Justin or Jason?

Jenny she lives in Stratford and goes to school. One day she meets Justin Bieber(famous), he seems to be THE ONE, but when she least expect it, she meets a bad boy named Jason McCann he's Bieber's step brother. Dun dun dun, read to find out what happens!


4. It's him, it's the new guy!

'shit' i mumbled to myself. he's here. he goes to MY class. but how? whatever. he's hot. i took my normal seat in the middle of the room near the windows. and there was the teacher, ugh, mr. jansen this year too, i hate him. well.. atleast i have Justin ;) should i turn around and look at him? what if he sees me? god, that will be so embarrassing! well lets try. i already sat with my head in my hand, so i pretended that i was rubbing my forehead, and turned my head. DANG he saw me. wait, he looked at me too? what the hell?


Justin's POV

there she was. i heard her name was Jenny, Jenny Mason. she looks fine. and she's in my class just as i hoped! she sat down in the middle near the window. ah, i only wanted to stare at her all the time but i can't. she will see. but, i'm in the back, so if she's gonna check me out or check if i look at her she has to turn around so why not?;) then she turned around looking at me, i just smiled at her, and nodded my head at her. she came back here with a note. 'u should call me sometime handsome ;) xo jenny' and her number.

Then the teacher spoke, anything you wanna share with the class Ms. Mason and Mr. Bieber?


dun dun dun, what happens? will they tell mr jansen? and will Justin call her? sorry it was short i know but i wanted to update for you all, it will be longer tomorrow, after i come back from the beach :)


love you all!

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