My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


9. Dinner with One Direction

I open my eyes & see that Niall's not in the bed next to me. I grab the sheet around me & sit up. I hear someone clear their throat next to me, i jump started & see its Liam. "Um… What are you doing in here? Where's Niall?" He looks at me blank for a moment.


"I was told to wake you up. He's with the lads helping them get ready." I remember the dinner now

"Oh. Wait... if you were told to wake me up why didn't you?"


"I couldn't help it. You look beautiful & peaceful when you sleep." I blush a little & look down. "Are you on birth control?" I look at him taken a back. I look blank at him shocked.


"What!?"  Is all I could get out.


"Are you on birth control?" I shake my head no after a minute. "Have you been using protection?" I shake my head no again. He shakes his head, stands up, & says, "You should probably get a test." he walks to the door & leaves. I sit there dumb founded. How did I not think about this earlier? I feel completely stupid. I get off the bed & get my clothes back on. I slip on my shoes, grab the keys, & head out the door. Heading for the elevator I hear footsteps running towards me. I don't look back, I just keep walking not knowing what to do, but get a test. I feel i hand on my shoulder, but I keep walking.


"Tiersa?" I hear Niall say behind me. I push the elevator door & turn to face him. "What's wrong?" I shake my head & hear the door open behind me.


"I have to do something. I'll be back in a few minutes to pick you up. I want you to stay. I'll drive safe, promise." I kiss his cheek & step in the elevator. I push the button & look back at him. "I love you." The doors closes & the elevator moves. I lean against the walls & sigh. I don't know what to do. My mind is buzzing & foggy. I can't think straight at all. The door opens & I head for the car. One or two cameras flash, but i ignore them & keep walking. I reach the car, get in, start it, & head for the nearest drug store. It's only a few blocks away. I park the car, take the keys, & walk into the store. It takes me a while to find the best test, but I do. It's 15$ I reach into my pocket & pull out a 20. I walk to the counter pay & leave. I get in the car & open the box. I hide the test in my bra & leave the store. I get to the hotel & Niall & the boys are outside waiting for me. They walk to the car & get in. Niall sits in the front & the rest of them in the back. I turn on the radio & we listen to music all the way to my house. It's 3 when we get there. i park in the drive way, take the keys, & get out. We walk up to the door & before I could knock my sister Tylei opens it smiling. i laugh & walk past her. I walk into the kitchen & find my mom, & siblings there. "Hi mom." I kiss her & watch as she shakes the boy's hands. I walk to the sink & get a big cup of water.


"Nice to meet you... Hi... Hello... Hello love... greetings mom..." The boys tell her. I drink the cup without stopping. Niall looks at me shocked.


"Thirsty Tiersa?" I laugh & blush.


"I'm going to give them a tour mom."




"This is the Kitchen obviously." show them down stairs, the basement, & Upstairs. We go back downstairs to my bed room door. I stop & turn around. "You ready to see an official directioners room for the first time." We laugh & I open my door & step inside.


"WOW!! Enough posters?" Louis asked. I shake my head no.


"I still have the ceiling to fill." I laugh & Louis rolls his eyes. Every spot of my walls are filled with 1D posters. "I love every single poster in this room, so don't rip any."


"I thought this was just the house you stay at." Zayn said.


"It is. My other room is nothing, but 1D." I smile.


"Ok. I'm done." Harry walks out & the boys follow. I laugh.


"Um... Liam can i talk to you for a minute?"


"Sure. Where?" right here is fine."


"Can you guys give us a minute?" The boys nod & walk into the kitchen. Liam looks at me. I wrap my arms around his neck & hold him.


"Thank you."


"For what?" He hugs me back.


"For opening my eyes. If you wouldn't have said something I would have never thought of it." He gives me a tight squeeze. I let go of him & he lets go of me. "Did you tell Niall?" He shakes his head no.


"I think that's your place."


"Thank you Liam. I have to use the restroom can you tell them I’ll be out in a minute?"


"Yeah no problem."


"Thank you." I watch him walk into the kitchen & I head up the stairs to the bathroom. I lock the door & take the test out of my bra with the instructions. 'Pee on this stick then let it sit for 5-10 minutes for the results.' I pee on the stick & put the cap back on it. I put the test back in my bra with the instruction & head back to my room. I put the test in my purse along with the instructions. I go into the kitchen & wash my hands. "So what are we cooking today mom?"


"Chicken, Mash potatoes, corn, & a cake."


"Sounds good." I grab a mixing bowl from the cupboard, a cake pan, a sauce pan, a pasta pan, & another cake pan. I fill the pasta pan with water & set it on the stove. I grab a bag of corn out of the freezer, turn the stove on put the sauce pan on the burner. I dump the corn in the sauce pan with a stick of butter, salt, & pepper. I open the chicken & set them in one cake pan, turn on the oven, season the chicken, & put it in the oven. I grab the cake mix out of the cupboard, the eggs, & the oil. I look up at them to see they're just staring at me. "What?" I ask.


"You really know what you’re doing." Niall says. I smile & open the cake mix. Crack the eggs, put in the oil, & water. I mix it, spray the pan, & dump the mix in the pan. I hand Louis the spoon & hand Zayn the bowl. "Sure the bowl." I put the cake in the oven & see the water in the pasta pan is boiling. I down the instant mash potatoes in the water with salt, pepper, & a stick of butter. Stir it & the corn. I sit down at the table & watch the boys fight over the bowl. I laugh when Louis sticks Zayn's face it the bowl. Zayn slaps Louis & everyone laughs. "Ok... ok... enough." they stop & sit down. "Thank you." I get another cup of water & sit back down. I check the chicken & turn off the burners.


"So Tiersa... What have you guys been doing today?" I look at Liam & Niall.


"Well me & Niall watched movies & ended up falling asleep."


"Sounds fun. What movies?"


"This Is Us. We watched it twice. It's a good movie."


"The one I took you & kitty to a while ago?"


"Yeah. I told you I could watch it over & over."


"Ok." she stood up & got the chicken out. "Can you get plates?" I stand up & grab enough plates & forks for everyone. I hand everyone a plate & they go into the dining room & eat. I get my food & sit down by Niall.


"Mom, can I go with Niall tomorrow?"


"Tiersa, your 18 I think you don’t need permission. Do what you want." I grab Niall's hand under the table & give it a light squeeze.


"Thank you mom." We eat & go outside & chill for a while. The kids are running around the yard playing.


"Tiersa come play tag!" My brother Ezekial says. I get up & the boys do too. We walk off the porch & play tag with the kids. The game ended quickly because everyone got tired. I started to do gymnastic in the yard. Front walkovers, back walkovers, back kick overs, back hand springs, cartwheels, splits, front hand springs, hand stands, Mexican arch, round offs, & back tucks.

“WOW! Your flexible.” They boys say. I smile & keep doing flips. I do a front walk over into a chest stand into a back bend kick over. “DANG!” I hear Niall Yell. I stand up to see the neighbor girl on her porch. She’s staring at 1D on the porch. I walk up to her. “Do you want to meet them?” She shakes her head smiling. “You can.” She walks off her porch past me straight up on my porch. That’s the first time I have ever seen her on my porch, or property. She’s one year older than me. She’s never really outside, she just stays in her house listening to music. I can hear her music from my house all the time.  She hugs them all, takes pics, get autographs, hugs them again, & runs back home crying. “I have never seen her cry. Usually she doesn’t even smile. That’s the most expression I’ve seen from her after living next to her for 3 years.”

“Really? I guess we get the best out of our fans then.” Zayn. I smile & sit down.

“So when do you guys want to go?”

“Whenever.” Liam answers.

“Ok. I’ll be back mom. We have to get to rehearsals.” I stand up & watch the boys tell my mom & dad bye. The kids tell them bye & give them hugs. We go to the car & ge in. Niall’s driving this time though.

“Why in such a rush?” Harry asked me.

“The concert is tomorrow & we haven’t done any rehearsing at all.”

“You’re a fan you should know all our songs.” Says Louis.

“I do, but I think we still need to rehearse. I don’t know what songs we’re singing do you?” He shakes his head. “Well what songs?”

“You’ll have to see.” I sigh & look at Niall. He shrugs & continues driving. It takes longer then I thought it would to get to the place. We get out & walk into the building. Niall’s holding my hand when we reach the front desk. The lady at the desk smiles & we walk on by her. We walk down a hall & turn into a big room with a long table. We walk into another room with a recording booth & a dude sitting at a control panel.

“Hey boys. Ready?” He looks at me then down at mine & Niall’s hands. “Well who is this beautiful young lady?” I smile & blush.

“This is my girlfriend Tiersa.” He stands & extends a hand to me. I take his hand & shake it.

“Nice to meet you Tiersa.”

“Nice to meet you too…”


“Nice to meet you too John.” He looks at Harry.

“Did you bring it?”

“Yeah.” He answers. I look at Niall confused. He just smiles at looks at John.

“Ready to do this John?” Niall asked. He shakes his head & sits back down. Niall pulls me into the recording booth with Zayn, Louis, Liam, & Harry. Harry closes the door behind us. Niall let’s go of my hand, grabs a pair of head phones, & slips them on my head. I look at all the boys confused. “We’re singing BSE. Can you sing it in your range & stay calm?” I shake my head yes & relax. I hear the music start playing in my head phones & jump.

“Sorry didn’t mean to scare you Tiersa. Just relax & breathe. The point is to stay calm & just let the words flow. I’m going to play the music again ok?” I nod yes & hear it start again. Harry starts singing & when it gets to the chorus I’m told to sing. I sing the chorus the first two times by myself & with the boys the last time. The song ends & another romantic song starts.

“What song is this?”

“Remember just stay calm, breathe, & stay relaxed.” I calm down & go with it. Niall starts singing with the boys humming in the back ground. It sounds beautiful & relaxing. “Close your eyes.” John says.


“Close your eyes please.” I close my eyes & listen to the singing. “Ok open them.” I open my eyes & look down to see Niall on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring in a box. I gasp & cover my mouth with my hands. I take my head phones off & start crying.

“Tiersa will you be my beautiful wife?” I smile & shake my head yes. He stands up & picks me up spinning. He sets me down & kisses me. I kiss him back. The boys stop singing & start clapping.  I pull away from Niall & look at the boys smiling. I give them all hugs & hug Niall again. We walk out the booth & into a room with couches & a TV.

“So how did you know I would say we needed to go to rehearsals?” I asked them.

“We didn’t, but if you didn’t one of us would have.” Liam answers.

“Is there still a show tomorrow?” They all shake their head no. “How am I supposed to get the car then?”

“Oh that old thing? That’s mine I gave to you for a wedding gift.” John said.

“But were not married.”

“Not yet.” He smiles.

“So this whole thing was a plan?”

“Basically. Sorry love, but I wanted to surprise you.”

“How did you know everything?”

“I told you I stalked you. I know everything about you. What you like, where you lived, what happened with your real father, where he is, I know everything.” I look down at my hand sitting on my lap with a big diamond ring on it. I smile flattered that he spent all his time learning everything about me. “But I didn’t know you were in gymnastics.”

“I wasn’t.”

“Then how can you do all that flipping stuff?”

“I taught myself. I’ve always wanted to be in gymnastics though.”

“Why didn’t you then?”

“Not enough money.” I laid my head down on his shoulder a little tired.

“You tired?”

“A little.” I yawn & stretch.

“Want to go home with me?”

“I want to ask my mom first. I want to go home & ask.”

“Ok, my beautiful fiancé.” I smile & stand up. I give John A hug & tell him bye. We leave & head back to my house. We get there & I get out. I go in the house & into my room first. I grab my purse, a black maxi dress, black gladiator sandals, my makeup, & my bobby pins. I head up to my mom’s room. I set my stuff down in the hallway & walk into her room.

“Hey mom.”

“Hey babe. What’s up?” I sit on her bed & show her my hand. She gasps & smiles. “Do you think your rushing a little?” I shake my head no. “Four days is too fast I think.”

“He knows everything about me & I know everything about him.”

“Whatever you think is best for you I’m with you.”

“Thank you mom.” I hug her. “Niall wants me to spend the night with him.”

“Ok. Be safe.”

“I will.” I kiss her on the cheek & leave her room. I pick up my stuff & head to the front door. I put my stuff in the trunk & get in the passenger side. Niall drives us home, helps carry my stuff, & we go to our rooms. I set my stuff on the chair & strip.

“Oh, good idea.” Niall pulls off his shirt. I laugh at him & rub my hands down his abs smiling.

“No I’m getting in the shower.”

“Uh let me get in with you.”

“Ok.” I take his hand in mine & we walk into the bathroom. I turn on the water & take my hair out. He runs his hands over my back making my shiver. I step in tub & he steps in behind me. I start the shower feeling the water hit my back. Niall runs his hands over my stomach & back. I step closer to him & wrap my arms around his neck. I lay my head on his chest & his hands are running up & down my back. “I love you with all my heart, please don’t forget that. No matter what happens, no matter what I say or do, I love you with all my heart & soul.” He looks into my eyes.

“I could never forget it. I love you with all my heart too. We’re one in the same, no matter what people say.” I smile & kiss him. His kiss is so passionate. I love every second of it. He pulls away & looks in my face. “I want you to come home with me forever.” I smile & shake my head yes. He smiles from ear to ear. “What are we doing tomorrow?” I smile & kiss him again. He pulls away looking at me seriously. “Where Tiersa.” I smile at him huge & bit my lip.

“It’s a surprise, please." I kiss him running my nails up & down his back. He shivers & I smile. I grab the shampoo & rub it in his hair. Running the extra soap all over his body. He does the same to me. I put conditioner in his hair & he puts some in mine. We rinse off & turn off the water. He picks me up & carries me to the bed still dripping wet. He sets me down on the floor & dries me off with a towel. I dry him off & we climb in bed together just like that. I kiss him once more & drift off to sleep.

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