The WildCat

Kepi is an 18 year old college student. No one would deny that she is a little crazy, stubborn, feisty, and has a lot of imagination, but even she couldn't believe it. At least not at first. Apparently, she was a descendent of the Egyptian lion-warrior goddess Sekhmet. And her time has come. Of course, with great power comes great enemies. So Kepi will just have to suck it up and let Hot Were-Cat-God Dude help her before she gets killed.


4. Drama, Drama, Drama

''A word is dead

When it is said,

Some say.

I say it just

Begins to live

That day.''

-Emily Dickinson


Last night (or early morning) I was so tired that I only brushed my teeth and then fell face first in my bed. You would've thought that after all that, it'd be impossible to go to sleep with all the thoughts running around in my mind. But no, infact, I was so deep in sleep and the events of last night seemed so bizarre, that when my alarm went off in the morning I elegantly fell off my bed and hit my back on the hard-wood floor.

''Ow!'' I said. This was so not a good start to the day. With my new-found sense of smell and hearing, I could smell the fresh breakfast baking in the kitchen and the soft sound of a melody Molly was humming. Cursing the genius who put 'alarm' as the default ringtone in my alarm clock and then making the settings so complicated that no one could change it to something less heart-attacky, I got up from the floor and shuffled into the kitchen. I slid onto a barstool and mumbled a half-hearted good morning to Molly. Her back was turned to me as she made toast, and she happily turned around at my voice.

''Morning,'' she quickly said with a face-cracking smile on her face. Seriously, I was afraid she'd tear her face in half, it was so wide.''Nathan is so sweet!'' She gushed, instantly starting to ramble on about him. I put out a hand to stop her.

''Molls, you are talking so fast I can't understand a thing you are saying.''

''Sorry, it's just—''

''You really like him, don't you?'' It wasn't a question; I could see it in her eyes. She was in deep. Molly nodded.

''But you know that just because Nathan is really awesome and cute and sweet and, yeah, it doesn't mean I'm giving up boys. I still love all of them.'' I didn't expect any less. Molly was the equivalent of a female womanizer. In this case, a manizer, but that sounded weird, so we just called her the lover of male(s). Molly rarely went exclusive, so this Nathan guy had to have been amazing, especially since this was only their first date. The toasts popped, signalling that our delicious breakfast was ready, and that was the end of our conversation.

I changed out of my awesome Eeyore PJs and put on some dark skinny jeans, a blouse, and black boots with heels. I pulled my chestnut brown hair in to a high ponytail, applied some nude lipstick and mascara, and studied myself in the mirror. I looked exactly the same, like last night never happened. Honestly, I was starting to doubt it's realness myself. The whole night was fuzzy and jumbled, like a dream instead of reality. Speaking of reality, I had school today. At least I had only three classes today, a serious pro for NYU. And the first one didn't start until 11am so I was able to sleep in. Not that that helped my hangover-like headache sooth. Not at all. But school was waiting, so I took a deep breath and headed out. Molly joined me, babbling about something, but it was like she was muffled, I didn't hear her. I didn't listen. My thoughts were centred on one person and one person only. Yeah, you guessed right. Kam. Not at how hot he was. Not at how big of a jerk he was. And definitely not at what his presence in my life meant. That everything has changed. That nothing was the same. I really hoped that I never saw him again, then maybe I'd succeed in convincing myself that it really was just a dream. But a part of me wanted to meet him again. That part of me wanted to discover everything about myself. About the gods and goddesses. Most of all, that part of me wanted to know the truth of everything, because nothing made sense anymore. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Why? Because everything he said made perfect sense. Molly's words snapped me back to Earth.

"Hello? Earth calls to Kep. Someone in there?" She asked. I looked at her.

"Yeah, of course. You were saying?" I tried to concentrate on her but my mind was already wandering back to other places. Kam said that every Otherworldly's existence had a purpose. What was mine?

"No, you weren't. You were day-dreaming." Molly's voice drifted back.

"I'm sorry, you are right. I wasn't listening" she huffed, "I'm just really tired." I tried to explain.

"I guess. You do look tired. You even fell asleep last night while watching Alice in Alice." She accepted my excuse and I made sure to listen to what she was saying for the rest of the walk.




After lunch with Molly and a bunch of other of our friends from college, Molly and I went to the performing arts building of the school. Molly, Blair, and I started going to this improv class a couple weeks back, when Molly had a crush on an actor, and after she realized that he was gay, we couldn't get out of the class. So here we were, embarrassing ourselves shamelessly. Poor Blair was off visiting family and missed out on lots of fun classes. The only good thing about it was that Edgar, the boy Molly used to like but ended up gay, and we became really good friends. He was awesome.

I went into the changing room and changed into some black leggings, sneakers, and an athletic t-shirt. Molly was already changed, and when she saw me coming she quickly waved me over enthusiastically. I walked over to her, immediately recognizing her excitement. I leaned over and whispered into her ear.

"What devilry are you cooking? Who's the poor bastard?"

"Devilry!? I would never!" She mockingly replied, "why? Who told you? It was an accident!" She said heatedly, while gripping the collar of my shirt, still in her character. I gave her a pointed look, and she leaned in to whisper in my ear.

''A hot male specimen was spotted entering the performing arts wing. Edgar says he is calling dibs. I haven't seen him yet, but I have a feeling Edgar isn't exactly his type, if you know what I mean.'' I furrowed my brows, wasn't it a little too late to join? It was almost the end of October.

''How do you know what his type is if you haven't even seen him yet?'' I asked. The instructor, Mr. Kane, came in so Molly just shrugged and mouthed, it's just a feeling. I knew all about her feelings, half the time they were wrong. Mr. Kane started his usual chatter in the beginning of class, but no one was listening. The girls and some of the guys had their eyes all trained on the door that hid the corridor that connected the changing rooms and acting studio together, waiting for the mystery hottie to appear. Even I took some curious glances at the door. The actors who weren't into guys noticed the door getting special attention too, but just had confused expressions on. Mr. Kane was the only one who didn't notice, too self-absorbed to realize.

The door that led to the hallway swung open, and a collective excited gasp escaped the people around me. I held my breath, why was this so interesting? I didn't know, but I kept staring. Instantly, my eyes connected with a pair of intense blue eyes. What is he doing here? Surely not acting, though that, I assumed would be quite the sight. Mr. Kane turned, and when his eyes saw who it was, they brightened. He moved towards Kam and put an arm around him, urging him forward.

''This here, is Kam, our new actor!'' He introduced to the class, who's faces brightened by the second. I stood there, motionless. Kam spoke a few words, but the whole time I could see him looking at me from the corner of his eyes. That little..

''Kepi? You guys look like you know each other, I can see him staring at you. What's going on?''Molly whispered in my ear, ''You always tell me when you see someone good-looking, and Kepi, he is one piece of fine—'' That was my queue to cut her off. I shot her a glare and she thankfully never finished that sentence, but she smiled at me knowingly. Bending over to whisper in my ear she said,

''Don't worry, he's all yours. You saw him first, that counts as dibs. Poor Edgar. And anyways, I have Nathan.'' That would have been an innocent enough of a sentence, if she didn't have a mischevious smile on her face, that she tried, but miserably failed at hiding. I grabbed her shoulders and hauled her to one of the dance studio's corners.

''Tell me.'' I ordered. She looked like she wanted to protest, but in the end relented.

''Okay, the hottie over there makes this class finally even, and poor Lucy won't have to do the improv excercises with Mr. Kane anymore. Not because her partner will be Kam, but because I'm leaving you so I can be partners with Lucy, so you can be partners with Kam.'' She replied excitedly. My eyes widened in horror.

''No! Molly you can't leave me!'' I tried, but she already trotted away with determination. I was standing in the same place, hands out-stretched, mouth hanging open with shock, when someone came up behind me and whispered.

''I guess we'll be acting partners then,'' Kam said. I whipped around, smacking right into his chest.

''What are you doing here? Don't you have something better to do? Like hunt rabbits or cough up some furballs?'' I asked, crossing my arms. I narrowed my eyes. ''Are you stalking me?'' I questioned. He feigned shock.

''What are you talking about? I most certainly did not know that you were in this class, can't a guy just want to act?'' He answered with an easy grin.

''You act?'' I asked disbelievingly. Before he could answer, Mr—wait, what's his name? Great, and I've been in this class for weeks now. Anyway, the teacher clapped his hands to get our attention and started speaking.

''Okay, now that everyone has an acting partner again, we can get to work.'' Mr. Kane, that's it!, said. Everyone turned to attention.

''We are gonna start with a simple scene, no script, nothing, just the starting scene and the characters. Kam, since you're new and we are not familiar with your acting skills yet, you are starting with your partner. Come to the stage.'' He beckoned us. Shit. Seriously? It's his first day and he has to start the improv scenes? Not that I feel sorry for him or anything, but that means I have to do it with him! Arghh! I grudgingly followed Kam onto the stage and looked at Mr. Kane for directions.

''Okay. A boyfriend and a girlfriend are fighting. The girl is angry at the guy for some reason, but the guy doesn't know why. Start from here.'' I gulped. And went into character. If you haven't noticed, I wasn't a fan of standing on a stage in front of people.

''Zack!'' I shouted angrily at Kam, ''How dare you!?'' I pointed an angry index finger at his face. Kam put on a confused expression, quite believably. Okay, so maybe he didn't suck at acting.

''What are you talking about, Julie? What did I do?''

''Oh! You know what you did! Don't pretend like you don't know.'' I huffed, and turned my back on him whilst crossing my arms. I held my head high and listened to his deep, velvety voice as he tried to decipher what was going on.

''Oh. Julie!? I am so sorry, I don't know how you found out, but it didn't mean anything! I promise.It was a moment of weakness.'' The great thing about improv was that the plot could twist any second. I whipped around.

''What!? What are you talking about? I meant......What did you do?'' I asked slowly. His eyes widened, realizing his mistake.

''Oh, you...that's not what you were...I'm..I'm so sorry. I love you, Julie. Please don't leave me.''

''What. Did. You. Do?'' I asked, face red from anger. I clenched my hands into fists at my sides in restraint.

''I—'' But before he could say something, the teacher silently shooed another actress in, I think her name was Wendy. He didn't tell her what her character was, so there were lots of possibilities.

''Julie!'' Wendy chimed happily, holding her hands out to hug me. ''How are you? Long time no see, ey?''

''Hiiii?'' I asked uncertainly. She stopped dead in her tracks.

''You don't remember me, do you?'' She didn't sound hurt. Kam just stared, confused. ''I'm the girl you hired to help with the job.''

''The job...?'' Kam asked, as Wendy pretended to take something out of her pretend backpack, I assumed. ''What the hell? Julie, what kind of job, is she talking about exactly?'' Kam turned to me, disbelievingly.

''Um...Yeah, so, I have to confess something, Zack,'' I told him. ''I was planning on arresting your father.'' I stated. Well, I sure twisted the story-line, that's for sure.

''With my help,'' Wendy chimed in bluntly. Kam looked offended.

''And you weren't gonna tell me? Why? You know how I've been begging you to do it with me for weeks now.'' I put a hand on his shoulder, pretending to look concerned.

''Zack, honestly, you suck at playing spy. This job needs to be done by professionals.''

''Professionals..?'' Kam asked, eyes furrowed. Mr. Kane caught up to where I was heading, and dug into the prop box to throw some black masks onto the stage. I picked one up, Wendy the other. I put it on and turned back to Kam.

''Zack, I'm a spy.'' Kam's mouth fell open. His mouth moved but no words came out. ''To be honest, I only dated you to get close. So it's over, babe.'' Kam took a step back. Tears were appearing in his eyes.

''Julie? What are you talking about?'' But Wendy and I already walked off to arrest his dad. We didn't walk off the stage, just went to the other side and pretended to set our things up. The bell rang, signalling the end of the class.

''Okay, thank you guys. Wednesday same time. Another group will start.'' Mr. Kane shouted over the bustle of the leaving students.




As I left the girls' changing rooms, I spotted Kam leaning against the hallway wall. Arms crossed and a leg against the wall. When he saw me walking out, he stalked towards me. I just kept walking.

''Hey,'' he said lamely, while attempting to walk beside me. It was a hard task, with his long legs and my short ones his average steps were giant steps compared to mine.

''Hey,'' I said back, still not looking at his gorgeous face. We were quiet for a few seconds, only hurried footsteps audible in the echo of the hall. ''So, cat got your tongue?'' I teased. He looked at me.

''Haha, funny joke,'' he said with a smile.

''Not as funny as your face,'' I retorted. He mocked hurt, putting his hand on his chest.

''You suck,'' he said.

''And you swallow,'' I replied with a smile. He returned it.

''You're weird.''

''Me? Weird? Please, I'm limited edition.'' We were getting closer to the exit by now, people all around us. Where was Molly? Kam slung a hand around my shoulder and pulled me closer to whisper in my ear.

''Don't worry, your weirdness is attractive.'' He winked. I shoved him off.

''I don't like you,'' I told him.

''Liar,'' he narrowed his eyes.

''I would never lie to you,'' I said with fake honesty.

''You just did,'' he pointed out.

''That statement was 100% true.''

''You know you love me.'' He said cockily. I turned around to leave him. ''Leaving so soon? I was just about to poison the tea!'' He said. I turned back.

''Because I'm with you, I'd drink it.'' Kam stared at me, smirking. I turned and started to leave again.

''You, my friend, are a constant source of amusement to us all.'' My cheeks started to burn. I just showed him my middle finger as I stalked away from him, not looking back.

''Next time you wave use all of your fingers!'' He shouted back laughing. I ignored him and continued my walk home.

With Kam now in one of my classes, and in my life just in general, this year had suddenly took a turn to crazyville. What this twist in my life will bring though, is still a mystery. I just hope it's a good case.

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