School Girlz and One Direction

Kayla, Marissa, and Nicole are singers. They get asked to open for One Direction. Niall falls head over heels for Kayla. What happens?!? read to find out


3. Car ride

Kayla's pov

After our mini perfomance for Niall, his face lit up like a Christam tree.

"Maybe, I should help you with your stuff." He said while grabbing my bag and put in the back of the Black Range Rover. I giggled at his Irish accent. It was so damn sexy. Kinda turned me on, but I had to control myself around him. We be around each other a lot.

"You girls ready?"

"Yea" we said unison.

"Kayla can get shot gun, if you girls don't mind?"

"I'd love too." I said while smiling. I think Niall has a small crush on me. WAIT?!? Why would Niall have a crush on me. I mean I'm not that pretty. Plus I have issues. Like mental issues. I have long straight blonde hair that reached the middle of my back. I have curves in all the wrong places. I'm not skinny but I'm not fat either. Some where in the middle but I look kinda skinny, I guess.

Plus I ran away from my parents a year ago, my dad is hunting me down so me going on tour with One Direction for a while will keep me away from my dad. The girls know about my parents. The only reason I ran away was because they did so many drugs that they beat me and my dad raped me once. Now my dad just wants me dead.

"Hey Kayla, you ok? You look scared?" He asked protectingly. I just nodded, then I looked at the girls. They knew. Could I trust him with my biggest secert.

"Were here girls." I finally looked up to see us at a hotel, a nice hotel at that fact. I unbuckled my seat belt and hopped out. I went to the back to get my bag but Niall bet me to it.

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