll see what happens, I probably won't update until I get this figured out, 2 or 3 days at the most. But still, -Angie

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