My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


18. Waking up

I hear Niall’s voice. He’s talking to someone. I lay still unable to move towards his voice… Then I hear who he’s talking to, Liam. I flinch & try to open my eyes. They obviously saw me flinch because I hear Perry & Eleanor say she jumped. I feel hands on me. “Baby please open your eyes for me. Please.” It’s Niall & he’s begging me to wake up. I try to open my eyes, but it like they’re glued shut. “Louis could you get me a damp rag please?” Niall asks. I smile at his voice. “Aww she smiled she can hear me.” His hand is on my face & I lay my face in his hands. “Tiersa please open your eyes for me.”
“I can’t.” I manage to say. I hear someone gasp & realize its Harry.
“Harry please.” Zayn says. I feel a wet rag on my face & flinch a bit.
“It’s ok. It’s a rag.” Niall assures me. “Please try to lay still babe.” I nod & lay still. He wipes my eyes with the rag carefully. “Try now.” I open my eyes & everything’s blurry. “Oh my God!! Tiersa I thought I’ve lost you.” He hugs me & I try to hug back, but my body hurts. I groan & he let’s go. “Sorry I forgot.” He looks at my stomach & I look too. It’s HUGE now!
“Wow.” I rub my stomach & a shooting pain goes through me. I gasp & pull my hand away.
“Please don’t touch your stomach honey. They cut you open to remove one of our babies.” My eyes shoot up at him.
“What?? Did you say one of two!?”
He nods. “Yeah. When we were at the second beach, remember?” I Nod. “A huge wave swallowed you & you hit your head on a rock. You fell into a coma for 6 months. When your water broke they took you to surgery for a sea section & found two babies. A boy & a girl.” He smiles at me. I look at him then at Liam & back to him.
“So I’ve been in a coma for 6 months?” He nods. “Umm…” I stare at Liam & he stares back at me. I look away before I puke again. “Well, can I see my babies then?”
“Well baby.” Niall corrects.
“Huh?” I look at Niall confused “What? I thought I had twins?”
“You do. It’s just that you still have the girl inside you. That’s why you’re still huge.” He smiles at me. “The doctors said the both of them didn’t have enough room to both develop & only the boy was ready to come out.”
“So how long do I have to keep this one in me?” I ask looking at everyone.
“3 more months.” Harry says. They all nod.
“Well Can I see my baby boy then?” I ask.
“Yeah. I’ll get him.” Liam says standing up. I look at him in shock unable to say anything until his hand reaches for the door handle.
“NO!!” I yell. Everyone jumps & freezes in place. “Don’t you dare touch my baby!” I glare at him as he turns to look at me. He throws his hands in the air in defense & backs away from the door. I feel Niall grab my hand, but I still stare at Liam.
“Tiersa it’s ok. He doesn’t have to get him.” Niall tells me. “Eleanor & Perry could you get him please?” I look away from Liam & to Niall.
“Him?” I ask.
He nods. “You weren’t awake so I haven’t named him yet. Even though everyone has given some very good names.” I hear the door open & look at the door as it closes. Perry & Eleanor left. I glare at Liam then look back to Niall. “We never talked about names for him.”
“Well I thought I would have been there for the other 6 months to get around to that. What’s in them?” I ask just now noticing the bags behind Niall.
“The baby’s clothes from the baby shower. His dippers, car set, stroller, & everything else.” I smile. I hear the door open again & look to see Perry & Eleanor walk in. Eleanor holding a baby. I smile & hold my arms open. Eleanor carefully sets him in my arms smiling. I look down at my baby & grin ear to ear.
“He’s just like I wanted, blue eyes & curly hair. He’s beautiful. Just like his daddy.” I say looking up at Niall. He smiles down at me & shakes his head.
“No. Just like his momma.” I scrunch up my nose & shake my head.
“Nahh.” I look back at my baby. “Well he does have my caramel skin & curly hair, but he defiantly has you blue eyes.” I smile at him & he smiles back. “& defiantly your gorgeous smile.” Niall kisses me on the cheek & laughs.
“No that is your smile.” He sits on the end of the bed & rubs the baby’s head.
“We really need to name him so I can stop calling him my baby boy.” I tell him. Everyone laughs.
“What?” Niall asks laughing. I nod. “Well I really liked Zayn’s name.” He tells me. I look at Zayn & tilt my head smiling.
“Which was?” I ask looking at Zayn.
“Oh you know… Only the best name in the world.” He says throwing his hand in the air.
“Which is.” I laugh.
“Well I was thinking… Zander.” He laughs.
“I was thinking Blaze.” Harry says.
“I was thinking Maddox.” Liam said.
“I was thinking Maverick.” Louis said.
“What about Dexter?” Eleanor said.
“What about Falcon?” Perry said laughing.
“I wanted Killian.” Niall said.
“Your mom wanted Giovani.” Zayn told me.
“Yeah & your dad wanted Blade.” Harry says laughing.
“HAHAHAHA!!! OMG!! Wait.” I say putting a hand up. “I look down at my baby & smile. “Well I know it defiantly not going to be Blade, Maddox, Dexter, Falcon, Giovani, or Blade… Sorry.” I look at my baby & smile when he smiles at me. “Hi Killian.” I say. He just looks at me. “Hi Zander.” Again another blank stare. “Hello Maverick.” Again nothing. “I don’t think he likes them much.” I say look up at Niall. “What now?”
He shrugs. “Here let me look up some boy names.”
“Irish boy names.” I smile.
“Ok.” He smiles. He pulls out he phone & types away. “How about, Aedan (Aid-an), Ailbe (All-bay), Ailill (All-yill), Alroy, Ardan (Are-dawn)…”
“Wait.” I stop him. “What was that Ail one?” I ask.
“Ailill.” He corrects me “It means beauty.” He tells me.
I smile, “I like it.” I look down at my baby. “Do you like it? Ailill?” I ask. He smiles up at me. “Imma take that as a yes.” I smile at Niall. “Now a middle name.”

“Ok.” He looks at his phone “How about Malachi (Mala-key), or Malachy (Mala-ki)?” He looks at me. I nod.
“Spell the first one.”
He looks at his phone, “Malachi.” He looks back up at me.
“Yes spelled like that but pronounced Mala-ki. I like it. Do you Malachi?” I look at Ailill. He smiles. “Yep. Ailill Malachi Horan.”
“Aww it’s a beautiful name.” Perry says.
“Yeah. I couldn’t have picked a more beautiful name.” Eleanor agrees.
“Very good job you two.” Louis says.
“I still think Zander is a pretty bad-ass name.” Zayn says.
“Hey no profanity around my baby. Plus he didn’t like it.”
“Well his loss.” Zayn said.
“Well I liked Maddox was good.” Liam said.
I glare at him, “It sounds like a dog’s name.” I spit.
“Ok what’s your deal with me?” Liam asks defensively.
“Babe I think we should talk.” Niall says.
I look at Niall, “Yeah I think so too.”
“Ok lads up & out.” Harry says standing up.
“Hey Perry could you take him for a minute please?” I ask her.
“Yes!” She almost runs to me & gentle takes him from me. “We’ll be out in the waiting room.” She turns & leaves with Ailill in her arms & her in Louis arms.
“Tiersa?” Niall says. I turn from the door & look at Niall. “What’s going on with Liam?” He asks.
“When we were at that beach I didn’t hit my head. I was kidnapped by Liam. He took me to some old house in the middle of nowhere & had me strapped to a bed. He said he was going to keep me there forever & right before I woke-up I convinced him to let me go although I passed out from puking so much.”
“Wait, what?” Niall stops me this time. “Liam didn’t kidnap you. I watch you float up in the water. I swam out to you & pulled you in shore. I had to give you mouth to mouth resuscitation while Louis called the ambulance. I rode in the ambulance with you to the hospital while everyone was behind us in the bas & car. We sat in that waiting room for hours, just to be told you slipped into a coma.” He started crying. “I thought that you died. I was glad that you were alive, but sad because you weren’t awake, here, with me.” He cried even harder.
I pull him close to me & hold him. “Shhhhh.” I try to sooth him. I rub his back & let him cry into my gown. “It’s ok. I’m awake now.” I rub his back some more. “Speaking of shouldn’t a doctor come check on me or something?” He laughs a little.
“I’ll go get the doctor in a minute.” He lifts his head off my chest. “I’m so glad god left you here with me. I didn’t want him to take you just yet.” He presses his lips to mine & I welcome them. “Hmmm.” He moans him my mouth. He kisses me harder. After what feels like forever & my head is spinning he pulls away. “How I missed those lips.”
I laugh, “& mine yours.” I kiss him again. When he pulls away I’m out of breath. “Like our first kiss.” I laugh. “Sort of.”
“Yeah.” He stands up & kisses my head. “I’ll get that doctor now.” He leaves the room & I lay down.
“It all felt too real to have been a dream.” I murmur to myself. “There’s no way that couldn’t have happened. Even puking felt real.” I say to myself. The door opens but I don’t move.
“Ah, Mrs. Horan your up. How do you feel? Sick, dizzy, pukey?”
I shake my head, “No more confused.” I say looking at him.
“Confused on?”
“What day & time was Ailill born?” I ask.
“Who? Oh your son.” He nods. “It was just yesterday at 8:35am.”
“What day is today?”
“February 18th.”
“Oh. It’s almost my birthday.” I tell Niall. “UHHHH!!! I missed your birthday!”
“It’s ok love. I just stayed here with you. All day, every day, waiting for you to wake-up.”
“You didn’t have a party?!” He shakes his head. “Why not!?”
“I didn’t want one. They tried to throw me one, but I wasn’t in the mood.”
“Well were celebrating the second I get out of here!” I tell him.
“I’d like that.” He kisses me on the cheek.
“Wow. 22 years old.”
“And your 19 almost 20 now.” He tells me.
“Yeah. Wow almost 20.”
“Ok Mrs. Horan I’m just going to a check up on you.” He puts on his telescope. “I’m going to listen to your heart.” He listens on my chest & back. “Ok now breathe deeply please.” I do & he does the same thing. “Ok now the ear & mouth” He gets his light & checks my ears, then my mouth. “Ok one more. Your pressure.” He straps the thing on my arm & starts pumping air. It squeezes my arm then releases. “Ok your great, but I’m going to keep you overnight just to be sure. Would you like something to eat?”
“Yeah, actually I would.” I say notice my growling stomach.
“Ok I’ll have a nurse bring in a tray.” He stands up & leaves.
“He seems nice.” I say.
Niall nods. “He is. He would let me stay in here with you all day. Even when the nurses came to check in on you, would give you your daily exercise to keep you moving, & even when they had to change your pan, clothes, or sheets.” He shakes his head starting to cry a little. “Sorry.” He says wiping away a tear. “It’s just that you should have been here with me this whole time. I thought you were gone. I hated holding a limp hand that wouldn’t hold mine back.” He cries harder.
“Oh babe come here.” I scoot over & Niall crawls in the bed besides me. “I’m here now. Everything’s fine.” I hold him in my arms & pull him close to me squeezing him a little. “I love you & Ailill. I wouldn’t leave you for anything in the world. We belong together, forever.” I hold up my left hand. “You know that too.” I smile at him & he smiles back. “I’m your. I’m not going anywhere, ok?”
He nods & kisses me. I kiss him back smiling a little. “Oh how I’ve missed your lips.” He says. I laugh a little & lay my head in his neck.
“Oh how I’ve missed your face.” I hear him laugh. I wrap my arms around him. “Can I have my baby back now?” I say after what feels like an hour.
He laughs, “Yes you can.” I let him go & he gets off the bed & goes to the door. “Guys.” He waves a hand telling them to come back. He turns around & comes back to the bed & crawls back up beside me. He kisses me on the lips real quick.
“Ok Ailill, here’s your mom.” Harry says handing me back my baby. I take him carefully & lay him on the bed between me & Niall. “Hi Ailill.” I say to him. He smiles at me & Niall. “I’m your mom & this is your dad.” He just keeps smiling. “He’s a happy baby just like you.” I grab Niall’s hand & lay my head on his shoulder.
A nurse walks in with a tray of food & sets in on a tray beside me. “It’s nice to see that you’re awake.” She says to me. She looks at Niall then Ailill. “Ah, ok. He needs to be fed now. He has a feeding schedule, he eats every two or three hours.” She walks to a white board a starts writing down times. “These are the time he needs feed, ok?” I nod. She walks to the bed & smiles at Ailill rubbing his face with a finger. “It was hard trying to get him to eat from a bottle yesterday, but I think he’ll like today. If you have any questions just give me a ring.” She turns & walks out shutting the door behind her.
“Well we’ll go out in the waiting room.” Niall says standing.
“No, I want you guys to go to a restaurant & eat something.” I tell them.
“No, it’s ok we’re not hungry.” Louis says.
“That’s a lie. I seen how you all looked at the tray of food when it came in. I’ll be fine go eat something, & please bring me back some fries.” I say, Niall laughs.
“Ok, & we’ll do.” Niall says.
“Drive safe & don’t be long.” I tell them as they walk out the door. I unbutton the front of the gown & pick up Ailill. “You ready to eat?” He smiles up at me. “Just like your daddy.” I put my nipple in his mouth & he starts gumming at it. It doesn’t hurt at first, but after the first 15 minutes it gets sore. He pushes it out of his mouth & lays in my arms & falls asleep. I lay him down on the bed again & button my gown. I hear a knock at my door & it opens. A nurse comes in with a baby crib.
“I thought you might need this.” She pushes it over by the bags on the floor against the wall. “I guess I was right.” She says looking at Ailill. “Little man’s out.” She walks around the crib putting on the brakes. “Would you like me to put him in bed?”
“Yes please.” She picks him up & lays him down in bed covering him up. “Do you have any kids?” She turns & looks at me.
“No. I can’t have any. My husband & I have been trying for years.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry.” I tell her.
“No it’s ok. We’ve always been meaning to adapt a baby, but we came never find the right time.”
“Sooner would be better. You could change a child’s life you know?”
She nods, “Yeah. Well I better be getting back to work. I’ll check in on you in an hour.” She walks out & closes the door. I lay back in bed & stretch out. I lay a hand on my huge stomach.
“I wonder what you’re going to look like.” I say to my baby girl. “Hopefully like your brother. But a girl you know.” I laugh a little. I lay there & start to fall asleep. It doesn’t take me long to completely fall out.

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