My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


11. The big day

I wake up in Niall’s arms. He’s looking at me smiling. “Good morning love.” I smile & kiss him.

“Good morning babe.” He rubs his hand over my stomach beaming. I smile watching him. I hear him humming softy. “Michael Bublé?” I ask noticing the song he’s humming. He looks at me & nods still humming & smiling. He closes his eyes & I watch him. When he stops humming he opens his eyes looking into mine. “I’m so glad to have an amazing man as the father of this baby.” He smiles.

“I’m glad I found the perfect women to have my baby.” He touches my cheek & pulls my face to his. Our lips connect & move together. He runs his hands over my stomach, thighs, back, & neck. I moan in his mouth. He smiles & pulls me closer to him. There was a knock at the door & I groan pulling away from him. “I’ll get it.” He stands up pulls on shorts & a t-shirt. I roll over & pretend that I’m asleep. He opens the door. “Yeah?”

“Are you guys ready?” It’s Louis.

“For what?”                                             

“Remember today we were going to go to the beach?”

“Oh yeah. I’ll wake her up & tell her. Thanks for reminding me.”

“Sure thing we’ll be out on the bus waiting.” He closes the door & I hear him walk over behind me. I leans over me & plants a kiss on my cheek. I smile & roll over to face him.

“Got to get up love.” I moan & give him a pouty face. “Sorry, but I have a surprise for you today remember?” I smile & nod remembering. He picks me up & sets me sitting up at the end of the bed. “Your swim suit is still her from last time. You could just wear my basketball shorts & a tee shirt over it.”

“Ok.” I watch him pull out my swim suit, red shorts, & a plane white tank-top instead.

“Seems more like you.” He hands them to me & pulls out his trunks. He replaces his shorts with his trunks & sits on the bed watching me get dressed. He ties my top for me & I put on the shorts & tank-top. I slip on my flip-flops & so does he & we head down to the bus. We climb on the bus & see everyone. I sit down next to Perrie & Zayn & Niall sits down next to Lou & El across from me. The bus starts to move.

“How long is it going to take to get to the beach?” Perrie asked.

“Roughly around an hour depending on how fast we go & the traffic.” I answer. She starts at me then nods. “So what are we going to do for an hour?” I asked.

“Way ahead of yeah. I brought board games & video games.” Liam exclaimed pulling them out of a bag. I smile.

“Video games it is.” I stand up & walk over to him & take a game. “Where is the station?” Niall stands up & leads me to the game room. I sit down & he puts the game in. We sit down on the couch & play.

We were into our 13th round when Zayn came in. “Guys were here.”

“OK.” Niall stands up & turns off the station & the TV. I stand up & take his hand & we walk off the bus.

“Wow the beach is really empty.” I exclaim looking around. “It’s hot out today too.”

“We reserved the beach all to ourselves for the whole day. I didn’t want ant distractions on our special day.” Niall gave me a hug & kissed me. I smiled & wondered what he had in mind. “Let’s get in the water.”

“Yeah.” Everyone said. We all got in our swim suits & ran to the ocean.

“AHHH!!” I shrieked.

“What?!” Niall asked.

“It’s freezing!”

“Oh. You scared me love.”

“Sorry babe.” I put my whole body under the water & swam away staying as far down as I could. When I started running out of air & swam up. I turned around to see everyone still in the shallow part. “Come on out. It’s nice!” I screamed back at them. They all started coming out, but Zayn & Perrie. Oh yeah Zayn can’t swim. I felt bad for him. He doesn’t know what he’s missing. It’s nice being so far out. I hear water rushing behind me & I turn around to see a big wave heading towards me. I wait until it gets close & go under water. I open my eyes & look up at the wave passing over me. I smile because I’ve always wanted to see that. When it goes pass I come back up. Niall comes up next to me & I jump.

“Sorry babe.” He smiles that adorable smile. I smile & push him away.

“Ah you little trickster.” I laugh. He smiles at me. I feel a hand wrap around my wrist & tug me. I move closer to Niall. I lift my wrist up out of the water to see Niall’s hand wrap around my wrist tight. “That hurts.”

“Sorry love.” His grip loosens.

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it.” He smiles & pulls me closer to him wrapping his other arm around my back. He puts a hand behind my head & pulls my face close to his.

“You look gorgeous today.” He gushes. I smile & lean into his face. Our lips connect & move together. I taste him & I love it. I run my tongue across his lip smiling. He lightly bites my tongue & flicks his tongue over mine. I smile & wrap my legs around his waist. I smile & take a deep breath. I drop my weight & pull us both under. Our faces pull apart & I let go of his waist. I swim up & Niall’s right behind me. I laugh & he’s choking. “This is funny?” He coughs.

“A little & Thank you. You look handsome today.” He looks at me & I can feel he’s going to do something. I quickly take a breath & swim away. I hear him behind me. I feel a hand on my ankle & let out a screech. He laughs uncontrollably. I push him & swim away again. I reach the shallow part & stand up running. I plop down on the beach & so does he. I smile & he grabs my face. He pulls my face close to his & our lips connect once again. I smile, he pulls away looking at me.


“Nothing. I just can’t believe I’m kissing you.”

“Believe it baby.” He smiles. I smile & shake my head. He pulls me close again. I love his mouth & the way he tastes. It’s amazing. Everything about him makes my insides melt. When I think of him my stomach flips. I truly love him & I wouldn’t want anyone else. His hand finds its way to my lower stomach. He pulls away & smiles at me. I run my hand through his soft blonde/brown hair. He looks at my stomach & I hear him humming again. I smile & watch him. Zayn & Perrie sat down next to us looking at Niall weird. Niall looks up at them & looks back down still humming.

“What are you doing lad?” Zayn asked him.

“Humming.” He replies & starts humming again. His hand rubs my stomach.

“UHH! YOU’RE…” I nod & Perrie clasps her hands over her face smiles. “Congrats you two.” I mouth ‘Thank You’ I listen to Niall. I know the song he’s humming. It’s Crazy Love by Michael Bublé. I lay my hand on top of his.

“I love you.” I whisper. He smiles & hums. When he stops Zayn & Perrie say congrats & hug us. It feels so good to have positive people around. Depression & stress could make me have a miscarriage, but I don’t want to think about that. “I’m glad I’ve got you.” I give his hand a light squeeze. He’s beaming ear to ear. I can’t help, but to smile just as big.

“I love you too my beautiful fiancé.” He plants a kiss on my right cheek. I blush feeling my face heat up. “Let’s go for a walk.” I nod. He stands up & helps me up behind him.

“I’m going to weigh 100 pounds more later.” I laugh. He shakes his head. “Bye you guys we’ll be back.”

“Bye, have fun, don’t wait up.” Perrie says. I smile & take Niall’s hand. We get about 5 blocks away before one of us says anything.

“Have you had a boyfriend before me?” He asked looking at me.

“Yeah. His name is Brady. It turns out he only wanted me to fuck him, but it never happened.” I look into his blank eyes searching for anything.

“Wait so in the elevator was your first time?” I nod. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Your Niall Horan I would have done it with you in a dumpster.” He looks at me, shakes his head, & stops. I stop & look at him confused. He looks hurt.

“So it’s true.”


“You only see me as Niall from One Direction. I thought you were different.”

“No. I am. Well now. At first I took you as Niall Horan then, but after I freaked out & we sat on the hood of the car in the sunset I learned so much more. I love you for you & only you. I wouldn’t want anything or anyone else, but you. You are my everything. My heart belongs to you & only you. I don’t know what I would do without you.” He smiles & takes my hand again. We start walking. He drops my hand & starts running. “HEY!” I yell after him. I start running as fast as I can. I catch up to him & grab him by the shoulders. He falls & I fall on top of him. I laugh & so does he. We’re both out of breath. He kisses me & I kiss back feeling him. We kiss for what feels like forever before we get up. We walk again.

It has to be 7 or 8 now. I see something up ahead. “What is that?” I ask Niall Interested.

“Let’s go see.” We run at the same speed hand in hand. When we get closer I can see it’s like a wedding set up. I smile & look at Niall.

“What’s this?”

“Oh like you don’t know. It’s our wedding. Let’s go get ready.” I jump in his arms & push my lips on his. He sets me down.

“THANK YOU BABE!!” I yell running away. I stop abruptly & turn back towards him. “Wait where are we going to get ready at?” He laughs & points to the bus parked in the lot. “Oh I didn’t see that.” I laugh. He walks over to me & takes my hand in his. We walk to the bus & go in. Everyone’s there.

“CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!” They yell. I smile & put a hand over my mouth. Tears start falling from my eyes & down my cheeks. “Awe. No Tiersa this is supposed to be a happy moment.” Perrie says hugging me. I hug her back & laugh.

“I am happy Perrie. This are tears of joy.” She pulls away & smiles.

“Love why are you crying?” Liam asked.

“It’s going to take some time for me to comprehend the fact that I’m getting married to my dream man.” I smile at Niall.

“It might take me some time too.” He says. I giggle & wrap my arms around him.

“Awe you guys are too cute. I’m so happy for you guys.” El says.

“Thank you El.” I give her a hug. “So are my parents going to be here?”

“Of course love. All of our parents are. We’ve been planning this.” Niall replies.

“Ok. So let’s get ready.” El & Perrie take my hands & lead me to the back of the bus. They hand me under garments & tell me to change in the bathroom. I take them & go change. I dry off & slip on the under garments. I go back out & they slip my dress on. I look in a mirror & I can’t believe it. It’s beautiful. Pink & white with lace from the hips down, layers, & it’s sleeveless. I smile. They leave my hair down, but pin some flower in it. They do my makeup pink & white, & put pink glitter all over me. I smile & they hand me flowers. They put on pink & whiter dresses & we walk off the bus. They boys are behind Niall with all my brothers. My sisters are lined up holding flowers. El & Perrie walk up to the front with my sisters. I look at my siblings & notice my two little sisters aren’t there & neither are my two younger brothers. Lauren & Avah walk past me wearing white dresses & carrying a baskets of pink flower pedals. I smile & watch them throw pedals on the ground. My dad comes up to me & I take his arm. We walk down the aisle & I can’t stop smiling. My cheeks start to hurt when I reach him finally. I stand next to Niall & my dad steps in front of us. He starts reading the bible, then says the usual words. After some taking my brothers Erreau & Jr. walk up the aisle with the rings. I smile at them & take Niall’s ring & he takes mine. I tell them tank you & watch the walk by the rest of my brothers. Then my dad starts to talk again.

“Do you Niall Horan take Tiersa as your loftily wedded wife to have & to hold? To take care of, to be faithful to, to love until you shall die?”

“I do.” He smiles at me & slips my ring on my hand. I feel tears run down my face & my stomach does flips. I smile through the tears & look at my dad.

“Do you Tiersa take Niall as your loftily wedded husband to have & to hold? To care for, to be faithful to, to love until you shall die?”

“I sure do.” I slip his ring on his finger. He laughs a little. I smile & fell happiness fill me.

“If anyone objects to this marriage speak now or forever hold your peace. No? Ok… Your vowels?” Niall nods & turns to me. I turn to him. Tears pour from my eyes as I look at him. He starts crying & smiles.

“Awe.” I reach up & touch his face. He holds my hand & plants a kiss on it. Our hands fall & we stare at each other for a moment.

“I love you with all my heart. I will love you forever & always. We’ll go through a lot together. When it gets tough just remember I’m here for you always. We’ll get through this together.” His hand touches my stomach & rubs it lightly. Everyone awes & I smile laying a hand over his. “It’s going to be beautiful & I’m going to love & enjoy every second of it. I couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful wife. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted.” He wipes my face & smiles.

“I love you with all my heart, soul, & mind. Going through this will have its up & downs, but no matter what I say or do I still love you. I hope you’re as ready to be a father as I am a mother.” He nods & smiles. “Good, I know I won’t be alone. I need you here with me. You are me rock & I don’t want to lose you.” He shakes his head no. tears fall from our faces. We smile at each other.

“Awe! Great… You may now kiss the bridge.” I watch Niall. He leans toward me & lean to him. We meet in the middle. Sparks ignite us. I know he feels it to because he jumps a little. He picks me up & spins. I smile in the kiss & giggle. He sets me down & everyone cheers. He grabs my hand & throws our hands in the air. I smile & jump once.  I watch all the girls crowd in the aisle. I turn around & yell ready everyone cheers & I throw the flowers & turn around. My mom’s friend Marie caught it & started cheering. We clapped for her. Niall & I walk down the aisle to a table.

“WHO’S HUNGRY?!” Niall yells. Everyone cheers. “COME & GET IT.” Everyone walks over to the table & gets food. “Going to eat love?” He looks down at me. I nod & grab a plate. He grabs one too & we get our food & sit down at a long table with the boys, El, Perrie, & my family. The other tables are circles that seat 6 at the most. Everyone eats & chats.

When we get done eating my mom stands up. “WHO’S READY FOR THE CAKE?”

“WHOO!” everyone claps & yells. I laugh & stand u with Niall. We walk to the table & grab the cake cutter together & cut a big piece of the cake. He cuts everyone a piece & we all eat cake. Niall & I share the big piece together. Then we have ice cream.

The boys, El, & Perrie get up & leave. I wonder where they’re going, but I don’t ask. I hear music start & Niall & I turn around to see the lads singing nobody compares. I look at Niall smiling & see he’s crying. “What’s wrong babe?” I ask him. He looks at me & tears fall from his eyes. He smiles & shakes his head.

“It’s sad only 4 of them can sing.” I smile & laugh.

“Well why don’t you go sing too?” He nods & gets up & joins the boys & starts singing. I smile & clap. He smiles. “Let’s dance.” I tell El, Perrie & my family. We stand up & go to the floor. We start dancing. Eventually everyone else joined.

It’s 12:00pm when people finally start to leave. “Tonight was fun don’t you think love.”

“Yeah, I’m just really tired.” He nods & wraps his arm around me. I lay my head on his shoulder & feel myself start to drift off.

“Oh no you don’t. Let’s get undressed then go to bed.” I nod. I take off the shoes & help him take off his suit. He unzips my dress & it falls to the ground. I crawl in bed & plop down on the pillow. “We’re going back to England tomorrow. Are you going?” I open my eyes & stare at him.

“Of course. You’re not getting away that easily. We’ll pack my stuff tomorrow morning.” He smile & nods. He covers us up & pulls me close to him. I lay my head against his chest & listen to his heart. I feel myself drift off & smile.

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