To Young To Love?

Melanie is a directioner and she goes to the boys concert and she has meet and greets! what happenes when one of the boys falls in love with her?!? you would think thats good right! well it would be theres just one problem....its illegal because Melanie is only 13.

hope you like it guys!


3. my prince

Melanies pov*

"Niall theres one only 13" i was so worried to see his expression so i just looked down at the grass and started playing with it. niall lifted my chin with his finger and i was caught by those bright blue orbs. he said "Mel age is just a number. you are perfect to me and being 13 isnt going to change any of that. we will make this work. but first you just have to say yes or Mel will you do me the honor of being my princess?" i just smiled and tackled him into a bone crushing hug. he laughed and hugged me back and said "so is that a yes?" i smiled wide and nodded. he kissed my forehead and i giggled. i stoped and had a straigt face. he looked at me confused and asked "whats wrong, love?" i looked at him and said "i never ever!" he laughed and cheekly said "your cute when you should do it more often" and then winked. i playfully hit his chest and whined "nialllll im hungryyyyyy!" he smiled and said "my kinda girl. he picked up the picnic basket and pulled out the items inside. there was sandwiches and other sides. we just finished eating "Mel its getting late we should get back" he said while standing up and taking my hand. i was really tired and niall could tell. he picked me up bridial style and he said into my ear "i can tell your tired princess go to sleep." before i could argue i feel asleep in the arms of my loving boyfriend.



Hello loves! im sooo sorry i havent updated! i will try to update more often! sorry for the short chapter im going to update a longer one later today!(:

~Gabby(: <3

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