Taken, Yet Gone

"NIALL!!!!!!!!!" she screams

"Beard! Six feet! Tattoo, right hand! Moon and Star! i hear her yell in to the phone

" I don't know who you are. I don't what you want. If you are looking for ransom... I can tell you. I don't have any money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills- Skills I have acquired over a very long career... Skills that make me a nightmare to people like you. If you let her go now, I will not look for you. I will not purse you. But if you don't... I will look for you...I will find you...and I will kill you" i say to the man that it took her

"Good Luck" then the line went died


5. Paris Part 1


             Liz's P.O.V


As i wake up i feel a pair of arms around me. i turn around to find me and Niall cuddling. I could stay like this forever. I hear my phone vibrating on the table next to me. I pick it up and looked at the time. It read 10:27. I hit the answer button on my phone and said hello.

~Phone call (L=Liz M=Manger)~

L- Hello

M- Liz i have some news for you!

L- Ok what is it?

M- You are going to Paris for and interview before you tour so you have to leave tomorrow.

L-TOMORROW!! ( She whispered yelled )

M- Yes tomorrow.

L- Lexi i haven't even started packing yet and i am leaving two days early you know that!

M- Yes i know that and well you better start packing cuz i just bought your ticket. You leave at 9:30 to go to Paris.

L- Ok I'm going to go and start packing ok

M- Ok, bye

~End of phone call ( Liz manger's name is Lexi )

I can't believe I'm going to Paris and can only stay for 1 day. I looked over at Niall to see if i woke him and i didn't, thank god ! I turned around and started to stare at him. He is simply beautiful. He started moving a little and then he woke up. I think he saw me staring at him cuz he looked over and chuckled a little. I looked down embarrassed. He took his hand under my chin and lifted it up so i was looking him in the eyes.

"I saw you staring at me."

"Yeah i got off the phone with my manger and said i leave tomorrow" i looked down ready to cry. Niall came closer and pulled me into a hug. I layed my head on his bare chest. He pulled away and looked at me. He moved in closer and kissed me. I'm going to miss this everyday. Waking up to Niall everyday and getting kisses from him. 

"How long are you gone for ?"
"2 months "

"O baby that's not long at all."
"It isn't ?"
"No, if you think that is long wait to i have to go on tour. I'm gone for at least  6-8 months"

"OMG no please don't leave me for that long." i said almost ready to cry. I can't imagine 6 months with out Niall.

"Babe don't cry what time to do you have to leave tomorrow?"
"i have to board the plain at 9:30. And i have to go home soon cuz i have to start packing."

"Babe do you want me to come over with you and help you pack?"
"OMG yes. Yes Niall we can spend the day together and you get me to try Nandos."

"Ok, yeah I'm coming over cuz you do need to try Nandos!"



I really don;t want to leave. I mean I've always dreamed of this moment but, i never really thought it would happen. Niall throws underwear on my head  and i scream at him 

" NIALL!!!!!! YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT!"  i said while laughing

"COME AND GET ME BABY!" he said while running down the hall and into my bedroom. See i was in the kitchen getting something to drink. I run into the room and find him in my closet. I run up to him and he turns me around and pushes me up against the wall. He starts kissing me and things started to get heated. 

"Niall i don't think we should. I mean I still have to pack a little more babe."

"Babe its like past 12 you need a brake and i can pack your stuff for you and you tell me what you need. Come on for me?"

"Ok, fine"

He smiled and we started kissing again. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist and he walked over to my bed. he layed me down and started kissing me again. I could feel him pulling at the hem of my shirt and he looked at me  and i just nodded. As he started kissing my neck i looked over at the floor where all of our cloths were and i told Niall to go under the blankets. He did and then a night i will never forget happened. It was like 2 am and i looked at Niall and then he got up and grab his cloths and went into the bathroom to change. He came out and i told him i needed bras and underwear. He looked at me then i told them where they were.After about 20 minutes of telling him what i needed i told  him i think i have everything. I told him to come to bed. And he took his shirt and pants off and just slept in his boxers. I'm not ready to leave but i just want to sleep on Niall arms. And i did.


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