One Direction Imagines

Hey , if you want an imagine story with one of 1D boys , you have to : tell me your name , describe your self , which boy from 1D , type ( dirty , romantic , funny , sad ) , and if you want ; what happens in the story .


3. Special for Sydney

Hello I'm Sydney . I'm facing some problems with my best friend Louis . Every now and then he asks me out on a date but I refuse . I just want him to be my best friend that I've lived with him the best moments in my life . Anyway , last week Louis introduced me to his friend Liam . Liam is so handsome and elegant . I like him , and I think he likes me too since he sent me a message asking me out on a date . I need to say yes , but first I have to face Louis . " hey lou , can we talk ? " - " yeah sure , come to my place " - " okay coming " *Louis's Home* "So I'm listening , what do you need to say ? " - " Louis , your my best friend and I need you to stay like this forever . I love you , just like my brother . I think staying best friends is better for me and you , and I promise I'll stay beside you forever " - " if that's what you need then it's okay , I just want you to feel comfortable , and I promise I'll be your best friend forever " - " I love you Louis " - " I love you too " - " Now guess what " - " What ?! " - " Liam asked me out on a date , so it's okay if I'll say yes ? " - " yeah sure Liam is a great guy " immediately I texted Liam and said yes . At 8 pm Liam took me to a garden . There was a blanket with a picnic basket and candles . We sat down and we ate then I cuddled beside Liam and we stared at the moon . Liam broke the silence and said " Sydney you're a beautiful girl , we met few days before but I think I'm in love with you , so will you be my girlfriend ? " - " Yes Liam I will , I love you " then we kissed and I slept all the night between Liam's strong arms .
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