My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


1. Meeting One Direction

I was at home sleeping when Harry wakes me up. "Hey beautiful get out of bed now & get dressed." 

I was surprised to see Harry in my room. I just got of bed & got dressed. I walked into my bathroom & brushed my teeth. When I was done I walk out into my hallway. A whole bunch of girls were standing around. Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis, & Harry were in my moms room on her bed. I was the only one home. I was wearing shorts & a pink tank top. There were speakers all over & a women in my moms room speaking. 

She said, " Hi everyone & welcome to the game show." I was completely confused. "The boys will pick one person to go on the show & compete. The winner will be rewarded a surprise by the boys."
I smiled & looked down at my clothes I was suddenly in my white & blue prom dress, my hair was put up in a beautiful up do, my makeup was down, & I was wearing jewerly, I looked gorgeous. 

"Zayn is going to chose one girl from the crowd to be his player." Zayn walks out of my moms room & looks around he picked a girl with blonde hair & green eyes wearing jeans & a baby blue top. She was so happy she jumped into his arms & hugged him. 

"Remember all the boys broke up with their girlfriends just for this competition." 

I smiled & thought , 'it's not like I wouldn't have a chance with Niall anyways cuz he didn't have a girlfriends.' 

"The boys are very happy to be picking all of u lucky girls out there in the crowd for this. Now it's Liam's turn." 

Liam comes out of my mom's room & walks  towards the stairs where i am. He picks a girl standing by me. She had brown hair & brown eyes, with caramel skin. She was wearing skinny jeans & a purple top with matching shoes. He comes walking down the stairs to get her. He falls on the stairs & I run to pick him up. I help him up & he says thank you. I kiss him on the cheek (which I thought was weird cuz I love Niall). He walks pass me grabs he girl & I hear him say, "That girl's weird she kisses me I wanted you to help me up not her." "I as trying to get to you, but she ran faster then me. I don't like that she kissed you either I thought she loved Niall." She told him. 

I felt sort of weird  after that & walked up the stairs by my bothers room, & Harry was standing there. 

He smiled at me & said, "Hi love. I seen what you did to Liam, it was kind of weird. I thought you loved Niall. What was that about?" "Idk I felt sorry for him and my mom always says a kiss always makes you feel better when your hurt." I told him. "Oh that makes since now." 

"Ok girls get ready cuz now it's Louis' turn. I hope you girls are prepared." The women said to us over the speakers. 

Louis comes out & smiles at me, so I smiled back. He walks past me & grabs a girls hand. She had blonde hair & is wearing jeans & a green top. He walks away & she's right at his heels following him. 

"Ok now are u girls ready for Harry cuz it's his turn." 

Harry turns to me & says, "I'll see you later." I looked at him confused, but he just smiled at me & walked off. He grabs a girls hand & she almost faints. She has brown almost black hair & is wearing a skirt with a brown top. I laugh, but a bunch of girls start to cry. I was shocked no one was upset when the other boys picked a girl, but then again there are a lot of Harry girls. 

"Ok girls last, but not least is Niall." Niall jumps off my moms bed & almost runs to me. I smile really big & I can feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach. He smiles at me & grabs my hand we go down the stairs & out the front door. There was a limo out there waiting for us we climbed in & there was the boys & the girls they picked were sitting there waiting fir us. I looked at Liam's girls & she gave me a dirty look. I look away embarrassed. 

"So why did you kiss Liam?" She asked. I just looked at Harry, & he explained what happened. "That still doesn't explain why you kissed him!" Liam's girl said to me. 

"My mom would kiss me every time I got hurt, so when my siblings get hurt I kiss them. It became a habit to do, & when he got hurt I just kissed him. If I could go back & not kiss him I would." After I said that Liam kind of look at me said. I look down at me hands folded on my lap. 

"Whatever." She said.  After about an hour of silence. We pulled up to a building & got out. I looked at all the girls & wondered why I was the only one wearing a prom dress. I guess it didn't matter. I walked into the building holding Niall's hand. He gave my hand a squeeze I looked at him & he smiled at me. I smiled back & let him lead the way. He walked into a room. It was huge & it had 5 TVs on the wall. There is a big table in the middle of the room, & a women at the end of the table staring at us smiling. I was now wondering was kind of competition this was. Niall pulled me with him to a chair & we sat down. 

The women finally said, "hi girls. I guess your wondering what competition this is aren't you?" We all shook our heads yes. "Well I'm going to tell you. You girls are going to go put on a full body suit." The boys stand up & we (the girls) follow them. We go into a room & different coloured suits are hanging on the wall. Niall hands me the blue suit & tells me to get changed, so I walk into the changing room, change & walk back out. Niall helps me zip it up & kisses me on the cheek. I blush & look at the floor. I hear another door close & look up. The girl by Harry is wearing green, the girl with Liam is wearing brown, the girl with Zayn is wearing red, & the girl with Louis is wearing purple. 

"Ok girls lets go." We walk back into the room & sit down. The women turns on the TVs. "Ok these are the places you girls will be going. One girl will be put in one place. You guys are going to be solving puzzles as fast as you can. There is 5 rounds, in every round there are clues to help you & the one who finishes first wins the surprise. Seems simple, right?" 

"Yes," I say.

"Ok then. I will be helping you if you need help. I'll be talking to you in this ear piece." She hand us a ear piece & we put them in. "When you get there , there will be a red X stand on it until you hear the bell." she says then we stand up & walk to an elevator. We walk off the elevator & out a door onto a roof. There is 5 helicopters waiting Niall guides me to one & let's go of me hand. Niall helps me onto the plane by my hips. When I'm on I grab his hand & help him up. We sit down & get buckled, then the plane takes off. 

"So which place am I going to?" I asked him. 

"You'll have to see love." 


"Yeah, I know you like me, & I like you so... I called you love." 

"Ok." He leans in & kisses me on the lips this time, I kiss back. When he pulls away I can't help, but blush & look down. 

"Your beautiful you know that?" I blush again. He grabs my hand & kisses me on the lips again. It doesn't take long to get to the place I was suppose to be. It turned out to be the forest with the lake in it. "Good luck love, win this for me." He kisses me & I blush before I get off the plane. 

"I'll do my best." I say to him before turning & walking to the mark I had to stand on. The plane takes off & I can't help, but smile thinking of Niall. 

"Ok girls there are 10 letters all over you area you need to get to solve the first round. It will spell a word to crack the code of the case next to you. The word you spell out will be a clue to your surprise. Ok girls good luck!" *BELL* 

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