My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


8. Dinner day

I wake up the next morning & Erreau isn't there. He probably woke up before me. I look at my phone. It's only 12. I climb out of bed grab my towel & head to the bathroom. I lock the door undress & get in the shower. I stand under the hot water for a min letting it run down me. I shiver feeling the warmth. I grab the shampoo & put it in my hair. I wash my face & body, shave, condition, rinse, & get out. I dry off & put on lotion. I go in my room & close my door. I grab a bra & a pare of underwear & put them on. I grab my favorite pare of shorts & put them on with a pink v-neck shirt. I put deodorant & pink flip flops. I hear my phone buzz & pick it up. It's a text from Niall. "Hey love, wanna hang out before dinner." I text him back.

"Sure, but I have to be back at 3 to help cook."

"I'll help too."

"Great." I slip my key & phone in my pocket & go upstairs into my moms room. "I'm gonna go hang out with Niall before dinner, but were coming back at 3 to help cook."

"Ok, have fun & be safe." She smiles. I kiss her on the cheek & smile back.

"I will. Bye mom love you."

"Bye love you too." I close her door & go down stairs. I open the front door & hear foot steps running behind me. I turn around to see Erreau running to me.

"Where you going?" He asked when he finally got to me.

"Out with my boyfriend." I smile at the word boyfriend thinking of Niall.

"You have a boyfriend!?" Erreau squeaks. I smile when he says it too.

"Yeah." I hear a car in the driveway behind me & turn around. It's Niall. I turn back to Erreau. " he's here gotta go." I give him a quick hug & close the door behind me. I run to the car & jump in. "So boyfriend where too?" I ask him smiling.

He smiles, "Well girlfriend I was thinking back to the hotel room to hang out." He smiles at me & I can't help, but smiling back.

"Right 'hang out.'" I say putting air quotes around hang out. I giggle when he smiles.

"That was my plan." He puts his hand on my thigh & smiles.

"Uhh Niall!" I laugh. I kiss him & feel him smile in the kiss. He pulls away & looks at my neighbors house. My smile fades & I turn around to see Selena my neighbor standing on her porch staring at us in shock. I turn to Niall he's just staring at her. "Ah can we go? This is getting pretty awkward." I wish per to him. Still looking at her he starts the car. He turns in his seat & backs out if the driveway. When we finally get out if sight of our house I start to laugh. He looks at me then back at the road smiling.

"What's so funny." I laugh harder when he asks that. My stomach starts to hurt, but I can't stop laughing.

"Hahahaha ow. Ahh." I finally calm down. "That was hilarious & awkward at the same time." I giggle.

"Yeah, I guess so." He laughs. "Do you wanna get something to eat before we get to the hotel?"

"Sure. On me." I pull out 40$ & hand it to him.

"No." He hands it back, but I puss his hand away.

"No. I already told you. Your not paying for me. I can pay for myself. It's sweet you want to, but no. I don't want anything but you. I don't want your money at all." He shakes his head & takes the money.

"So where?" He asked. I looked at him thinking. I smile as I think of a place.

"Nondos!" I sort of yell. I looks at me smiling & looks back at the road smiling.

"But were in America. How?" He asks smiling.

"Take me home with you." I laugh.

"Ok, but what do you want to eat now?"

"Ah let's just go to Wendy's." I sigh. I lay back in my chair & grab is open hand. He smiles & so do I. When we get to Wendy's we have to wait in line. There's only 2 or 3 cars in front of us so it doesn't take long. When we finally pull up to the menu he orders a chesse burger, fries, & a coke. I get a frosty & fries.

"Not hungry?" He asked as we wait in line to pay.

"Saving room for later. But you must try something too." I smile at him.

"What?" I just smile at him & lay back. He sighs & I giggle. We finally get to the window, pay, & wait for them to hand us our stuff. When he hands us our food & drinks, I hold the food & put the drinks in the cup holders. Niall pulls away & heads for the hotel. I turn on the radio to 107.1 kiss fm. Kiss You by 1D started playing & I smile at Niall. He smiles & turns it up. We laugh & sing to the radio all the way to the hotel. He parks & turns off the car. We get out, head for the hotel, & get in the elevator. We get to their floor & get inside his room. I take off my flip flops & sit on the bed. I set my frost & the food on the stand by the bed. Niall sets his coke on the other stand & walks to me. He smiles at me. He's standing in front of me & I'm on the bed sitting down. "So it's finally time to hang out." He says smiling. He sits on the bed with his knees on either side of me.

"Your so horny." I laugh as he lays me down on the bed. He smiles that gorgeous smile I love & kisses me. His hand is under my neck pulling me closer to him making the kiss deeper every kiss. I push my tongue on his lips & flick them & He groans. I giggle when he pushes his tongue in my mouth. He pulls away & looks at me.

"You make me want you. I can't stop thinking about you. Your giggle, when you blush, your smile, your laugh, your smell, & the way you taste makes me want you." I but my lip & smile at him. "Oh! That's new. It turns me on." He kisses me again. I smile in the kiss & roll him over. I climb on top of him & put my lips by his ear.

"Your gonna have to try harder then that Niall Horan." I quickly climb off of him & run out of his room. I'm running down the hall smiling. I hear him running after me, so I run faster. 'We have the whole floor to ourselves' I hear Niall's voice in my head say & smile. I've been in this hotel before, so I know my way around. All the floors go in a circle. You could run in circles all day if you wanted too. There's a door on every floor that leads to the stairs. I just passed by the stair well, but I keep running. I hear Niall behind me. I look back he's about 6 or 7 feet back. I use to run track back in 10th & 11th grade, so I can run for a while. "Are you sure you wanna chase me? I could run all day." I yell behind me. I hear him laugh.

"I could chase you all day if you wear those shorts." He laughs. I gasp then laugh.

"Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you." I'm not running my fastest, so I push my feet into the ground & take off. I start to laugh when I hear Niall gasp. I look be hind me. His about 10 feet back now. We have ran past the stairs 5 times now. I see the door ahead & slow down a bit. I open the door & take off down the stairs. It's a while before I hear the door open again. I'm down on the 16th floor now. I stop & look up. Niall's looking down the stairs standing there out of breath. "Are you gonna give up?" I laugh. He shakes his head no breathing hard. I laugh breathing hard a little myself. I take off down the stairs again. I'm on the 15th floor before I hear Niall coming. I got down to floor level pretty fast. I opened the door & ran out. I almost hit people, I kept running though. I ran outside by th pool. No one was out there. I ran behind a little shack that was back there. I heard scraming girls indide & knew Niall made it down to floor level too. I tired to calm my breathing. I hear the pool door open & a bunch of people screaming.

"Alright I give up." I hear Niall scream. I laugh & come out from behind the shack. The screaming stopped when the girls seen me. I know a picture of me & Niall kissing went all over the world from yesterday. Today I didn't care though. I walked up to Niall smiling & grabbed his hand. He smiled at me & we walked into the hotel. I could hear girls vying outside, but I didn't care. We walked hand in hand to the elevator. I bunch of girls were watching us. When the elevator came I pushed floor 10. When the doors closed Niall looked at me wired. "Why are we going to floor 10?" I smile & shake my head.

"It's amazing no one has been on you floor yet. You can see where the elevator is going from outside the elevator. We're going to floor 10 so people will think we're on that floor. We're gonna have to walk up the rest of the way. Sorry babe." I kiss him on the cheek.

"No!" He lets go of my hand & grabs my face. I chased you all over this hotel. I think I deserve more than a kiss on the cheek." He pulls my face into his kissing me on the lips. I feel his tongue tring to get in my mouth, but I keep my mouth closed. He pulls away & gives me a sad face look.

"Trust me that face never works on me. I peck him on the lips & smile when he pouts. He grab his hand & the elevator opens. We walk to the stairs & open the door. "We have to run they're probably following us." I squeeze his hand & start up the stairs. His right next to me as I'm running. When we get to our floor sure enough I hear girls on the 10th floor running. "See told you."

"Your good." He opens the door & we walk back to Nialls room. "Ok so what did you want me to try?" He asked sitting on the bed.

"Oh yeah." I grab the bag of good & pull out 2 fries. I pick up my frost & dip the fries in it. Niall looks at me disgusted. "You've never done this?" I asked him in shock.

"Never even thought of it." I hand him one of the fries & eat the other ones. "Gross."

"Oh shut up you girl & try it." He gasps at me & I giggle.

"Did you just call me a girl!?" He stands up & walks towards me smiling.

"I did." Smiling back I him. I'm walking back as he walking to me. I run into the wall & Niall gets really close to me.

"No one calls Niall Horan a girl!" He says trying to be serious. I laugh at him & he looks at me angry. I laugh harder. "It's not funny! I'm not a girl." He pouts.

"Oh yeah prove it. Eat that." I wait for him to eat it. He just looks at it disgusted. "You big girl!" I yell. He looks at me angry & shoves the fry in his mouth. I smile at him. "Well?"

"It's ok."

"Ok? It's delious." I laugh.

"Not as good as Nondos." He smiles.

"well I've never had Nondos." I sit on the bed & take a drink of my half melted frosty. I turn on the tv to channel 34. SpongeBob is on. I walk over to the bed & sit fown. Niall stands up & turns off the tv. "Hey! I was watching that." I pout.

"We'll not anymore." He smiles & walks to me. He picks me up & crawls father back on the bed. He lays me down smiling at me biting his lip. "I love you. Everything about you turns me on. I want you please don't make me fight." He gives me his pouty face.

"I love you to. That face is cute." I kiss him running my hands over his back. He groans when I run my nails on his bare skin. I smile & kiss him again. I pull off his shirt & throw it. Unbolt tuning his pants & pulling off his jeans & boxers together. I bit my lip staring at him. He laughs & unbuckles my bra. Pulling off my shirt & bra throwing them. He unbuttons my shorts & pulls down my shorts & underwear. He kisses & plays with my nipples making me groan & lift my lower back off the bed. His hand runs down my stomach. His finger slides swiftly inside me making me groan again. His thumb moves in circles over my sweet spot & my finger moves in & out of my. I moan & run my hands through his hair. He trails kisses down my stomach to my belly button. He slides his middle finger in me with his index finger. I moan lifting my back off the bed again. His finger move in & out he moves his thumb putting his younger where his thumb was. Licking me & moving his fingers inside me making me moan again. He pulls out his fingers & runs his tongue up & down me. I moan gripping the bed. He laughs & flicks his tongue over my sweet spot making me moan again. I wrap my legs round his ribs under his arms. His hands are under my butt moving my hips up & down. I feel my body starting to tremble   I monmas I let. Go. He smiles & stands up. He picks me up & lowers me on him making me moan again. I lay my head on his shoulder as he trusted. I feel him trembling under me. He lets go inside of me moaning. His orgasm makes me let go moaning myself. I wrap my arms around his shoulders feeling exhausted. He lays me down on the bed & pulls himself out of me. He lays down next to me & covers us up with the sheet. He wraps his arms around me & I close my eyes. I feel my breathing come to a steady paste. I slowly feel myself drift off to sleep.

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