My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


7. My Real Family

I wake up & Niall's still asleep beside me. He looks so peaceful asleep. I smile & stand up. I walk to the car & pull my phone out of the pocket of the bag. It's only 3:30pm good. I walk back to Niall & lay down again. I run my hands through out his hair & down his bare back. He smiles then his eyes flicker open. I smile looking into his beautiful blue eyes. He sits up & stretches. I sit up beside him & hold his hand. "What time is it love?" He asks.

"It's 3:30pm." He stands up & so do I. He picks up the blankets & we walk back to the car. I jump in my car. Smiling remembering it's gonna be my car. "So to the hotel?" I say as he jumps in the other side. 

"Yes ma'am." I laugh & start the car. I put the car in reverse & back out. I turn the radio on again to Katy Perry-Wide Awake. I love her, so I see along. I hear Niall join in too. I smile listening to his voice as I drive & sing to. It took about 1 hour to get there. We get out & get the stuff out of the trunk. We go into the hotel to his floor. We go into his room & set everything down. "Do you need a pencil & a piece of paper?" I nod & he gets them. I write down everyone that lives in my house on the paper.

The Paper-- everyone who lives in my house.

1. My Mom(Meri)- 43 years old. Can be very nice when happy & cruel when upset.

2. Step-dad(Beau)-41 years old. Very nice, but likes his space.

3. Lem- 19 years old. Has an Afro & can be nice. 

4. Me- 18 years old. Very nice when happy & a bitch when pissed. Love you!

5. Kitty- 16 years old. Kind person, but don't fuck with her.

6. Ezekial(zeke) 14 years old. Acts like a girl when he doesn't get his way.

7. Tylei. 9 years old. Nosy & bossy.

8. Julius Jr.(bubba) 8 years old. Is a punk.

9. Lauren. 7 years old. A sweet Heart with an ugly cry.

10. Arthur (jr.) 3 years old. Very sweet, but likes to hit. 

11. Erreau (arrow) 2 years old. Loves me. 

12. Avah 1 year old. Cutie, always happy. 


I hand him the paper & watch as he reads it. He smiles, "You can be a bitch?" I giggle & look down.

"When I get really pissed. Everyone in my family knows not to touch my stuff without asking." I look back up to him. He smiling at me. "What?" He shakes his head & continues reading. 

"Erreau loves you." I giggle

"Yeah he's always hugging me & wanting me to pick him up." 

"That's cute." He continues reading the rest then puts the paper down. "I'll give this paper to the lads later." 

"Ok. I gotta get dressed & get home soon. I have to help clean & tell everyone." He nods. I stand up & get my clothes out of the bag. I change & Niall's watching me the whole time. I blush as he touches my hips when I put my dress on. I lay my head back on his shoulder "I'll be thinking of you tonight." I look into his face. He turns me around & puts his hands on face. He closes his eyes & leans in. I close my eyes too & kiss him. We just stand there kissing. He pulls away leaving me cold. I frown at him.

"Sorry love. Don't wanna keep you waiting."

"They can wait." I jump in his arms & wrap my arms around him. He has his hands on my bottom holdin my up. With my legs wrapped around his waits I kiss him again. I smile in the kiss.  He walks backwards to the bed & sits down. I let my legs fall to the bed as he as back. I lay on top of him kissing him. His hands run up my dress & stop on my butt. He pulls my butt towards him making me groan. He smiles as he trails kisses down my neck. He rolls me over on my back & sits up on the bed. "Why?" I ask pouting breathless. 

"I can't I keep you here all night." I sigh & sit up next to him.

"Perrie & Eleanor are in America?" 

"Yeah. I forgot. The lads picked them up at the airport earlier." 

"Oh. Hey, they should come to dinner too!" I say happy. "It would be amazing. All my little siblings love them & you boys. It will be fun." I say smiling. 

"So lem & your parents don't like us?" He asks thinking.

"No, they don't like your music. It doesn't matter though they're old school. They will love you guys though. Trust me." We both smile & kiss again. He pulls me up off the bed with him. He takes his mouth off mine. By my hand he leads me to the door & opens it. We walk hand in hand to the elevator. I push the down button & the elevator comes up empty which I think is odd. When we get to the ground & the elevator door opens & family is standing there waitin. The little girl eyes widen & she grins huge. 

"Can I have your autograph!" She squeaks holding out a paper. 

"Yeah." Niall lets go of my hand, pulls a sharpie out of he back leafy pocket, signs her paper. She watches his every move. When he hands her the paper she doesn't look at it just starts at Niall's every move. He puts the sharpie back in his pocket & grabs my hand again. She smile then becomes a frown.

"Are you guys dating?" She asked staring at our hands in surprise.

"Yeah we are." Niall told her. I'm staring at her the whole time watching her face. She almost crys when Niall tells her yes. I watch as her mom pulls her on the elevator & the doors close. I have tears in my eyes by now. Niall looks at my face smiling then he looks at me sad. "What's wrong love?" 

"Did you see her face when you told her we were dating?" 

"No I was watching you." Tears fall from my eyes & down my face. "Not here love lets talk in the car." He pulls me out the door & to the car. He opens the door & I sit in the seat. He closes the door & walks to his side. He jumps in. I'm sitting there staring at my hands with my hair covering my face. "Tell me why your crying." I keep my head down.

"I'm a crazy mofo like she is. I can tell you are her favourite out of the boys. When you told her we were dating she started to cry. If I knew you were dating someone else I would cry too. I would cry to the ends of the earth to make you happy." I look up at him now tears still falling from my face. "I could never handle you dating someone else." He pulls me into a hug & I sob in his chest. 

"I understand, but at the same time I don't." I look in his eyes. 

"Niall if I saw you dating a girl that wasn't me I would die. So many people try to make you notice them. Like I did before we meet. So many people want you to follow them. I was one of them. I wanted to get to know you. I would die for you. I would take a bullet for you. So many girls would."

"If I die I want you alive." I shake my head no & look down.

"Why? I'm a nobody. Your in the BIGGEST boy band in the world. You have over a billion fans. No one knows me. Nobody cares about me. I would take my life for you, the boys, or Demi Lovato any day without a question."

He grabs my face & gently makes me look at him, "I care about you. So does your family. I bet your family would cry if you died. So would I." 

"They will get over it, so will you. You'll move on. Find a prettier girl who is perfect." I cry again. 

"It's amazing how you can't tell I'm completely in love with you. I could never live without you. Never could your family." He pulls me onto his lap & hugs me. I can hear typing, but don't look to see who's typing. My phone makes a sound & I look up. I reach over & grab my phone. It's a twitter notification from Niall. I look at Niall he just staring at me. I look at my phone & open it. 'NiallOfficial: I have an amazing GF! She opened my eyes to the world of the fans. Thanks love.' I smile & look at him. I look back at my phone & type... '@NiallOfficial- your amazing to love. I love you so much. Glad to help any day.' I set my phone on my lap & watch Niall. His phone buzzes & he picks it up smiling. 

"You get my tweets?" I asked surprised. He doesn't answer just types. My phone buzzes a minute later. I open it & read... 'NiallOfficial: love you too. Of course I get your tweets your my GF. Would be wrong if I didn't.' I smile & tweet back. '@NiallOfficial-aww so sweet. Thanks you love for being my BF & noticing me.' I watch as he gets it & tweets back... 'NiallOfficial: anytime love. Your the best.' I send one last tweet... '@NiallOfficial- you always know how to make me smile even when I'm sad. I would die to save your life still.' He tweets back... 'NiallOfficial: it's my specialty. I would die for you to love.' I smile at the tweet & set my phone in the passenger seat, so does he. He pulls my face to him & we kiss. He slowly lets his tounge in. I suck on his tounge as it comes. He smiles. Our kiss we interrupted by flashes... Paparazzi. I climb off he lap, pick up of phones, sit down, set the phones on my lap, & get buckled. Niall starts the car & takes off. Palazzi are right on us as we leave. Niall holds my hand knowing I'm scared. 

"It's ok love. Don't be scared." He turns right then right again. I look behind us. 5 papazzi vans continue going straight past us. I relax as Niall turns back on the road. He drives my home with no distractions. I lean over & kiss him. I pick up the phones off my lap, unbuckle, open my door, close the door, set his phone back in the seat, & run to my front door. I turn around & wave goodbye. He waves & backs up. I twist the door & was surprised to find it open. I close the door behind me & go to my room. 

"TIERSA IS THAT YOU?" I hear my mom yell from upstairs.

"YEAH!" I yell back.

"CAN YOU COME HERE?" I sigh, walk out of my room, & up the stairs to her room. As I walk up the stairs I notice it's quite. Weird. I walk into her room. The 3 little babies are sitting on her bed with her & my step dad. Erreua jumps off the bed & runs to me. I smile & pick him up. I look at my mom waiting for her to tell me what she wanted me for. She just starts at me & Erreau hugging me smiling. "That's so cute." She says smiling. I giggle & roll my eyes.

"This happens everyday. Now.. What did you want?" I look at her as she try's to remember.

"Oh.. Yes. How did your day go?" I smiling remembering my day with Niall.

"It was amazing." Is all I could say. 

"Tell me everything." She said. 'Well not everything.' I think. I walk to her bed & sit down with Erreau. 

"Well we had a great picnic in a meadow we found yesterday driving around. Then we went swimming at the private beach m, Kay, & Haley found couple years back. Them we went back to his place, dried off, & I came here." I look at her smiling face now go blank.

"That's all you did?" She asked disappointed. I shook my head no & she smiles again: "I said tell me everything. 

"I forgot. When we got back to his hotel room I wrote down a list of all our names that live here."  I smiled. She looked at me confused.


"That's the thing I wanted to tell you about." I sit up straight sliding back on the bed more. She watches me. "We'll the girls want to meet the boys & Niall, & they want to meet you. So I figured they could come for dinner tomorrow before they live on tour. Louis & Zayn want to bring their girl friends along too Eleanor & Perrie. Can they all come tomorrow for dinner?" I ask finally crossing my fingers. I already knew she would say yes cuz I know she wants to meet them too.

She laughs, "Yes they can. Calm down." I looked at her confused then looked at my hands. They were shaking. I didn't even notice. 

"Sorry, I guess I'm excited." I giggle calming down. 

"The house needs clean. Really good, & the dishes need down. I want everything whipped down, & spotless." She demands. I roll my eyes & shake my head. 

"Just like when I was younger. I know mom, I know how you do. I want it spotless too. Like you say, 'I want this house cleaned like the president is coming.' I will make sure of it." I giggle. I stand up with Erreau & go into kitty, Lauren, Tylei, & avah's room. "You guys won't believe what's happening tomorrow!" I screech. They sit up face looking away from the tv & at me. "ONE DIRECTION'S COMING!!" We all scream together, then laugh. "I need this house clean. We don't want to look gross when they come, do we?" I ask.

"No!" They all scream.

"Good. I need every single room cleaned now!!" They all jump off their beds & run down stairs. Avah & Lauren were cleaning what kitty was telling them too. Kitty was doing the dishes, & Tylei was cleaning the living room & dinning room. I smile as I watch them clean. Still carting Erreau I walk into my room. I set Erreau on my bed & start cleaning up a little. My room is rarely messy, so it was easy. I when to the living room & got the broom from Tylei when she was done, & went back to my room. Erreau was sitting ex actually where I put him smiling at me as I returned. "Your a good boy." I say. I hugged him & set him back down. I sweep my floor into a dustpan & dump it into the kitchen garbage. I go in my room & grab Erreau. He smiles when I pick him up. I go into the kitchen & set Erreau in a chair. I go to the sink & open the carboard under it. I pull out some cleaner & a mop bucket. I grab two rags, fill the bucket up, put cleaner in it, & drop the rags in. "Come on Erreau." He climbs off the chair & follows me into the front entire way. I set the bucket down, pull out a rag, drain it, & hand it to Erreau. I get my tag do the same & start wiping off the walls. He copies me & helps me wipe the walls down. "I love ou Erreau." I say kissing him lightly on the cheek. He giggle as I kiss him & smiles at me.

"I love you too big sister!" I smile & wipe the walls again. Me & Erreau wipe all the walls down stairs, so we go upstairs. We wipe the walls on the stairs all the way up to the hallway. We do the hallway & move into the bathroom. Kitty's in there cleaning the tub. 

"Hey where the girls?" She looked up at me startled. "Sorry didnt mean to scare you."

"It's ok I just didnt hear you come in. They're in the rooms cleaning." 

"Not my room tho right." I ask. She laughs.

"No. You do your own room."

"I already did." She continues with the tub. I dip the rag in water & wipe the walls. Erreau copies me & I giggle. When the house is finally clean I'm so tired. I pick up Erreau & we go in my room. I take off both our clothes. I put on shorts & a tank top & leave him in his underwear. I crawl in my bed next to him & cover us up. "Night Erreau." I kiss him on his cheek & smile when he giggles.

"Night sissy." He snuggles up in my arms & lays down. I smile & close my eyes. We fall asleep.

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