My 1D dream

The story is about me & 1D. There are different things that happen. I hope you guys like it. It's very descriptive.


12. Airplane ride

I wake up in Niall’s safe arms wrapped tight. I smile & smell the scent of his skin. I look up to see his beautiful bright blue eyes staring back in my soul. I smile staring into his eyes for what feels like forever. My stomach flips & tumbles looking at him. I get a hit of déjà vu & feel my smile fade. I wonder why for a minute then figure it out. I look into his eyes once more & look away. “What’s wrong Mrs. Horan?” My stomach flips at his words. I look at him, but not in his eyes.

“I just got déjà vu.” I lay my head in his chest & listen to his heart.

“Why?” I hear the words rough through his chest & smile. My smile fades & I move closer to him.

“Your eyes.” I all I could get out. I think about him & quickly push his face back out of my mind.

“What’s wrong with them?” His voice sounds rough & raspy through his chest & my stomach flips listening to it.

“They reminded me of Brady.” I shudder at his name. I feel chills & a wave of shock & cold flow through out me. He wraps his arms tighter around me. Even against his warm skin I’m freezing.

“Love your freezing. You’re making me cold.” I scoot away & smile shyly at him.

“Sorry.” I blush & look away. He pulls me back to him & holds me tight.

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it.” I smile & pushes his lips softly to mine.” From the first kiss to the last you still make my stomach ache for more.” I smile & blush biting my lip & looking away. I hear him grunt & I look at him worried. “Please don’t.” He’s gushing. I blush again & hide my face in the blankets. He gasps & covers his face too. We’re both under the sheets now smiling like crazy. He grabs my hips & pulls me to him. I climb on top of him & lean down to his lips. He smiles & our lips touch lightly together. I move my hips on his & he moans in my mouth. I can’t help, but smiling at him. He undoes my bra & lays in on the bed next to us. He hands lightly move over my chest feeling them & squeezing them. I giggle & kiss him. He pulls off his boxers & my underwear. He slides himself inside me & I gasp feeling him.

We stay in bed until late afternoon. I climb out of the bed & walk into the bathroom & turn on the shower. I hear Niall coming in a minute later & smile. His hands wrap around my waist & he lays his head on my shoulder. I wrap my fingers in his. “That was amazing.” He gasps in my ear. I giggle & flip around in his arms. I wrap my arms around his shoulders beaming at him. His hands are on my hips still.

“Why thank you Mr. Horan.” He pulls me close & grabs my bottom & lifts me up. I wrap my legs around him & he steps in the shower. I feel the warm water on my back & wiggle in his arms. He laughs & sets me down. I wet my hair & wash it. I wash & so does he. We get out & dry off. My stomach growls loudly & Niall laughs.

“That’s what I was thinking too. I just got distracted. He looks down at my body biting his lips. I smile & turn in a circle slowly.

“Don’t tease me. I want to go eat & I know you do too. We need to feed that baby in there.” He lays a hand on my still flat stomach & smiles. I lay my hand on his & smile at him. “Let’s get dressed.” He turns me around & slaps my bottom sort of hard & I giggle. “Property of Niall Horan.” I gasp & giggle.

“I’m going to that tatted on me.” I smile. He nods & rolls his eyes. “You don’t believe me?” He shakes his head no & I gasp. “Fine just wait & see.” He picks me up & I let out a shriek & giggle.

“That would be hot, but kind of unnecessary. The world knows your mine no need to tattoo in on you.”

“I want to. In fancy letters on my ass.” He shakes his head smiling.

“Well if you’re going to why not on the front side of your right hip?” I smile & jump.

“So I can?!” I hug him & giggle.

“I can’t tell you what to do. It’s your body. Do what you want.” I hug him tight & kiss him.

“Thank you babe.” He laughs.

“You would have either way.” I nod & smile. “Let’s get dressed. Go eat, then go pack your bags.” I smile remembering that we’re going to London today.

“When does the plane leave?”

“Whenever.” He hands me shorts & a t-shirt. I put on my bra & underwear, then put on the shorts & shirt. We walk out of the room & to the elevator. To the car & to Taco Bell. I order a 5 layer burrito, Doritos, & a medium coke. He gets the same, but with a Pepsi. I pay & we go to my house. We get out & go to the door & my brother Ezekial opens it hugging me. I smile & hug him back. He shakes Niall’s hand. Me & Niall walk into my room & pack up everything, but we leave the posters on the walls. I go tell my mom & dad. I told them I’d be back. They said I could stay as long as I want. I said my good-byes & we left. I drove to a school out by the mall. It’s made out of wood & it’s like the best park ever. We got out & sat down at a table & eat.

I showed him all the secret hiding places hidden. “I would always come here with my family as a kid & play tag. I was the best times ever.” He smiled, tagged, me & took off running. “Hey no fair.” He ran away laughing. “I know all the places to hide.” I tease. “I’ll find you.” I hear him laugh & smile. I run in the same direction & find him. He takes off running & I chase him.

“Catch me if you can Horan.” He laughs. He stomach flips & I smile.

“Don’t worry I will!” I yell back. I eventually did get him & I had to sit down, so did he. “Sorry I have asthma.” I pant. He nods out of breath himself.

“So do I.” He’s just as breathless as me. I look at him shocked.


“I was born. Didn’t you know?” I shake my head. “I thought you were a fan.”

“I am. I’m just not one of those stalker type of fans. I know just as much as everyone else. We all just recently found out Harry as asthma.” I laugh.


“I know.” He puts his arm around my shoulder & I lay my head on his. We walk back to the table & pick up our sodas & head back to my car. I still can’t believe it’s mine. I’ve wanted one since I was 7 or 8. He pulls out his phone & emails the boys.

To: Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, & Zayn Malik

What time do you lads want to leave? –Niall


I smile & him. “What?” I shake my head. He starts the car & he phone goes off. I pick it up & read it out loud.


From: Harry Styles

To: Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, & Louis Tomlinson

We decided around 6.


“Tell him that’s great where you want us to meet.” I send them an email & get one back from Liam saying, ‘The airport. Bring back up.’ I email him back saying, ‘Well do Leeyum. See you boys there.’ It’s 5 now, so we have time. We’re at the hotel now. We go up to Niall’s room & pack his stuff. We head back down. Give the lad at the desk our room key & head out to our car.

“Is my car going to stay at the airport the whole time?” He looks at me.

“Well it can’t go on the plane love.” He gives me a smile that makes me blush.

“I don’t like that.” I pull out my phone & text my mom. ‘Can you & dad please come get my car at 6 I’ll leave the keys in the glove compartment? Please?’ She replays back a minute later, ‘Yes. Have a safe trip babe & be careful.’ ‘I will. Thanks mom, love you.’ ‘No problem, love you too honey.’ “Are planes scary?” Niall looks at me like I’m dumb for a second then laughs.

“You’ve never been on a plane?” He laughs. I shake my head no & blush. “Well its amazing being in the air & looking down & the world, but when we get off the plane it’s going to suck. You’re going to have bad jetlag.” I look at him scared. “You’ll be fine.” I hold his hand. We get to the airport & Niall requests for back up. 10 big buff guys & 5 cops come to us. We walk into a crowd of screaming fans. I nearly don’t my bags to cover my ears. We get to the desk & Niall tells the lady to tickets to London. She hands them to us & we go to the door. I hand the lady at the door my ticket & go on the plane. When we’re on the plane in silence my ears are ringing form the fans.


“Your ears ringing?” I nod I touch my ears. Niall puts my bags in a cubby & we sit down by the boys, El, & Perrie.

“Hi.” They wave & I wave back & sit down next to Niall. We sit at the airport for what feels like forever. Then a women finally announces that we’re taking off. I sigh & start to hyperventilate a little. Niall looks at me wired.

“Love, breath, its ok, we’re fine.” I slow my breathing & calm down a little. He squeezes my hand & give me a big smile.

“Sorry. I’m nervous.”

“It’s ok. Stay calm you don’t need to be stressed out. He lays a hand on my stomach & half smiles. I have a window seat. I look out the window & see the plane start to move. “I barely trust elevators. Why did I do this? I’m nuts.”

“Its ok love I’m right here. Wait until we’re actually in the air. You’ll see what I mean.” I lay back in my seat trying calm down.

“How long’s the flight?”

“Oh about a good day.” He estimates. I sigh.

“That’s too long to be trapped in here sitting down.” I whine. He nods. I see a pair of head phones on the back of the set in front of me. I smile & grab them. I put them on my head & plug in my phone. I listen to Big White Room by Jessie J. Every sound around me fades as the music fills my ears. I smile nodding to the beat.

I look out the window to see the world below. I smile at the beautiful world. We’re high up in the clouds. The world below is a beautiful mix of green & a few colors. I lay back listening to my music again. I look down at my shorts, t-shirt, & flip flops. Wow I look ghetto. I really walk through the airport with NIAL HORAN looking like a ghetto kid, & all those fans were taking pictures. I know it’s going to be the talk of the year. I shrug & listen to my music again. Do For Love by 2pac comes on & I smile. I love 2pac I have all of his songs. This song reminds me of when I was 15 & I went through the faze where I wanted to be a gangster, but I wore sweats every single day. I smile & shake my head. I don’t know what I was thinking. Niall taps on my arm pulling me out of my thoughts. I take off one ear & look at him. “Turn it down a bit the people behind us are complaining.” I frown & look at him.

“Oh my bad. I didn’t know that listening to music was a crime.”

“It’s not love please don’t make a scene just turn it down a bit.” I shake my head.

“I have to ride this plane for a DAY! Music is the only thing that’s keeping me sane right know. I don’t care if it’s loud they can put on their headphones & shut up!” I see Niall flash a quick smile then make an angry face. Some one behind me kicks my seat. I stand up & put one knee in the seat & look behind me. It’s a grown man. “HEY! YOU MIND PAL!” Everyone is the plane is looking at us, but I don’t care.

“No. Your music is loud. We have to ride this plane just as long as you do. Turn it down I can think.”

“I don’t care. I can turn it up more if you wish, but it’s not turning down, & I doubt my music is stopping you from thinking. I bet you could think anyway with that tiny brain of yours.”

“Hey don’t you talk to my husband that way young lady.” I look at this older women angrily.

“I will talk to anyone any way I please old lady. Tell your husband to stop complaining like a little bitch & don’t kick my seat again.”

“TIERSA!” Niall yells. “Please stop. We’ll settle this. Sit down love I’ll talk to them.” I turn around & sit in my seat. I put on my head phone again, but leave one ear off to listen to them. “I apologize for her behavior. It won’t happen again.”

“Did you hear the way she was talking to my husband?! She has a real tude.”

“Yes I did. She’s pregnant She’s going through some stuff & being told what to do is not one thing she likes obviously. I’ll talk to her. I apologize again for her behavior.” He sits down next to me & takes my hand. I give it a light squeeze & smile lightly at him. He starts to giggle a little. I laugh a bit & put the other head phone back on my ear. I look at out the window to see a big city below & wonder where we are. I shrug & lay back. I’m actually surprised the airplane lady didn’t come over to see what was going on. I shrug it off & tune back in to my music. I slowly drift off to sleep feeling Niall’s hand in mine.

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