Untold Secrets

Have you ever kept a secret so big, if you told your life will change forever? Well I have a really big secret that only 5 lads, their family, and I know. If i tell anyone my secret I'm afraid they will turn against me and just use me. Well i have two secrets and it's hard because I'm pretty much living a double life...


1. Life


Melanni Mendez a.k.a Makayla

Louis Tomlinson

 Harry Styles

Zayn Malik

Niall Horan 

Liam Payne

Lottie Tomlinson

Tomlinson Family

Eleanor Calder

Perrie Edwards

                                                                  Chapter 1

Melanni's Pov:

Well I was born in Doncaster, but I left about 3 years ago. Right now I am packing my bags because I am going back to Doncaster to visit my great friend Louis Tomlinson he is now 18 years young and says he has "BIG" news for me. Well I forgot to say Louis's mum and my mum are great friends. Louis was there the day my mum gave birth to me that is how I know him so well.

"Melanni come on we have to get you to the airport!" my mum shouts at the top of her lungs.

"Okay mum I'm coming!" I reply while running down the stair with my luggage.

"Okay get your lazy bum in the car love we can't keep the plane waiting." my mum says in a lower tone. Suddenly I felt nervous and stopped walking.

"What's wrong babe?" my mum asked me sounding concerned.

"Mum what if Louis hates me for leaving? He's my best friend and I never wanted to hurt him but I had to.... How am I going to tell him my secret?" I asked worried.

"Babe you tried out for Xfactor 1 year ago and have a album and already sold out your first tour babe." She says trying to make me better.

"But mum I tried out for Xfactor with a wig on because I want to be a normal person, my manager still doesn't know Melanni she knows 'Makayla'.... Louis is my bestfriend he's now 18 years young and I'm only 14 1/2 years young don't you think he will hate me for not telling him my BIGGEST secret we tell each other everything he's like my brother." I say scared of losing him.

"Yeah love but when you tell him he will understand." she reassures me

"Thanks mum okay I'm ready lets go." I say happily. Now on our way to the airport.

Louis's Pov:

12 hours later*

"Come on mum Melanni just called she is at the airport!" I shout excited to see my friend again. But I'm worried because she doesn't know I tried out for the UK Xfactor and I have to leave tomorrow. Now we are on our way to the airport to pick her up YAY!! I can't wait.

Melanni's Pov:

*phones vibrating* I look at the screen and see Simon's Caller I.D

M: Hello?

S: Hi Makayla I know you are in England and I need to ask you a favor.

M: Sure anything.

S: I need you to be our opening act tomorrow night on the UK Xfactor it down to the final 3

M: There's a UK Xfactor now?

S: Yes so can you do it?

M: Of course 

S: oh and there's a band that are in the finals and they're One Direction they will show you around

M: Okay thanks Simon i'll see you tomorrow night

S: bye.





Authors note: Hey this is my first one tell me what you think and if i should post more thank you for reading p.s this story isnt over yet i just want to know what you guys think and ill update more of the story bye 


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